PETA urges police to take action on beating of elderly dogs


For immediate release:
May 7, 2021

Nicole Meyer 202-483-7382

Austin, TX – Despite the video evidence, which was reportedly filmed over two days at a local residence, in which a woman lifts an apparently elderly and disabled dog, allegedly named Lola by the tail, slaps her with all her might and punches her when the dog squeals in obvious despair, the position is that there was no crime. PETA has learned that Lola appears to remain under the tutelage of her abuser. The International Animal Rights Group is joining its members and supporters to flood the offices of the Austin Police Department, Travis County District Attorney, Austin City Council and City Manager Spencer Kronk with demands to save the dog.

“These videos show a vulnerable, weakened dog being tortured, apparently to punish him for being too weak to hold on,” says PETA Senior Vice President of Investigation of Cruelty Daphne Nakhminovic. “PETA is urging authorities to separate this victim from her abuser before she is subjected to further violence.”

PETA, whose motto, in particular, is that “animals are not ours to abuse them in any way,” notes that the Texas Anti-Cruelty Act prohibits causing unnecessary pain or suffering to animals, and calls on the authorities again review evidence of abuse and prosecute all applicable fees.

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