PETA protesters head to Canada Goose CEO’s home


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March 12, 2021

Brooke Rossi 202-483-7382

Toronto – Armed with placards that read Canadian Goose: Shameless Violence, PETA protesters will come to the house of Dani Reiss, CEO of the outerwear company, on Saturday morning to urge him to stop using real fur and feathers in Canada Goose designs. The protest followed a week of protests that included protests in Montreal, Boston, New York, and Pittsburgh.

When: Saturday, March 13, 10:00 AM

Where: Protesters will meet at the intersection of Mount Pleasant Road and Snowdon Avenue, North York.

“Canada Goose still trades in fur and feathers from coyotes and birds that are killed in ugly ways,” says PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman. “PETA encourages its CEO to modernize and show a little courage.”

PETA notes that trapped coyotes can die from exposure to the elements, blood loss, infection, or attacks by predators before hunters return to kill them. The geese and ducks used to make the down are usually stuffed into crates and sent to slaughterhouses in all weather conditions, where they are stunned, throated and dipped in burning tanks for emptying.

PETA – whose motto is in part that “the animals are not ours” – opposes arrogance, a worldview focused on human excellence. For more information please visit or subscribe to the group on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram


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