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Teen Gives Up College & starts Working to Help Ill Mom. She didn’t expect this to happen

Alice, a teenager who aspired to become an illustrator, found herself working at a cafeteria in West Virginia to support her sick mother. Alice’s mother, Lydia, had sacrificed everything to provide her daughter with a good education and had saved up for Alice’s college fees.

However, a month before Alice was set to start college, Lydia suffered a stroke and required an expensive surgery. Determined to help her mother, Alice decided to give up her dreams of attending college and instead took on a job to earn money for the surgery.

On her first day of work at the cafeteria, Alice was running late and had to rush to clean the tables before the first customer arrived. She asked her coworker, Lindsay, to request the customer to move to another table while she finished cleaning. As Alice worked, she reflected on her journey and the sacrifices her mother had made for her.

Amidst her responsibilities, Alice noticed a hungry puppy under one of the tables. She quickly fetched some leftovers and water from the kitchen to feed the puppy. However, the cafeteria manager, Mr. Hoffman, caught her in the act and accused her of breaking the rules. He fired Alice on the spot, leaving her devastated and unsure of how to support her mother.

Sitting on a curb and feeling hopeless, Alice was approached by a stranger who offered her a handkerchief. The stranger turned out to be the owner of the puppy she had fed earlier. He thanked her for showing kindness to his dog and tried to console her. Alice was initially defensive but eventually opened up to him about her situation.

The man revealed that he was a renowned comic writer and admired Alice’s illustrations. He offered to pay for her mother’s surgery and help her pursue her dream of becoming an illustrator. Alice was shocked and couldn’t believe her luck. The man explained that he preferred to keep his identity hidden and enjoyed living a simple life.

Grateful for the unexpected opportunity, Alice accepted the man’s offer. He provided her with an advance payment so she could afford her mother’s surgery. Alice’s life took a dramatic turn, and she began working alongside the comic writer, Henry, in his office. With his support, she was able to pay for Lydia’s surgery and eventually enroll in her desired course at her dream university.

Alice’s story serves as a reminder that little miracles can happen in unexpected ways. Through a chance encounter, she found not only the means to support her mother but also an opportunity to pursue her passion.

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