Story Time

She hugged her horse for three hours in the slime then something wonderful happened

She hugged her horse for 3 hours in the slime. Then something wonderful happened. Every person in this world has some hobby, activity or passion, something that they like the most and they love to do whenever they want to get relaxed extra take a break from the worldly affairs and one such hobby is keeping pets. Some love cats, some have dogs, and some love parents. Nicole also had a pet, but it was different than others.

She had a horse. She’d been fond of horses and horse riding since she was a teenager. It was her favorite activity and time pass her whenever she would find time, she’d love to spend it with her beloved horse. The name of the horse is Astro and he was with her since she was a small baby. Nicole took care of him like her own kid.

Astro was not only the best friend, but like a son to her. Her beloved horse used to give her the best moments of her life. She had so many memories with him and she’ll always cherish those times spent with her beloved Morgan horse. It was a bright, sunny day, something not very unusual for her part of the world, something she loved ever since she was a little girl. Nicole Graham from Melbourne, Australia.

She was a diehard horse rider since her teenage years. Her beloved Morgan horse, Astro, was her best friend. She was the mother of a teenage daughter who, unlike most of her age fellows, had a strong bonding with her mother and enjoyed leisure time with her. Just like her friends. She loved writing too.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that jeans were transferred into Cole’s daughter and she was the same like her mother. She was an exact carbon copy of her mother. One of their favorite pastimes on such bright days was obviously horse riding, so they decided to spend some quality time riding on the beach with their horses. They got ready in no time and headed towards the beach. The day was beautiful.

The mother daughter duo was enjoying clear sky, fresh pleasant breeze and calm waves of the sea. Little did they know what awaited for them. It’s said that when you go to a beach you need to be very careful with the high and low tides as it can be extremely dangerous very quickly and it becomes almost impossible for humans or animals to come out of it safely. It can be fatal in some cases. Nicole and her daughter too had no idea what catastrophe awaited them.

On seemingly such a perfect beach day. Nicole and her daughter were riding peacefully and appreciating the vastness and calmness of nature when all of a sudden their horses rushed towards another part of the beach where the sand had a muddy texture unlike other parts of the same beach.

As soon as their horses stepped into the area, the soil turned into what could safely be called a death trap in a matter of seconds. It was so sudden Nicole couldn’t get time to process what had happened. Nicole’s daughter somehow managed to act quickly and got herself and her horse out of the mud.

However, it was already too late for Nicole and her stallion to save themselves. Both Nicole and Astro sank in deep mud and found themselves helpless. Nicole couldn’t have imagined such an instantaneous turnaround for a day. Astro was a heavy animal, so it’s enormous weight quickly pulled him down into the mud. He was way too heavy to free himself on his own from what he’d gotten himself into.

Each anxious wriggle to free himself caused him to sink even deeper. Thankfully, Astra was not alone. Nicole tried her best to calm the animal down as the more the animal tried to move in the mud, the deeper he was pulled down. The race against time began at this point because the time was coming back to make things worse for Nicole and Astro. By this time, Astro was already submerged to his neck in mud.

Some people on the beach saw Nicole and Astro struggling to get out of there and speculated that it was next to impossible for them to come out of the mud on their own and decided to help in whatever way possible. If you’ve ever owned a pet, you should be able to realize how difficult it must have been for Nicole to see her stallion drowning in the mud till his neck and not be able to help. The pain is definitely unimaginable.

She couldn’t think of such a tragic end to Astro, whom she considered her best friend Besides her daughter. The people surrounding the site of catastrophe managed to get some help and at last the helpers arrived at the scene after about 3 hours only to announce how difficult the task at hand would be.

It was a very difficult time for Nicole and she was worried for her Astro more than herself. Nicole was terrified to think about what was next to come. It was way too difficult to pull out such a heavy animal that now weighed half a ton more than its actual weight because of the mud that it immersed itself into. It seemed like waiting anxiously for all this time was of no use as the people arrived to help couldn’t help Astro. Nevertheless, they started finding ways to manage the situation.

The very first step was to calm Astro down who was anxiously wriggling himself even deeper in the mud. It was decided to calm the animal down by injecting a sedative which was done right away by a vet that accompanied the team of helpers. Nicole didn’t even for a moment leave the side of Astro gently caressing the animal. At first the helpers assessed the direction that would be the easiest way out with the available tools, which consisted of nothing better than a rope. As a next step, the tied Astro with a rope and tried to pull the stallion out of the mud, but Astro was just too heavy to be pulled like that.

Meanwhile, the flood was about to reach any minute without any mercy for Nicole or Astro. Therefore, people had to act very quickly before the flood could make things worse or cause irreversible loss. When they tried to dig up the horse, they failed miserably, as the animals weight, along with the weight of the mud and the depth in which the animal had now sunk, was not something that could be managed so easily, even by professional helpers.

Some of the helpers suggested calling a helicopter for help, so the concerned authorities were contacted and finally a helicopter could be heard and seen arriving at the site of the catastrophe. The helicopter, like the helpers, could not help but just witness the devastation at the site.

The rope technique wasn’t successful even with a helicopter. The noisy and airy rotor of the helicopter made Astro even more anxious, and it became harder for Nicole and the helper surrounding the animal to control his wriggles, inviting more trouble to the scene. At this point, Nicole had started to lose hope for Astro. All she could think of to save Astro was already done, but no success. The poor animal was also exhausted by this time and beginning to give up.

The floods were approaching fast. The poor animal could be drowned in any minute, and the anxiety on site was nerve wracking. Nicole was hugging Astro tightly, as if she had given up all hope and was ready to bid farewell to her beloved pet anytime soon. She couldn’t remember herself crying this bitterly ever in her life. She closed her eyes and waited silently for the flood to kill the animal.

Suddenly, something unbelievable happened, something none of the people surrounding Nicole and Astro could have thought. After losing all hope, a farmer was driving past the accident site on his tractor. He inquired the helpers and Nicole about the incident and immediately offered his help. Suddenly, the spirits were all high on a new level. Nicole had finally gotten up in sheer excitement, filled in her cheery eyes to give a last chance to help Astro.

All the helpers Nicole and the farmer together planned to get the animal out. Nicole secretly wished to succeed this time, as it was her last hope to resurrect Astro. She knew that if they failed this time, this might be the last moment of hers with Astro, something she never wanted to imagine. With the help of the tractor and helpers, they finally managed to pull the stallion out of the deadly mud. Finally, Nicole and Astro were free.

Astro got a second life. Everyone involved was overjoyed, and Nicole couldn’t stop her tears. The crowd cheered and congratulated Nicole. There was nothing short of a miracle after everyone had lost all hope. But miracles do happen, and that miracle for Astro and Nicole just happened.

In those helpless moments, Nicole had imagined every bad situation but things had taken a turn for them, and these sudden help saved them both. After a couple of weeks, Astro recovered completely and came out stronger than before. Nicole’s love and perseverance for Astro was genuine. She didn’t leave the animals side, Even for a moment when he was stuck. She didn’t lose hope till the last moment and then cared for him in the best way possible when he was recovering.

She is a true hero who taught us lessons of love, hope, and perseverance through her conduct in such testing times, the stories like these restore our trust in humanity. Those people will connect better with this story. Who owns pets? Pets are not just pets. They become our best friends and they become our family members.

Anyone who owns a pet can never imagine their life without them. Those lovely creatures are there for you when there’s no one else there. They not only brighten up your mood, but also provide emotional support. Like any best friend, Nicole’s emotions at the time were justified. She wasn’t worried for herself, but all she wanted was the safety of her Astro.

Thankfully, the story has a happy ending. Otherwise it would be very difficult to digest it, Especially for pet lovers. Astro and Nicole’s story has every emotion and color in it. We felt happiness and joy in the start. It has a tragic part as well Where everything was turning apart, but still, hope was there.

And again, happiness at the end. Because hope always brings miracles. What can we learn from the story? It gives us three lessons that there are still good and kind people in the world like Nicole. We should always be hopeful in every situation.

Like Nicole didn’t lose hope and miracles do happen like it happened with them. So we should always be positive in every situation Because anything can happen anytime. And most importantly, we should be kind towards everyone, either humans or animals. Every soul on this Earth deserves kindness and happiness. If you like the story and got inspired somehow, please hit the like button for more.