She was in the shower when she felt something slipping between her legs

She was in the shower when she felt something slipping between her legs. She recalls that, like something coming out from her belly and she looks down, there is a terrible nightmare. How this woman’s pregnancy became the most terror of her life. Mom lauren knowles was overjoyed when she realized she was expecting her second child her and her husband trent sure had their hands full already with their little firstborn, but that didn’t stop them from wanting to extend their family. A mother of two was forced to give birth to a cancerous mass alone in the toilet.

After believing she was pregnant, lauren knowles from aberdeen scotland was heartbroken when she discovered at seven weeks pregnant that her unborn baby was a deadly disease at 27 years old. Miss knowles was elated when her pregnancy test read positive. However, after she noticed heavy spotting at seven and a half weeks, she was sent for a scan. She was then, given the news that she was experiencing a molar pregnancy, a cluster of cells known as gestational trophoblastic disease. Lauren knowles was left heartbroken after believing she was pregnant only to find out she had a cancerous mass inside her womb, she’s pictured left, while pregnant with second child indy and right during treatment for her cancer.

However, despite having the cancerous tissue removed and undergoing grueling chemo hair loss and relapsing, her tumor continued to grow at an alarming rate, but after agonizing stomach cramps, miss doles gave birth to the cancerous mass alone in the toilet after she felt the urge to push miss Knowles now 29 was over the moon once the tumor, which was the size of a pair, was out, and it meant she was finally cancer-free and despite doctors, warning she’d struggled to conceive in the future.

She fell pregnant with indy now 10 months, one year later, miss knowles who now lives in perth. Australia said the tumor grew in my womb, the same way a baby would the same hormones were produced and my pregnancy tests always came back positive. There was no way that i thought it was cancer, but after i started bleeding, i had further tests when i was seven weeks pregnant. The scan showed that the mass in my womb was cancer and i started chemotherapy straight away.

I lost all my hair and three months after starting treatment. I gave birth to the mass in the hospital toilets. The mass was the same size as a baby at 17 weeks, so it was a big tumor to push out with no assistance. I was so relieved when i saw the tumor down the toilet, as i knew my ordeal was. Finally, over and after all my treatment, the light at the end of the tunnel was falling pregnant with indy one year later, miss doles first decided to go to the doctors after she started heavily spotting.

This was seven and a half weeks after her first pregnancy test. She added, i wasn’t particularly nervous as i’d spotted heavily with my first child charlie age five, but doctors decided to do a scan just to double check. The pregnancy was all running smoothly and that’s when they told me that it was a molar pregnancy. I didn’t even know what that was, so they gave me a fact sheet. As i was reading it, my heart just started to sink.

My tumor was cancerous, so i started a low-dose chemotherapy treatment, but the tumor kept growing back. It was terrifying, and one day i took my son to the park and pushed him on the swings i looked down and saw that there was blood everywhere. I had to be rushed to the hospital and that’s when i had six cycles of high toxin chemotherapy and i lost all my hair in the week after five months of treatment. Miss noel’s health continued to deteriorate during april 2015, but the mother had a surprise in store after severe cramps. She pushed the mass out while on the toilet she said, i had a very strong pain in my stomach, so i got up and took my hospital drip to the toilet.

When i was sat on the toilet, i felt myself having to push and it was very painful after the pain i stood up and looked down the toilet and saw a massive dark mass in the pan. A massive sense of relief came over me and i knew it was the end. I was thankful that the tumor was finally out of me. The enormous pear-sized tumor had damaged her womb and doctors warned she’d struggle to fall pregnant in the future. But after being told to wait for a year to try for a child, miss knowles fell pregnant with her daughter, indy now 10 months old, three months after her ear gap was up.

She added my whole pregnancy. I was terrified that it would be molar again, so i wasn’t able to enjoy the feeling of carrying a child when we went to our first scan and saw the baby’s heartbeat. I couldn’t stop crying because i knew it was real. Indy was then born five weeks early as an emergency c-section. She was absolutely perfect and i couldn’t believe i had actually had my dream second child, because i never thought it would happen.

The little girl came out completely healthy and perfect. The family were grateful that everything had turned out well. Little indy is a beacon of light and bundle of joy. The now happy family have moved and live in perth, australia. I want to give people hope that, even in the worst scenarios, what seems impossible is still possible, whilst raising more awareness to molar pregnancy.

Lauren now hopes that her story can give people hope, even in the worst situations to make the impossible still seem possible. She sure must be one strong, mother who’s been able to overcome this incredible and unlikely story. Like lauren, this woman felt terrible in this age with his tumors, a woman with a growing stomach who brushed off her symptoms for weeks now considers herself very lucky after she was ultimately diagnosed with a pair of massive ovarian tumors josephine clinton age 49 had struggled with Infertility for years, but listened to her friends when they told her to take an at-home pregnancy test in light of her burgeoning baby bump. According to fox news, the belly just came out of nowhere in a matter of weeks really everywhere else, i’d lost weight. I just lost my bottom.

My legs were like sticks, my arms my face was really gaunt, but i had this big belly. It was scary. She said. According to the outlet clinton said, she initially believed her. Symptoms were due to a gym injury, irritable, bowel syndrome and drinking more water plus.

She said she’d already visited a doctor who found no serious problems, but after the at-home pregnancy test came back, negative clinton says she realized her symptoms were serious and quickly paid a visit to the emergency room. They took me in for a scan straight away and then took me into a room and told me that there was a mass in my pelvic area. She said i was basically floored because i went up on my own thinking. They were going to tell me. I had a bit of irritable, bowel or something like that.

Symptoms for ibs can be similar to those of ovarian cancer which, according to the american cancer society, include bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, trouble, eating or feeling full quickly urinary symptoms, such as urgency or frequency fatigue. Back pain, pain during sex, constipation changes in periods and like clinton, abdominal swelling with weight loss, fox news reports, clinton had 14 total liters of fluid, drained from her stomach during two separate biopsies, and that she eventually underwent a hysterectomy. They just took everything away. My cervix and everything away in one go. I have a lovely big scar now she said there were no signs of cancer in clinton’s tumors and she knows that that makes her one of the lucky ones.

I’M very lucky. You don’t realize how lucky you are. Do you she said, i’m grateful. My friends made me do that pregnancy test that day, otherwise i might have just kept passing it off or leaving it people do that, because you don’t dare to think it’s anything serious. A molar pregnancy is an uncommon type of pregnancy loss where a baby doesn’t develop.

If you have a molar pregnancy, it wasn’t caused by anything you did or didn’t do. A molar pregnancy usually needs to be removed surgically to avoid complications. This is usually done in hospital, where a gynecologist will remove the tissue from the womb vaginally. This procedure is called a curette or dilation and curette or a dnc. The cells from the dnc are tested in a laboratory.

The dnc is enough treatment in most cases of molar pregnancy. In some cases, some of the molar tissue persists and can grow deeper into the womb and spread which would need further treatment. This is called an invasive mole. Rarely the molar tissue turns into a cancer called choriocarcinoma which needs further treatment. The reported incidence varies widely in different regions of the world.

North american and european countries. Report, low or intermediate rates of 66 to 121 per 100 000 pregnancies, whereas latin american asian and middle eastern nations report a wide range, including high rates 23 to 1299 per 100 000 pregnancies. This geographic difference in incidents, however, is based upon older studies and subsequent data suggest that the incidence in southeast asia is much lower and, in fact, may be similar to that in the western hemisphere. This apparent demographic change likely reflects more accurate reporting of population based rather than hospital-based data improvement in diagnosis, as well as significant increases in living standards and health care in developing countries. However, studies continue to report an increased incidence among american indians, inuits hispanics and african americans and investigations have not been able to attribute this finding to genetic traits cultural factors or simply differences in reporting data from the new england trophoblastic disease center.

Any tdc indicate that after adjustment for age and compared with whites, complete mole was significantly more common in asians and significantly less common in hispanics, but only marginally less common in blacks compared with whites. Partial wool was considerably less common in asians, hispanics and blacks data. Regarding the relative incidence of complete hydenoform mole versus partial hydenoform mole are also problematic because of the discrepancies between hospital-based and population-based data and disparity and availability of expert pathology evaluation in the united kingdom. The incidence of complete mole is around one per 1000 pregnancies and the incidence of partial mole is 3 per 1000. A similar ratio has been reported from data from ireland.

Gestational trophoblastic disease is a group of rare tumors that form after abnormal growth of cells in the uterus. The cancer develops in cells that would normally develop into placenta that surround an embryo. Most growths are benign and do not spread throughout the body, but they can become cancerous. All forms of the condition can be treated via surgery and in most cases the disease is completely cured. Tumors during pregnancy are rare, but they can happen.

Tumors can be either benign or malignant benign tumors aren’t cancer, and we know all things are possible because of god, no matter how bad things get. He’Ll always give our pain purpose and bring light to even the darkest times after a while. The others often grow weary. Trying to save the patient, please share her story to educate people about this kind of pregnancy and to wish this family the best for their future. Thanks for reading.