Pittsburgh Model Rescues Mice from Electric Shock and Receives PETA Award


For immediate release:
18 February 2021

Nicole Meyer 202-483-7382

Pittsburgh – Local animal rights activist and model Anna Kovacs earned herself the One Can Change the World for the Better award from PETA after she single-handedly convinced QVC to abandon a mousetrap that electrocutes animals.

Kovacs insisted that the seller stop selling traps, and after receiving some word from her, QVC agreed to her request. The success is the latest in a long line of animal rights efforts, including using its modeling platform to promote wild cat rescue, animal-free cosmetics and vegan nutrition.

“Anna’s persistence and QVC’s adaptability have won the sensitive mice and rats,” says PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman. “PETA encourages others to follow suit by adopting humane rodent control and is always defending animals. “

Kovacs will receive a certificate and a copy of a document from PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. You can change the situation, a book about visionaries as diverse as Dr.Henry Heimlich, who invented the life-saving heart valve, and director Rebecca Hosking, who used her documentary on albatrosses dying of eating plastic to push England’s first plastic bag ban in her hometown city.

Deadly traps, including electronic traps, indiscriminately kill all small animals that come across them, including birds, squirrels and kittens. These traps also have unpleasant consequences: when animals are killed, a sharp increase in the amount of food leads to an accelerated reproduction and an increase in the population of survivors and newcomers.

PETA, which offers the Humane Mousetrap on its website, recommends the following for humane rodent control:

  • Place all food and trash in sturdy, well-closed containers that cannot be chewed by rats and mice, and feed your companion animals indoors (and raise utensils when they are finished eating).
  • Trim vegetation around buildings, stack firewood tightly away from your home, and seal holes over ¼ ”in diameter, cracks in walls and floors, and gaps around doors, windows, and plumbing.
  • After protecting the building from rodents, trap and remove any rats or mice that remain inside. Use commercially available Havahart traps or make your own. Check the trap hourly and release trapped rats within 100 yards of where they were caught.

PETA, whose motto is in part that “animals are not in our hands to abuse them in any way,” opposes arrogance, which is a worldview focused on human superiority. For more information please visit or subscribe to the group on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

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