PETA Animal Rights Out of Business Conference 2021


Plan to spend half a day getting attentive, attentive, and “thoughtful” information on a variety of different topics. Each presentation will provide you with solid advice and great tools and ideas for things to think about, words to say, and actions to take.

You can browse the virtual showroom with many innovative corporate partners, including food vendors, clothing designers, pet toy manufacturers, and beauty companies. You can also shop at our PETA mall and even win a fabulous bag worth hundreds of dollars delivered to your doorstep.

Tickets $ 29 for PETA members as well as $ 59 for non-PETA members. (Not a member? No problem! Become a member today by clicking here and get a discount!) special rate for students / graduates 10 dollars

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with more details about the event. Ahead of the weekend event, you will be sent the final details, including a schedule of interesting presentations and a link to join the virtual event.

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