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Ten days after the birth of her triplets, the mother feels a huge pain in her chest

Ten days after the birth of her triplets, the mother feels a huge pain in her chest. Pregnancy comes with a bundle of joy and happiness. It has moments that make you feel special and complete. Along with all this comes a plus author of Things That Are Different for Every Woman and dealing with these consumes you both mentally and physically. For this, you need support and strength from your family.

Don’t ever hesitate to consult your obstetrician for health as motherhood is one of the greatest feelings for a woman. So to avoid the complications during pregnancy, pregnant women should go to a baby scan clinic to check up your health. And of course, the baby Joey and Cassie ROTT, along with their two daughters, eagerly awaited the arrival of triplets inside Mom’s belly. For many months, Cassie had said that carrying those babies was the hardest thing she’d ever done. It put a lot of strain on her body and mind.

However, giving birth to the babies proved to take a toll on her body as well. When Cassie and Joey ROTT found out they were expecting triplets, the couple, who are already parents of two daughters aged six and two, did everything in their power to make sure the babies were healthy and carried full term. On January 29, at 34 weeks pregnant, Cassie went in for a scheduled C section, and all three babies were safely delivered. The proud parents couldn’t wait to leave the hospital and start their lives as a family of seven. But Cassie never got to welcome her newborns into their home in Clay Center, Kansas.

On February 8, just one week after giving birth to Levi, Asher and Piper, Cassie died from a blood clot in her lungs. The last thing we thought we had to be concerned about was Cassie ROTT, 33, tells People. We were so focused on the triplets, she is all over the house, Joey says. There isn’t one wall that doesn’t have something she painted on it quadrupled dad Carlos Morales. One year after his wife’s tragic death in childbirth in 2009, they welcomed their first daughter, Chloe.

Four years later, their second daughter, Tenley, arrived. We were busy with those two, but we knew we wanted a big family, Joey says. Life was great, unexpected baby Joy Joey admits it was pretty overwhelming when the couple first found out they were expecting triplets, but they soaked in the shock and their emotions soon turned to excitement and joy. She did everything she had to do for those babies, he says. She took all of her vitamins.

She went to the doctor when she was supposed to. At 24 weeks pregnant, Cassie temporarily moved to the Wichita area, which was over 2 hours away, so she could be closer to the NICU. She stayed with my brother in law, but we could come visit every weekend and FaceTime every night so she could see the girls, says Joey, who continued to work and send Chloe and Kenley to school. Throughout the day, we would text and email. During her time away, Cassie spent lots of time online researching and ordering things she needed for the nursery, from cribs to bed linens.

Then, on January 29, at 08:00, a.m. Cassie went in for her scheduled C section, which went according to plan. Later in the day, we went to the nursery and spent a lot of time holding the babies, Joey remembers. She was in the hospital with them for four days. She started breastfeeding.

It was great. She just ate it up. But two days after she left the hospital, with the baby still in the NICU, Cassie woke up in the middle of the night complaining of chest pains and had a fast heartbeat. Joey drove Cassie to the hospital, and a CT scan revealed she had a blood clot in her lungs. She was admitted for a few days, and after being told the clot was in the best part of her lungs, it could be the doctors said she was going to be okay.

We thought it was behind us, says Joey. Before she left the hospital, Cassie was able to spend time with her babies. She and Joey then went home and finished setting up the final touches for the TRIPLET’S arrival. The devoted mom did laundry, organized the baby’s clothes, put up a few photographs, and was getting back into the rhythm, Joey says. Later in the day, Joey picked up Chloe and Kenley from school and told them they had a surprise waiting for them at home.

When they walked in, Cassie cried tears of happiness as she hugged her daughter for the first time in three months. But that moment of bliss was short lived. Five minutes later, her chest pain returned. A turn for the worst Joey immediately called his mom to come and watch the girls, and the couple got in the car and set off for the hospital. For a brief moment, Cassie started to feel better.

Then things turned for the worse, Joey recalls. I was driving, and suddenly she passed out. Joey called 911 to make sure the hospital was prepared for their arrival. She wasn’t moving the entire time. I didn’t know if she was breathing, he says.

But it was too late. The people at the hospital did all they could. They worked on her for over an hour. Cassie was gone, and Joey was left in a state of shock. My emotions were numb.

It didn’t feel real at all. It was for sure the worst moment of my life, he says. It’s nothing that we ever would have expected. Since the day that he lost his best friend, Joey says he’s been trying to adjust to being a single father of five. At 630 in the morning, he wakes up his two older daughters and gets them ready for school.

Then, at seven, his mother, who lives close by, comes over to watch the triplets while he goes to work. I went back to work two weeks ago, Joey says. That’s one thing I wanted to get back into because it helped me to get into a routine again. Joey, who was planning on celebrating his ten year wedding anniversary this May, says one of the hardest things he’s dealing with is just the fact that he’s not able to talk to Cassie every day. There’s so many times during the day when someone asks me a question or something pops into my mind, and the first thing I think of is to just ask Cassie, he says.

It’s a lot of little things. In addition to the support he’s received from his family, Joey’s entire community has come forward to help as well. A GoFundMe page, which has raised over $127,000 so far, was created to help the devastated family. Joey, who says his older daughter, Chloe, understands she lost her mother and talks about her a lot, says the family is taking it day by day and that he’s not looking too far into the future. We’ll learn as we go, he says.

But he does know one thing for sure. After Kenley was born, Cassie said to me, if something ever happens to me, just make sure the kids know how much I love them. That’s stuck in my head, Joey says. That’s one thing I’m going to make sure I tell them all the time. And while he often succumbs to moments of sadness like when he listens to his wife’s favorite song, Breath by Pearl Jam the other day and cried, he says he has to push forward.

I have to be strong because there are five little ones who depend on me now. Two families, different faith Jeremy Crawley was facing what he called a nightmare as he watched his wife give birth to their baby, Rylan, and then prepared to say goodbye to the love of his life. At the same time, his 23 year old wife, Shelley, had planned on a natural birth, but complications forced doctors to do an emergency C section. Their daughter was delivered as healthy as could be, but Shelley wouldn’t wake up after she was put under blood clots clogged her vitals and she slipped into a deadly coma that doctors feared she would never wake up from. They were sure she was gone.

The doctors had done everything they could, said Jeremy. At this time, they were absolutely sure that they would lose Shelley. You’re so unbelievably excited that your child is born and in the next moment you believe you’ll have to say farewell to your wife forever. It was like being numbed that’s when one of the nurses, Ashley Mannas, had an idea, she knew that skin to skin contact between mom and baby often had the capacity to nurture and revive infants, and she thought it may be able to work the other way around as well. We’re a big proponent of skin to skin.

We believe it has great benefits for the mom and the baby and we just thought it can’t hurt. Might as well give it a try, she said. They laid Riley on Shelley’s breast and hopes her cry would call her Mama back to life. I was hoping somewhere down inside, Shelley was still there and could feel her baby, hear her baby and her mother’s instincts would come out and she would realize this is where I need to be, said Mattis. Initially, the baby was so at peace that she fell asleep on Shelley’s chest and didn’t let out a sound.

They started tickling and even lightly pinching Riley to see if it would get her to cry. We tickled her, even gave her a couple of little pinches, said Jeremy. It lasted ten minutes. Then she gave a loud scream. Suddenly Shelley’s vital spiked and everyone knew she was still in there fighting to live so she could care for her baby girl.

It was the crying that got Shelley going again, got her fighting again. I got my wife back, said a tearful Jeremy. Less than an hour into this world, Rylan already became a hero. Without even knowing it, they knew that she saved her mum’s life. It’s now been almost four years since the North Carolina couple faced their near tragedy.

But for Shelley, she will always remember the moment Rylan brought her back to life like it was yesterday. It was the moment she knew she couldn’t deny the power of miracles. I just look at her now and think of the amazing bond we have, said Shelley. I can tell her when she grows up that she saved my life. One experience that seems to bring up a tumult of bittersweet thoughts and emotions for grieving people is that of becoming and being a parent after the death of a parent.