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Police Take Son Away from Parents after Mom Posts Video of Dad Playing With Him

Police take sun away from parents after Mom posts, video of dad playing with him in a world where social media is king and the urge to share every aspect of Our Lives is almost second nature. The consequences can sometimes be unexpected and even devastating. This was the case for a mother on Tick, Tock, Savannah glimin, faced her worst nightmare when an innocent video of her son playing with his father went viral for all the wrong reasons. The video in question shows Savannah’s husband, playing with her son, who the mother noted was giggling and enjoying himself. However, some viewers felt differently Savannah enjoyed sharing Snippets of her family life online.

She adored her son and captured funny moments with him whenever possible. However, One Clip shared in 2023 led to disaster in the clip Savannah sun was wrapped in cling film unable to move his arms, while his dad played with him.

The couple found the activity hilarious and noted that the child looked like a worm or cucumber while they had fun the boy’s reaction caught the attention of many netizens. They believed the little child Gunner was distressed and unhappy in the viral clip. These accusations from netizens quickly gained traction on social media, with some even contacting Child Protective Services to report the incident.

Meanwhile, mom Savannah was oblivious to the overwhelming public outcry against her video. She only realized things that had gone wrong when she heard a knock at the door to Savannah’s shock. The police showed up at her door soon after the video was posted, informing her that her son would be taken away until the allegations could be investigated.

The couple was left heartbroken and Confused having never suspected their innocent video could cause such a stir. The devastated and emotional mother expressed our son has been taken from us until CPS can evaluate our home because I posted a video of my husband and son, playing as an influencer Savannah was accused of using her son to gain clout and Views, no matter the cost.

However, she vehemently denied this and added that she did not monetize her Tick-Tock videos. One online Community member called the incident abusive and disapproved of the parents conduct adding. I don’t see what’s funny here. I don’t understand how putting your toddler in an uncomfortable position is funny and then posting it for views. In a now deleted, emotional video.

After her son was removed from her home Gunner’s tearful mom told users. She would never do anything to hurt her miracle baby. She said, all I can say is that my son is so loved and cherished he’s the light of my life. We made a mistake and we don’t deserve our child taken away because of it. Luckily, for the heartbroken mom, her ordeal soon came to an end in a follow-up clip.

She revealed that Gunner was returned to her care. She was relieved but traumatized she told users. Her family would be taking time away from social media and was grateful to have her boy at home where he belonged. Despite this, the online community still had much to say about the ordeal. Netizens were shocked by the mother’s apology, video and some couldn’t believe she didn’t see her son’s distress.

However, many users also sympathized with Savannah and wished her the best, I’m so happy. He is home wow. Also so sorry you dealt with this, you are so nice and sweet and such a good mom. This breaks my heart Haley Stallworth March 6. 2023.

All you can do is learn from this and continue to be the best Mom. No one. No one is perfect and intent is everything you got this SJ March. 6. 2023, I’m!

So sorry. This happened to you and your family. Thank goodness. You got him back, hold him tight and take your time to be with your family, Jessica March. 6.

2023. Savannah’S experience is a cautionary tale that reminds us of the power and potential dangers of sharing our lives online. The couple’s actions should never be repeated. Hopefully they learn from the ordeal we wish. Savannah’s family all the best and urge other parents to be cautious about how they play with their children and posting videos featuring them on social media.

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