Progress on animals at risk of inhuman slaughter and treatment in high-speed slaughterhouses


The good news in our fight against extreme speed slaughter: On Friday, January 22, the USDA revoked a proposed rule that will allow more poultry farms to increase their slaughter lines to an alarmingly high rate of 175 heads per minute. – almost three birds are killed per second – from an official review of the Office of Management and Budget. We also learned that the Trump administration’s swine slaughter line speed rule is currently being revised.

The ASPCA is working tirelessly to stop the extreme speed carnage by communicating the dangers of the proposed rule to the Biden administration’s transition team as well as key USDA officials. On Friday, we sent a letter to Appointed Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Acting Agriculture Secretary Kevin Shih urging them to stop the advancement of the chicken line speed proposal and consider the related harmful line speed policies adopted during the Trump administration.

We applaud the Biden administration for recognizing the dangers of this policy and for taking immediate action to rethink the solution to the extreme speed slaughter problem. This will protect not only animals, but also workers and public health. While we hope the USDA will soon confirm that it will reverse this policy, these actions are very positive indicators. We will continue to oppose the extreme speed carnage and encourage you to join us in securing this victory.

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