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She fell from 30 meters high, when they looked at her abdomen they discovered something shocking

She fell from 30ft high. When they looked at her abdomen, they discovered something shocking. Annabelle Beam from Texas was playing with her sister outside when the unthinkable happened. She fell inside a hollow tree and was stuck 30ft down. You can believe as you want, but we put this out there to help you, not hurt you.

Annabelle Beam tells people if I ask from you that do you believe in miracles or can miracles happen? What is a miracle? A miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. If miracles happen, who or what’s behind it? So many questions in a single incident tells the answers to all these questions.

14 year old Annabelle Beam’s life story giving us all the answers what we’re looking for. Miracles From Heaven Movie Based on Miracles from Heaven by Christie Beam, which is a true story about her own daughter who had a neardeath experience and was later cured of an incurable disease.

Annabelle Beam was five years old when she was diagnosed with two incurable disorders named Pseudo Obstruction Motility Disorder and Antrim Hypomotelly Disorder. Lifethreatening digestive disorders kept her in and out of the hospital for years. She has her faith in God until the end.

Once she had treatments, her doctor asks her to remove her cross for her medical purpose, but she refuses it and tells that she wants to have it with her because of Jesus with her. She said to her mother that she wants to die and go to heaven where there won’t be any pain for her when Jesus is with her.

Christie Bean Annabelle’s mother says that it takes several months to make an appointment with Dr. Nuko in Boston with lots of prayers and strange meets in a restaurant with a lady named Angela Simino. She helped them to stay by giving them a place in Boston.

As in the movie, they became friends while having a chat, and she shows Boston to little Annabelle. When Annabelle is about eight, she returned home. Yet she’s having another hospitalization. She went outside to play at the coaxing of her older sister. She climbed a large Cottonwood tree and without any warning, the limb on which she was perched cracked and fell.

Annabelle had no time to catch herself. She plunged 30ft into the hollowed core of the Cottonwood landing. Head down, she was unconscious, suspended and trapped for five and a half hours before rescue crews finally succeeding in strapping a harness around her body and raising her to safety. What happened next is still a mystery to Annabelle’s mother. Christie Beam explained that Annabelle’s falling into the tree, which could have killed her, instead healed her.

She emerged from the tree trunk wet, bruised and muddy, but otherwise quite well inexplicably. When Annabella woke at the hospital, she felt no more pain. Her distended abdomen had returned to its normal size, and she was able to go to the bathroom for the first time. After months of uncomfortable tube feedings, she could eat regular food. Her doctors began to wean her off her medications, and eventually she was released from her pediatric gastroenterologist.

Jesus must have been with that little girl in that tree, said the doctor, because there’s nothing wrong with her. And also she didn’t have any major injuries. After this accident, which is a complete miracle, Annabelle shared with her parents what happened in the Cottonwood tree.

She told that she saw a bright light and her mummy was there, who died a couple of years before, and she knew that she was in heaven. Since she feels no more pain, she sat on Jesus lap and asked for Jesus that she wanted to stay in heaven.

But Jesus replied to her, no, Annabelle, I have plans for you on Earth that you cannot compete in heaven. But whenever the firefighters get you out, there will be nothing wrong with you. Reflecting on how her life and the life of her family had been changed by the events surrounding Annabelle’s illness and miraculous healing, Christie Beam said, we don’t live our lives differently because we never lost our faith. Oh, it was hard, and I felt challenged at times. I’d ask, okay, God, do you have a plan?

What is your plan? But we always felt that God is in control of our lives, even over Annabelle’s illness. Now that she’s well, we can stand strong and put an exclamation point behind what we have. At first I was a little worried about it, she says of the minor changes. But now I’m like, you know what they had to do.

It like drama national. Drama national? Laughs big sister Abby, age 16. I don’t even know why I said that, Annabelle yells with glee. I meant to see dramatic license, but it was drama national.

Annabelle, whom Abbey calls the goofiest kid I’ve ever met, may also be one of the luckiest. In December 2011, after suffering from a chronic intestinal disorder for four years, she fell headfirst 30ft, inside a hollow tree in their yard. Somehow emerging without serious injuries and somehow free of her stomach disorder, Annabelle says she visited heaven while trapped inside the tree, asking to stay with Jesus. There was no stomach pain in heaven, she says. He told her, no, Annabelle, I have a plan for you on Earth that you can’t fulfill in heaven.

Finding herself back in the tree, she waited for rescuers to send down a harness to pull her up. But she wasn’t alone. She says a Guardian Angel was there to keep her company in the tree, the angel winked at me as if they were saying, you’re going to be all right now, she tells people.

The firefighters who rescued her kept saying how eerily calm and peaceful Annabelle was, says her mother, Christie Beam. If anyone was entombed in the base of a tree for 5 hours, they’d be hysterical.

But she never was. After Annabelle told her parents about going to heaven, and after they realized her stomach was suddenly, well, God totally laid it on my heart to write this book, Christie says. I literally said, oh, God, that’s so cute. I don’t write, but thank you anyway. But after more prayer and encouragement by others, I bought a laptop and just started.

It was so cathartic. The book wasn’t even on the shelves yet. When a movie agreement was made, starring Garner is Christy. It opens in theaters on March 16. The Beams know there will be people who won’t believe the movie or the book.

Annabelle’s stomach condition called pseudo obstruction mobility disorder, an anterior hypomertility disorder, is associated with nervous system, so some have theorized that it cleared up when she hit her head in the tree. Abby says. People have approached her and exclaimed, that’s so amazing. The fall healed her. I’m like, no, what happened after the fall healed her, she adds.

As for medical explanation, the doctors don’t know, Christie says. They just said she’s asymptomatic and on zero medications. Kevin Beam, Annabelle’s father, says there’s one thing he knows for sure. The girl who fell in the tree is not the girl who came out of the tree. To those who doubt her story, Annabelle has a few words.

What I want to say is this, she says. Believe in it if you want to. We put this out there so you can have a stronger faith and probably a better life. But we’re not trying to force it down your throat so you can believe as you want. But we put this out there to help you, not hurt you.

Christie, who’s working on a children’s version of her book, has more free time these days now that Annabelle’s recurring hospital stays are a thing of the past. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and laugh, she says of her family’s life now. It’s nice to absorb it and just be grateful. A high percentage of his coma patients report having had NDEs, and he believes many of us go through these afterlife experiences when we die dreaming or hallucination. They would not come to life again if they were truly dead.

They might have been clinically dead, but not totally. Most people in that situation are heavily sedated or unconscious. Their minds are still active. At some level. Nobody is allowed in heaven except spirits.

No flesh and blood. First Corinthians 1550 Nobody is resurrected until the last day, which has not come yet. Satan will sometimes take advantage of a situation to promote his lie to Eve that she would not die. That’s where the doctrine of the immortal soul came from, a lie to explain death. Some say that this could be a hoax, that the Beam family is trying to get famous and be strong in finance, since nobody can go to heaven and talk with Jesus and come back.

But let me remind you, if this whole thing is a hoax, why would doctors give any scientific explanation? For Annabelle’s recovery and why she didn’t have any major injury like broken bones. It can’t be explained scientifically, which reminds us that it’s a miracle. As a Catholic, I believe miracles can happen and it can be happening in anywhere, anytime with any person. I personally recommend Catholic followers to watch this movie, read this book and never get lost in your faith in any situation because the Lord is with us every single second of our lives.

May God bless you. We’re unsure because it’s not something that can be easily verified. It’s of the spiritual realm. Thus, we’re at a loss to verify any of it Because our world is based on the physical realm. I think the best argument for the truth of these things Is when a person totally has a change of heart and commits their life to any request that Jesus gave them.

If there’s a possibility you had a genuine encounter, Your scenario is not unique. Others have reported similar experience. I would write down in greatest detail possible everything that you remember and ask God to confirm for you the truth of what happened and any revelation you got involved given to you during this experience. If it’s real and you do as I’ve suggested, Stuff will happen and be sent to you over the next few weeks, months, etc. That will repeat and confirm that information you’ve written down.

During death, people see the angel of death and realize it has to accept the inevitable impending death. People plead for time to convey messages to others but are refused. The angel of death seizes the soul. They act not on their own. They don’t have free will, But Act on the orders of God.