PETA shares ad for 2021 Costume Designers Guild Awards


PETA worked with a cow, a sheep and an ostrich couple to present an extraordinary ad at the 2021 Costume Designers Guild Awards: Design Vegan! Dress up as a vegan! “

When a cow asks: “Hey, who is wearing you?” he hopes the answer is not his friend. We want all costume designers to know they can change the world simply by creating the same stunning costumes that they always have, but without the use of animals. Costume designers, actors and the public recognize that leather, wool, down and other animal materials are abused, maimed and killed, and choose ethical and more sustainable materials that save animals and reduce our impact on the environment. Wednesday.

Costume designers can make an important statement with the characters they help bring to life on screen: Show compassion.

The Costume Designers Guild is made up of over 1,200 costume designers and illustrators working in film, television, advertising, music videos and new media programs around the world. When you think of all the different projects and countless characters that each of these artists have contributed to, you can imagine how many animals could be spared if they just used vegan materials – and how much such a statement would have influenced and inspired viewers follow what celebrities (and their favorite characters in films and TV series) wear and say.

Hollywood has already made progress.

Fortunately, choosing vegan materials for your costumes is easier than ever! Many actors and costume designers know that vegan materials are more animal and environment friendly.

One of this year’s Costume Designers Guild Award nominees, Justine Seymour, brought compassion to life by creating impressive faux fur beanies for Netflix. Unorthodox… The design team didn’t sacrifice authenticity or animal lives for the hats, and viewers didn’t notice the difference. Hats without fur have already been a winner in the eyes of PETA, and we rewarded them accordingly!

We also pass out from Regge-Jean Page due to the fact that he wears faux fur on Saturday nightlife:

And we have awarded other costumes suitable for animals, such as in Solo: A Star Wars Story as well as Rocket man as well as Ryan Gosling’s faux sheepskin coat Blade Runner 2049

A message to all costume designers: PETA is here to help!

What characters are worn on screen does matter. Vegan design can help end animal exploitation in fashion and costume design. To find animal-friendly materials for your next project, send an email to PETA’s Animals in Film and Television department at: [email protected]

Not a costume designer? You can still change a lot!

Anyone watching the awards ceremony or reading this can take action too. Never buy animal leather, wool, fur, fluff, alpaca, cashmere, mohair, or silk – go for vegan versions instead. There are so many pet-friendly options for shoes, jeans, coats and bags available in most of the stores you shop at, and if you see the PETA Approved Vegan logo on an item you are considering, you know you’re good to go. …

Whether you design suits, wear suits, or buy clothes online, you can spare countless animals by remembering four simple words: “Design is vegan. Dress as a vegan.

Take action to protect animals exploited in the global leather trade

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