Poor Man Helps Old Lady on the Road, Later Sees His Name on TV

It was a cold and rainy night as John Morse drove along a dark country road. He just wanted to get home and escape the dismal weather. Suddenly, his headlights illuminated a frail figure standing by the side of the road. It was an old woman, huddled inside an overcoat and waving frantically. John slowed down and pulled over beside her.

Grateful, the woman thanked him and explained that her car had broken down. She needed to call for a tow truck, but her phone had no signal. John regretfully informed her that there was no signal along the road, but he could take her to the nearest service station so she could use their landline.

The woman hesitated, looking frightened. John reassured her, sharing that his mother was about her age and he simply wanted to help. Reluctantly, the woman agreed and got into John’s car, clutching her purse and sitting as far away from him as possible.

To help ease her nerves, John started telling her about his family. He shared stories about his three kids, their names, and their achievements. He mentioned his grandchildren and his hope for a baby boy on the way. As he spoke, the woman began to relax.

When they arrived at the service station, the woman, named Esther, wanted to pay John for his help. However, he declined, explaining that he and his wife played a game with their daughters called the Chain of Love. They believed in doing something kind for someone and asking them to pass it on to someone else in need. Esther called for a tow truck, and then went into the adjacent diner to warm up with a cup of hot coffee.

The waitress, a tired but kind woman with a noticeable baby bump, greeted Esther with concern. She offered her a towel to dry off and brought her a pot of hot tea. Seeing Esther’s discomfort, the waitress even provided a hot water bottle to warm her feet.

Esther was grateful for the kindness she received. When the tow truck arrived, she settled her bill and discreetly slipped an extra $500 under the teapot along with a note explaining her act of kindness.

The waitress was astonished when she discovered the unexpected gift. It touched her deeply, and she realized the impact of the Chain of Love. She hurried home after her shift to find her husband fast asleep on the couch with their three daughters cuddled up to him. Overwhelmed with love, she whispered, “I love you, John Morse.”

A few days later, John was surprised to find out that his act of kindness had become the subject of a news story. As luck would have it, Esther, the old woman he had helped, was a famous chef. She started a GoFundMe page for John and his family, pledging to double whatever the public donated.

The response was overwhelming, with over one hundred thousand dollars collected. In the end, John and his family received over three hundred thousand dollars, and the famous chef became the godmother to their new baby.

John’s simple act of kindness had set off a chain reaction of love and generosity, bringing joy and support to his own family and inspiring others to follow suit.

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