Story Time

She left her janitor boyfriend for a rich man. He became a MILLIONAIRE! She REGRETTED her choice

Hi, friends. As you know, every entrepreneur and businessman has his own success story. Many found success due to sheer talent, others due to their wealth of knowledge. Still others receive help from their mum and dad. For Vernon Queck from Singapore, the emphasis. For action was a breakup. The thing is that his young and. Sweet girlfriend left him because he was a simple janitor.

At the same time, she believed that he wouldn’t have much in terms of a career. Of course, Vernon had a hard time coping with what he saw as a betrayal from his loved one. At that point, he decided to do whatever it takes to change and prove to his ex that she was wrong about him. Our hero’s career started when he was only 13 years old.

Vernon’s father lost his job, and in order to help the family, the boy found him a job as a janitor. On weekends, the boy helped his father by also working and was actually able to make some decent money. In addition, young Vernon noticed that cleaners earned more than some engineering fresh grads. If you were to work seven days a week, you could have a stable and decent income. Still, the family’s financial situation was not great, which pushed the boy to drop out of school.

At the age of 14, he got a full time job at a cleaning company where he made about $300 a month. Only a few months later, the management took notice of the teenager’s diligence and made him a supervisor and doubled his salary. Vernon later recalled that moment I asked the manager if he was sure. My dad became a supervisor only when he was 40. I was only 14. But he said, don’t worry, you have leadership qualities, which is most important.

Inspired by his promotion, Vernon worked tirelessly. Several years later, he was promoted to the position of senior manager with a salary as much as $800 a month. None of this would have had much significance if it weren’t for the story of the young woman. It was precisely during that period when Vernon was dating a young beauty. She too wasn’t from a rich family, and Vernon thought that she was the love of his life.

And while Vernon made plans for their future and worked so very hard, his girlfriend left him for another. One time, Vernon’s beloved accompanied him to work. On that day, he was cleaning at a chick country house. His girlfriend then left him for the owner of that very house. It is unclear how their relationship began and developed, but the fact remains, during the breakup, she told Vernon something that became a big motivation for him. She said, you’re a cleaner. I don’t have a future with you.

I’ll get ahead of myself. To say that today, Vernon is very grateful for those words. After all, if it wasn’t for those hurtful words, it is likely that he wouldn’t have been able to achieve everything that he did. The situation was complicated by the fact that soon after the break up, he was galled up into the army. Throughout his army service, he had to live with the pain of betrayal. Imagine yourself in his place.

You’re an ordinary young man serving in the army while your beloved is driving around with the rich showoff. Such a story could have knocked down anyone. But instead, Vernon decided to prove to her what he was worth. After serving in the army, he returned to the company where he previously worked. Two years later, he received yet another promotion. Of course, he was making decent money.

But knowing that there was a limit to how much you can achieve when working for someone else forced him to take action. He made the decision to further develop and progress in his field. Soon, the company’s management had no other choice but to make him a subcontractor. Even though he was already an equal partner, there was no time to stop.

As Vernon himself recalled, money changed him somewhat. After some time, he reached an income of $20,000 a month and could afford many things. There was a period when he wasted money by going to expensive clubs, buying luxurious cars, and in general, leading a frivolous lifestyle. He even had to spend about four months in prison. Although he was not guilty, one of the subcontractors hired undocumented workers, but he was to blame for it. Despite all this, he was able to make order in his head and life.

After all, his main goal was not yet fulfilled, namely, to make his ex hear about him. After his release, he returned to his usual job but did not stay there for long. He then moved to a large holding company and several years later to prim tech services and engineering, where he works to this day. Today, Vernon is 48 years old. The formerly poor Janitor is now the CEO.

With an income of $400,000 a month, he owns 10% of the shares of the company in which he works. He now also has a wife and four children. Vernon had long ago forgiven his ex girlfriend. He knows that it didn’t work out between her and her rich boyfriend.

She has been single and leading the most ordinary life for several years now. Our hero, however, is no longer thinking about her. He is happy with his wife and glad that this is exactly how things turned out. Every time he made important decisions, the words I’m sorry, but you’re, an ordinary cleaner, guided him and served as his call to action.

As the man himself says, everyone has their own story of motivation and success. His motivation just so happened to be his exgirlfriend’s words that got stuck in his head for years. Friends, do you have similar examples of something that guides you that you’ll never forget? Make sure to share those stories in the comments. That’s all for today and see you soon. Bye.