Story Time

She adopted the neighbor’s kids after Their passing but She didn’t expected to find this

One family of seven was too busy. To get to know their neighbors. But then a knock came on the. Door one fateful day. Tisha and Kevin Bouchman are an ordinary. Couple who don’t have time for their neighbors because they both work full time and have five children. Tisha worked as a bingo cashier, and Kevin worked as an Asset Protection security officer in Las Vegas, Nevada. Audrey, their next door neighbor and a single mother of three children, hadn’t been feeling well for a while.

She was referred to the local hospital. For extra tests after seeing her doctor. So she asked her next door neighbor. If she would mind watching her three children while she was there overnight. Despite having limited space in their home, tisha and Kevin agreed to take Audrey’s children in for the night. The couple didn’t think much of their nice deed, but they agreed without hesitation. Tisha and her husband Kevin were delighted to assist Audrey by caring for her children. Fortunately, all of their children appeared to.

Get along, which was ideal because they’d. Have to share rooms. The Bauchmann had no idea how big. Of an influence that one night would have on the rest of their life. Audrey noted that she didn’t appear concerned about her own health. All she wanted was to know it. Was wrong, and she stressed the importance of the testing because the symptoms she was experiencing were not going away.

At the very least, she’d be able. To move on with her life if. She knew her visit to the hospital was routine. She would have basic tests and, if necessary, an MRI scan. Andre had no idea that one night. At the Bowsers would develop into two. Three, and ultimately a week. Audrey’s illness was more serious, and their one night overnight turned into a month. She went into the hospital on Tuesday for the testing and was expecting to.

Be released shortly after. Tisha said in an interview. Audrey had figured out what was happening. At this point and needed to inform her children. Audrey received a devastating diagnosis from the doctors. She had cancer and only had a few months to live. All three of Audrey’s children were attending counselors at the time, and their therapist began visiting Tisha’s home several times a week. There were three counseling sessions per child and one group therapy session for the children. Tisha penned an essay. Tisha had to work more than 40.

Hours a week because she now had. Eight children at home. Audrey called one day to inform them. That she had been released from the hospital. Tisha and her family, as well as Audrey’s three children, were relieved to hear. The good news for the time being. They could breathe easily, and things looked to be looking brighter for them. Now that Audrey had been released from the hospital and things could return to. Normal, audrey was relieved to be back at home.

But there was a dark cloud lurking over her head. Tisha received a phone call from an. Unknown number at work one day, confirming her worst fears. Audrey was back in the hospital and. Her children needed to stay with Tisha once more. The kids have grown accustomed to it, but my family and I had not. It was a challenge, she continued. Audrey’s children needed to be notified that they needed to return to her home.

Tisha’s heart ached for those children who had already been through so much. Audrey’s children had become close to Tisha. And her family by this point. So when Tisha inquired if she knew. How long she’d be in the hospital. This time, audrey’s response surprised her. I’d want to ask if you can. Look after my children while I’m gone, she enquired. Kesha was taken aback by her question at first, but she quickly responded, I simply sobbed and said yes. We decided to aid these kids after seeing what they were going through and.

Hearing about their past.Audrey was supposed to be released from. The hospital in a few days, but. She’D gone into a coma, indicating that the worst had happened. Audrey’s three children as well as her. Own five, were taken out of school. And sent to the hospital by Tisha, who told them it was time to say their goodbyes. They ended up spending hours at the.

Hospital and we stayed until the kids. Were tired, and since we didn’t have anywhere to sleep, we decided to hug and kiss Audrey and say goodnight. Tisha received a call from the hospital. On her way home with the kids in the car, and it was one of the nurses. Audrey died just a few minutes after we left. I kept quiet until we were all. At home and then I told the kids.

Tisha penned a letter on the Internet. This was the worst time I’ve ever. Had as a mother. Both families were bereft of hope. As word traveled through the community, tisha. Promptly welcomed Audrey’s three children into her house. She couldn’t face the notion of abandoning. Tisha’s children in their darkest hour, even if she and Kevin were fighting to make ends meet.

Elizabeth Thames, a neighbor of the two. Families, had heard about what had happened and was aware of the beauchmen’s living predicament in their modest house. There were ten people. She wanted to help them, so she phoned Fox Five Surprise Squad in Las. Vegas, a group known for assisting individuals. In need, and told them about her neighbor’s predicament. Their story was so touching that Fox’s Surprise Squad was overjoyed to pay Tisha.

A visit and surprise her family with. The biggest chain of surprises ever. I don’t want them to have to. Go through what I went through as a child, Tisha told a reporter when. Asked why she felt obligated to take Audrey’s children in. They’ve been through so much and from what I’ve seen of them, they deserve to be happy and live somewhere they can call home. Soon after, the local news station Fox Five surprise squad knocked on the door, promising to make things easier for the new family of ten. Tisha and her family slept at a hotel near where she worked at the casino for a week. Thanks to the squad, they were able.

To do around six weeks worth of. Work in just a few days with the help of a few others. Because their living quarters were so small at the time, all eight children had to share beds, but the boatmans couldn’t afford to renovate. Tisha and Kevin needed a barrier erected across their loft where two children were sleeping in order for the home to. Be deemed suitable for the number of residents.

In order to be authorized as foster parents for Audrey’s children, the news team. Said that they would fund the full. Lofts construction to relieve the Bauschman’s financial strain. Tisha couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The house was then taken over by. The building crew, who totally refurbished the interior. They not only built a wall to. Provide more space, but they also replaced their furnishings.

Tisha’s oldest daughter lacked her own private space. She simply slept in the kitchen in an open space. She now had her own private room, which is well decorated. Tisha and her family were given far more than they bargained for. The Bajams had no idea they were. Going to be adding a wall to their home. The team got right to work, and even though the lofts divider was the.

Only thing that needed to be done. The team opted to go above and beyond. Workers had to remove all the Bauchman’s belongings and clean the entire house in. Order to repaint every room. The surprise squad was prepared to take. On any home renovation project, no matter how big or small. The crew also provided new paint, carpets and furniture to the family, ensuring that each of the children had their own bed. Chad, the eldest, received $1,500 towards a home of his own.

And as if that wasn’t enough, they. Were also given a brand new automobile. That was big enough to transport the entire family, as well as a year’s. Supply of free groceries. Tisha needed to start classes to assist. Her permanently adopt all three of Audrey’s. Children, and with all the help, she was ultimately able to do so before. The Bowser returned home. The surprise squad, a television team and the entire neighborhood came. As they watched the family return, they.

Were too ecstatic to speak. What would the family’s reaction be? It’s safe to say that it was. A huge shock for everyone. Every room had been completely altered and. The family was blown away by their new home. They knew this type of event didn’t happen to just anyone every day, Keisha. Said in an interview. These are our children now. What a remarkable feat it was for this busy mother of five to take. In three more children without hesitation.

I had to go into the foster care system, and I don’t want them. To go through anything I had to. Go with when I was a child. Tisha added, explaining why she couldn’t refuse. Audrey or abandon the children. They’ve already been through a lot. They’re deserving of a loving family and a safe haven. This type of story contributes to making the world a better place Even though the Bauchmans simply required minor repairs, the Surprise Squad transformed their Las.

Vegas house in ways they never imagined. The Bauchman family have been reminded that. Good things can and do happen, and that they can rely on each other and their community despite their recent sorrow. Thanks to the outpouring of love from their entire community, we all have a lot of neighbors of various sizes and shapes, but Tisha is genuinely an angel. And what she did for Audrey and. Her children cannot be overstated.

They would have ended up in an. Orphanage, separated or in the foster care. System if she hadn’t taken them in. T should become an orphan herself, and. She couldn’t take that thought that Audrey had come to her for aid. Isn’t it odd how things turned out? Tisha and her husband’s generosity inspired their. Entire town, and they’re now able to.

Enjoy their well deserved surprise. As a result of their good deeds, audrey’s children were welcomed into Tisha and Kevin’s hearts and adore it as if they were their own. At all levels, the importance of loving your neighbors is evident. Fortunately, we were able to learn more about this incredible family and their story.