Story Time

The baby slept on the death certificate then something strange happened!

The baby slept on the death certificate. Then something strange happened. Death is the endless absence of everything and we cannot experience the absence of all thoughts of all physical sensations. You cannot begin to imagine the experience of being dead because there would be no experience for eternity there would be beyond nothing to imagine. The very exact of imagination would be gone.

Having grieved and pondered both untimely and timely death. I believe that our societal constructs of life can cause us to view death as a failure, rather than an inevitable, if not always logical conclusion to life, because it’s unknown what happens after it? It is the final frontier which nobody returns from everybody tries to find comforting words about death, but it’s unknown and hard to deal with losing a pet or loved one hurts too much, because humans are companion animals and we develop deep bonds with those close to us.

When they die, you lose that important person and that’s why so many sit beside graves and talk to them as if they are still alive. We are missing a connection and no, we are never getting it back and it’s hard to deal with, and so you can’t really have the experience of unconsciousness and experience requires sensation.

Finally, humans have a need to conquer, we are conquering diseases, flu bacteria etc, but so far we can’t conquer death just delay it a little. Why is rabies ambio’s flesh eating viruses so scary? After all, all are rare, but since it has a 99.8 mortality rate, they are feared because most die us humans do not like finality, so we fear it. Anna died somehow, quietly quickly and unexpectedly.

Here she was just sitting at the table: eating soup, when suddenly she just fell face down into the plate, dropped her spoon, and that was it as if someone had turned a switch or pressed a button under the seat on the chair, which eased the strings. And this figure on the surface fell like a relaxed gymnast, but there was no button under anna’s chair and she would not recover when the unknown doll maker released the button. The strings were stretched and she would rise like a toy. David was sitting in a high chair. He was eating not soup, but baby cottage cheese.

He was only 10 months old and he could not walk yet. The child did not understand what was going on with his mother at first. He thought. Maybe she was playing with him, he called her, but she did not respond. David was a very quick, wooded and wiggly child unable to walk on his feet.

He was good at climbing and crawling and was already standing perfectly well, but he could not keep his balance. Yet. David got off of his high chair flopped down on his butt grabbed his mother’s hem and pulled she did not respond and then he cried david’s grandmother. Anna’S mother came running from the room. The grandmother spluttered grabbed the baby in her arms and carried him to the room and put him in the crib and her hands were shaking.

Tears were streaming in her eyes and she knew something was wrong with her daughter, the woman returned to the kitchen and shook her daughter. Anna did not react. The grandmother called an ambulance. The doctors arrived fairly quickly during the time they drove anna did not move. The doctor examined her and shook his head.

The ambulance left and a hearse was called for several hours. Grandmother sat in her room with david in her arms and could not bring herself to go to the kitchen and get anna cleaned up, get the soup out of her hair and wash it off. She couldn’t believe that her daughter had just died like that. For no reason at all, probably an aortic aneurysm, the er doctor said he found no signs of life. A hearse would take anna to the morgue and the coroner would issue a death certificate.

Grandmother tried not to look when they took anna away and kept holding her orphaned. Grandson close to her grandmother could not even cry from the shock she was in. The sound of a key in the door was heard: anna david’s, daddy home. She heard the voice of her son-in-law anna’s husband, oh my god, the woman forgot about max because of grief and shock and did not even call him to inform him of the disaster. Where’S anna max walked into the room with a shocked, look and stared at his mother-in-law.

He saw that she had crying eyes. David was crying what’s wrong, max looked around as if he hoped she was about to jump out from behind the curtains or out of the closet and say surprise max. Just sit down. Anna is dead, said the grandmother and burst into tears, and it was if she burst all that she’d been holding inside for the last few hours it came out max was in shock. He could not believe that this was not a joke.

He held the papers, including her death certificate from the doctors in his trembling hands and mumbled something, and then the paperwork was done at the bureau of funeral services max handled all the paperwork and decided to cremate anna well how’s that anna’s mother couldn’t believe it. It was somehow unchristian and what there won’t be even a grave, where i could come cry, bring david and tell him about his mother so that he would remember her the elderly woman burst into tears. That’S what i decided we’ll bury the urn in the wall. That’S how it will be just let’s agree right away: david should not be taken anywhere. There is nothing for a child to do in a graveyard the ex-son-in-law, i guess sternly declared now that anna was gone.

The grandmother did not understand who she was to the widower of her daughter. The main thing is that she is still david’s grandmother and who has the rights. I hope max did not decide that his son did not need his grandmother anymore. The elderly woman covered her mouth with her hand and decided that she’d, probably better, keep quiet. Now, cremated, okay, there will be a plate on the wall and that’s where she will come.

It is probably better not to argue with max. Maybe the events of the past three days have made him some kind of tough, strong-willed or stern, and maybe he was just hiding behind this mask of his grief. After all, the man was suddenly widowed, so many things had fallen upon him. Then came that dreadful day. Everyone who wanted to attend the funeral gathered at the cemetery when it was their turn.

Everyone went inside david was in his grandmother’s arms. He did not understand anything all the time, fidgeting and twitching sniffing unhappily she could not calm him down in any way. Grandmother already began to think that max was right when he did not want to take david. To this event, anna’s friend insisted she, unlike her grandmother, could argue with her friend’s husband. Nothing in her life depended on it.

Anna’S friend said sassy. You can think whatever you want about me. That’S your right, but we’ll take david with us. How will you look the boy in the eyes when he grows up? Why wasn’t he at his mother’s funeral, look at all the advisors max muttered, but did not argue.

He was very tired for the past few days, david grunted, and stretched his arms towards his mother who was lying in the coffin. It seemed that he could not understand why his mother was lying there and would not get up to him, and then the goodbye part was over. They began to cover the coffin, the baby became excited and finally, he managed to jump out of his grandmother’s arms. Everyone thought that the child would rush to the coffin, but he ran to the oven, damper and covered it with himself spreading his arms out to the sides. The cemetery workers were stunned by what they saw, and everyone in mourning was as shocked as they were.

Until this time, david could not walk. These were his first steps which, by coincidence, he took in the grave and the boys slept on her mother document on top of coffin and would not let his mother’s coffin be sent into the grave i’ve heard. Such cases happen. The kid must be feeling something said: one old cemetery worker lock up the coffin what he can feel max. Commanded, the worker wait you’ll be in charge.

At your place, said the old worker paul opened the lid, the second worker, not understanding anything, threw back. The lid of the coffin and the old one checked anna’s pulse. Are you crazy? The girls alive shouted the old man. Everyone rushed to anna, but the husband was not so happy about the news.

He rushed off in a completely different direction. Paul get that shouted! The old worker paul rushed after max. He grabbed a shovel on the way and threw it like a spear and knocked max to the ground. They urgently called an ambulance, and it was true anna turned out to be alive, just drugged with sleeping pills.

She was taken to the hospital and max was detained, and it turned out later max had put a dose of sleeping pills in. He thought that one was a fell swoop. He would get rid of his wife and mother-in-law coming home from work every day. He expected to see a very different scene and was unspeakably shocked to find that his mother-in-law was alive and therefore he didn’t even have to play. The only thing the bastard didn’t think about was what, if anna decided to feed that soup to david too, or maybe he decided to get rid of the baby too.

The investigator persistently asked max confessed that he didn’t mean to harm any to the child. The whole point was that max had a mistress, a rich lady. There was one problem she could not have children. The lady had too much of a wild youth. She aborted too often so max, came up with the idea to get rid of his wife and mother-in-law in one fell swoop, while the child was young so that he would not remember his own mother and considered his father’s mistress as his mother.

But something went wrong and the grandmother did not eat the soup. She decided to eat later when anna put andrew to bed. Sometimes such spontaneous decisions can save a life. It was the young healthy anna who was able to overcome the sleeping pills and began to come to her senses. David was the only one who felt that his mother was alive, but the old woman might not have survived such a trip to the land of morpheus.

The investigators still long questioned max, but whether he really came up with all of this plan, maybe his mistress encouraged him, but max accepted all the responsibility and that rich lady never even once came to him. Neither in the detention center nor later in the jail never sent a parcel or wrote a single line and he almost killed his wife because of her. However, thank god anna survived and recovered by the way she later married that same paul. He asked her on a date when anna came back to thank the workers for not obeying max. I see death as the mere continuation of life everybody dies.

Everybody gets replaced. It’S that simple. I rarely grieve that much over death. It happens. It will happen to me.

It’Ll happen to you: we must die to make room for the next generation. We must die to keep population numbers under control, thanks for reading.