Rescuing cats in the air takes a heartbreaking twist


Working from nine to five can sometimes feel like an eternity, especially when the guy in the next booth is bathing in cologne and turning on his talk radio all day long. But imagine how much worse it would be if you had to spend this work week trapped in a tree.

Rescuer tries to lower Wendy's stray cat from the tree

This is what happened to Wendy, a stray cat from North Carolina. Maybe a dog was chasing her – or maybe an evil pirate or a crocodile. Whoever it was, it must have been very scary, because she ran 60 feet up the tree to get away from him, and was not going to risk running into him again.

Close-up of Wendy rescued by PETA cat

One day went by, then two… then three… then four, and she still refused to go down.

Wendy on a sunflower blanket

The neighbor, who noticed Wendy’s predicament, became more and more worried. How long can she live up there without food or water? What if she loses her balance and falls? In desperation, the man called PETA’s emergency pager (we are available 24 hours a day) to ask for help.

Black cat Wendy looks glamorous

We immediately set to work getting the tree climber to take Wendy. Everything went well at first. But as soon as the climber slowly approached his dangerous perch, the cat panicked, and the unthinkable happened. Rescuers watched in disbelief as she jumped onto the second tree!

Maybe Wendy like her Peter Pan namesake, could indeed fly – at least temporarily – because she was stuck on a leafy planting! Undaunted, the tree climber was climbing his second pole. This time he managed to put the collar on our little flying girl and bring her back safely. After PETA staff members examined her thoroughly, they were amazed to find that, in addition to being malnourished and dehydrated, she was otherwise unaffected.

Wendy on the couch in the new house

Other cats that walk in nature are not so lucky. PETA regularly receives reports of “stranger cats” who were badly injured or even killed after being hit by cars, attacked by escaped dogs, shot or poisoned by violent people, and more.

Cats are the safest and happiest people to live indoors. Just ask Wendy – in her new home with a loving family, she is constantly engaged in catnip hunting, sunbathing on windowsills, and battling her feline brother Sherman, a PETA rescue comrade. The only trees Wendy currently climbs are the cat trees.

Rescued cats Wendy and Sherman with family

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