Photos: Courtney Stodden attends PETA’s 25th Vegetarian Dog Lunch in Congress


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Jul 21, 2021

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Washington – An extraordinary presenter this afternoon Courtney Stodden helped PETA prepare vegetarian dogs for members of Congress, their staff and the public on site 25th US Congress Vegetarian Dog Lunchwhich began as a protest in 1996 but has since grown into an institution on Capitol Hill. More photos can be found here.

This wasn’t the first time Stodden had attended a Congress Vegetarian Dog Dinner. They are longtime PETA supporters who previously hosted the event in 2014. “I grew up as a person, but I know I will never change, this is my love for animals,” says Stodden. “I’m so excited to be back to help PETA encourage everyone to choose kindness at every meal. With all the great vegan options we have today, it has never been easier! “

The event’s Silver Anniversary marked all vegan progress over the past 25 years, featuring some of the tastiest vegan offerings from classic brands, including Nathan’s iconic vegan hot dogs, Hormel vegan chili, Hellmann vegan mayonnaise and Dairy non-dairy products. Queen. Dilly Bars. There were also toys in the shape of a hot dog – the reading “Food toys, not pig squeals” – for dogs.

More information about the event is available here and on the website.

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