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She asked him to clean her car but when she saw his back she was shocked

She asked him to clean her car but when she saw his back she was shocked she requested him to clean the inside of her automobile but when she drew closer she noticed something that took her breath away in a time when the goddess of fortune smiles on just a select few this is especially true i take the routes that bring me to my place of employment in the heart of the

City in order to alleviate the traffic congestion caused by an accident on the main street officials redirected all cars to an alternate route i had just gone a few blocks when the authorities ordered all vehicles to use the alternate road i keep my hands on the driving wheel till i reached the next exit that has been marked the path is on the outskirts of town but i don’t take it very often

Because it runs parallel to the major road it passes through numerous traffic lights on its path and gets me closer to the city’s rural region this detour will add roughly five minutes to the time i would normally arrive when i get a few blocks ahead of where i want to go a traffic light snags me i thought to myself another delay i’m going to lose my parking space because of this i’ll either have to park on the

Street or drive down five blocks to the mall parking lot and pay a few pennies to store my vehicle there for the evening the dwellings are modest and tiny in size they have little in common with the massive retail malls that line the route to work they’re multi-colored windows adorning the roadside people dress in a modest manner you’ve discovered a major thoroughfare the pace has slowed down i believe i’m even more human

I go through this new world that is both close in terms of distances and far in terms of the rhythm of my existence where having more and being the quickest are highly regarded in front of me there’s another junction and the light goes red whenever i think i might be able to get out of my responsibility i pull over to prevent to becoming another statistic in a vehicle accident this is the most difficult route to take to go to my

Place of employment i scarcely see it but there is a man with a sluggish person and a bottle with a weird bubbling liquid in the back window of my car he requested me to clean the inside of his automobile i give him a friendly way with my head yes it should be cleaned up no amount of the weird liquid moving in front of my glass will make it any cleaner than before he messed with it i’m afraid i go through my wallet for

Some money to give him as i thank you for cleaning the vehicle for me with the money in my fingers i raised my eyes to see a lovely baby resting on the back of the guy her legs tied together with a piece of cloth she didn’t seem to be bothered by the frantic movement of the guy on my glass everything came to a halt in my universe a slew of questions pop into my thoughts i go down to the ground floor and give over the money to the clerk i’m going to

Park a little later sir please get closer i’d want to speak with you the man’s expressions were filled with surprise horror and inquiry his hand was full with money which he took in his before walking me to the next block i made it across the street with hardly a blink of an eye since the light had barely changed he walks up to me and says hello hello and good morning did you see some dirt on your window that you’d want me to remove more

Thoroughly the man says something to me while holding the sponge and lazy in his right hand and the odd boiling bottle in his left no thank you very much sir i am pleased with the results of your labor i was curious as to why you were hauling about that little child on your shoulders we are really modest my wife cleans houses for a living it wasn’t long before the crisis reached the company where i worked and they were forced to

Close their doors because it was a high risk pregnancy i was unable to find work while my pregnant wife remained at home however there were no positions available when i offered my skills i made the decision to go out to the streets to clean vehicles having victoria as a child caused things to become more complex because they need my wife’s services and were unable to pay the babysitters hello my name is ines

What do you think you should do greetings my name is roberto i work as an electrician on high voltage panel systems there are no businesses where he can get employment in this area i’ve taken a walking tour of the town mr roberto appears that today is your lucky day where i work we are constantly in need of the expertise is it possible for you to join me to the office right now so that we may conduct a job interview without causing any

Convenience i don’t have someone to accompany me out of victoria don’t worry i’ll look after her while you have your interview he delivers his belongings which we place in the trunk of the car in the suitcase are you sure she begins to awaken she’s agitated and noisy it is not an issue my sister have five nephews all of them are well behaved and respectful toward me this tiny angel isn’t going to be an exception to the

General rule throughout the voyage i kept my gaze fixed on mr roberto who was holding triumph in his arms and he sang quietly to his little girl he only hold the plastic bag containing the bottle and a couple of diapers he placed them next to him in the back seat of the car he took victoria into his arms and we were able to complete our journey to the center i walked into the parking lot with little expectation of finding a parking

Space to my amazement there was no one in the booth in front of the elevator when i arrived in reality there were a number of open opportunities we had no idea where the elevator was it appears like mrs rickard is one of the few persons who has shown up for work the avenue has been closed due to a series of collisions which has caused things to become chaotic lucia the elevator operator provides me with this information mr monasterius has

Arrived hasn’t he yes mrines you are correct he is always the first to arrive excellent let’s have a look at his floor i need to talk to him about something as you have stated we took the elevator up to the 16th floor when i arrived in the office lobby i left mr roberto with his arms crossed sitting and victory resting on his knees mr monasterios good morning and thank you for your service will you be able to give me a few minutes of your time if

You can sure inez you can always come closer to the action here what exactly do you require thanks a lot he is a man for whom i have obtained goods on the street in exchange for things in life he works as a high voltage electrical contractor he is now out of work the maxim tower project on the other hand was searching for one according to

The engineer in charge of the project robles it could not be done but he could oversee an expert who would execute it sure inez that’s correct and can you tell the man to come by tomorrow to talk to him about it the man is in the lobby can you question him says the woman that’s a significant improvement please give me a moment he picked up his cell phone and started talking robles walks into my office on the

Second floor i believe we have apprehended what you want thank you so much jenez we can now make it a reality thanks to you when i open the door i discover the secretary having a good time with victoria hello mary good morning how are you doing engineering is you’ve done an excellent job did you happen to see this stunning lady who came to visit us today yes we had a visit from a little angel with mr roberto

Then i turned to face him please stay with me for a bit the engineer from the project has requested to speak with you thank you so much miss i take mr roberto to muster monasterios where he is introduced and then i retire to my office i return to the lobby where victoria and mary are waiting for me robles the engineer has arrived and i see him hello inez i had to get going hello robles we are like that these days i make my way into the office they

Lasted around five minutes during which time robles emerges and squeezes my hand tightly and as you’ve hired a top-notch specialist he was a member of the root project team he was a member of the late edmond squad we’re delighted to have been a member of our team i’m going to relax now you’re having a great day mr roberto has left the building victoria is lifted up by the woman whose face is flushed with emotion

As she embraces her victoria bursts out laughing and kisses her all over her face thank you miss ainez for your assistance god’s blessings on you i’ll begin working the next day engineer robles and i are co-workers on a collaborative project in which we’re both contributing despite the fact that he is aware of my skills i must find someone to care for victoria immediately i cannot leave her alone and my wife is unable to provide

For her needs don’t be concerned mr roberto let’s take the elevator down to the bottom floor there’s our little nursery they will take good care of her while you’re at your job thank you for visiting our site thanks having the glass cleaned has been a gift in disguise your finest cover letter demonstrates your integrity and responsibility if you like this tale please share it with your friends and family, thanks for reading.