Story Time

She threw her baby from the car then a strange thing happened

She threw her baby from the car then a strange thing happened our children are a blessing that the lord has given us our children represent innocence and joy in that cruel world our children are the bright future that will light up our darkness when we grow up they’re a symbol of security tenderness and passion therefore we must take care of our children and take care of everything in

Order to make them good children and benefit their society there’s no doubt that at the time divorce rates became very high in many countries of the world due to many reasons one of the most important of which is the lack of understanding between husband and wife then a quarrel occurs between them and thus their child falls as a victim in their hands this is exactly what happened with carla and her husband max and the victim is their innocent child

John max is a very rich man who owns a fashion company he lives in russia he loves design and fashion very much many people work in his company because it is very luxurious as for carla she is a very beautiful girl who is very obsessed with fashion she is a russian girl she designs many distinctive and charming designs carla decided to work in that field because she loves it very much and because she also found herself

In it carla went to the company owned by max in order to work there she met max and talked to him saying my name is carla i designed many unique outfits let me show you my designs after that she showed him all her unique designs max likes carla a lot because she has a good taste in clothing design he said to her i want to tell you that you’re a very beautiful girl and i’m glad i saw you you’re also talented and you design

Unique outfits that no one has done before i’m glad that she’ll work here in my company several days passed and max liked carla very much because she is a special girl and a great fashion designer max has clearly fallen in love with carla he asked her to go to the cafe and talk after work and she agreed they went to the cafe and talked and max decided to express his love to her saying i feel like i’ve fallen in love

With you carla replied i also like you a lot we really look a lot like each other then there was the sound of a baby screaming at the table where max and carla were sitting the baby was crying so loudly that max was very upset he said to carla sorry i didn’t hear you well because of that crying baby i hate babies so much they’re really annoying i never want to have children carla replied but i love children very much i’m the exact opposite of you and

That children are the joy of life max replied children are not our topic now tell me how you feel about me does your heart really love mine i’m so glad you like me too they talked a lot and then they left the cafe they go out a lot and finally max decides to ask her to marry him saying to her i have not found someone like you that is suitable for me to marry you are my precious jewel that i want to keep i

Want to marry you carla replied i agree because i also love you so much carla loves children very much and wants to have a child but she has never spoken to max about it again which is wrong people who are about to get married should talk together about the future and about the children they should talk about the children and whether they want to have children or not they should understand each other more

And not be in a hurry to get married this mistake carla made because she did not speak to him again about it the husband’s refusal to have children is not an easy matter for a woman who dreams of motherhood and children but it is a serious matter and will entail many decisions so the woman must think carefully before making any decision max and carla got married and it was a very wonderful marriage they’re also so happy together they live in a house in

The snow carla loves that frost a lot and so does max because they go skating easily unfortunately this overwhelming happiness was not permanent life forces us to face difficult situations that force us to become other people life makes us to be other people we don’t want to be carla wants to have a baby but max refuses carla talked to him about it but it’s getting late she should have spoken to him about it first before marriage

Carla spoke to max and said to him i want us to have a beautiful child like you max replied i hate children they’re very annoying do you remember that crying child who was crying in the cafe he’s a very annoying child the idea of having a child is impossible we’re young now and we’re very old i want to enjoy life perhaps these children will be bad and bring us troubles and problems even if we raise them well

Carla was very angry about it the husband’s rejection of the idea of having children is a very difficult matter for his wife one of the tips for dealing with a husband who does not want to have children is to discuss with the husband calmly but carla never spoke to him calmly because she was very angry with him without her husband’s knowledge carla decided not to take the pill in order to get pregnant she decided to force her

Husband to the child she will pretend that the pregnancy happened suddenly many months passed and in those months carla never took birth control pills one day carla felt very tired and she went with her friend to the doctor and the doctor told her that she was pregnant carla is restless and hesitant she’s very happy that she’s finally pregnant and she will have a beautiful child to pamper him on the other hand she’s very

Afraid to tell her husband because she did it without his consent or even his knowledge she was pregnant for four months and did not tell him she noticed that her stomach had become large so she decided to tell him while she was afraid that day was very cold and it was raining snow she went to her husband frightened saying to him i want to tell you something very important the husband replied why does your face look so pale

What’s wrong with you tell me she replied four months ago i found out i was pregnant i was afraid to tell you so you wouldn’t get angry i don’t know how i got pregnant because i always took birth control pills every day i got pregnant very suddenly max was amazed and stunned telling her how did you get pregnant and you take birth control pills every day it’s weird you must have done that i don’t know anything why did you hide that news from

Me carla replied i didn’t say because i’m so afraid of you and because i love children and i know that you don’t like them max replied i refuse to have a child i don’t want any responsibilities at all i don’t want to have a child to suffer in this corrupt world carla replied why do you say that the child will suffer we will raise him and take care of him we will provide him with all the atmosphere of love tenderness security and safety he will

Never suffer max replied we all suffer i don’t want him to suffer like me i never want him to be in trouble i don’t want a piece of my soul to suffer in that lost world you must do an abortion right now max is doing very strange things he is clearly a mentally disturbed person he’s not a normal person at all and that is what made carla afraid in fact max has been in psychotherapy for years at a psychiatrist he has a complex since his

Childhood because of his father max’s father used to beat him so hard that max hated having a child he did not tell carla that he was in psychotherapy so that she would not refuse to marry him carla is very afraid of max and doesn’t say anything to him at first because she was thinking carla then said i’m not going to do the abortion i want that baby that will light my darkness max replied i’m warning you if you give

Birth to that child it will be the end of you carla immediately ran she took her car and went to the house of her friend sarah carla is very afraid of max because he broke many things in the house and was staring at her very hard she was terrified of him because of his evil looks at her she said to her friend sarah i feel he’s going to kill me i feel that i’m never safe i will stay with you until i have my child after

That we will travel to escape from that psychopath i don’t know how i loved him many months passed and carla gave birth to a very beautiful baby named john that innocent child will fall victim but in the end he will live in safety when max learns that carla has given birth he immediately goes to her friend’s house and carla takes her child and gets into the car she’s driving in that snow very fast very dangerous max follows her in his car and says to

Her loudly i will kill you and your child carla was afraid for her child so much that she threw him out of the car so that max would not kill him unfortunately carla later died because she was driving too fast that poor mother died leaving her baby in the snow alone as for max he killed himself he deserves this tragic end when carla threw her baby john into the

Snow something very strange happened there was a wolf in that snow and it took the child to another place it is very strange that this baby was saved thanks to the wolf an animal can be kinder than a human fortunately there was a man and his wife in the snow at that time they saw the wolf taking care of the child they then took that innocent child these couples never have had children they decided to raise that innocent child john

The story teaches us many things we should never rush into marriage because we should understand our partner more we should understand each other more so as not to cause us any suffering since carla didn’t know that max was mentally disturbed thanks for reading.