Story Time

The bear came to the man’s grave and roared loudly the reason he did so scared the world

The reason he did so scared the world. In order to understand love language of. Someone, you must know them. Love is something you do for someone else, not something you do for yourself. Either the love is between human to.

Human or between human and pet. Would there be any answers in your mind about the unconditional affection and attachment between a man and an animal? Could you or your mind accept that wild animals may be human friends with.

Their loyalty and Fidelity be a real. Thing on missing upon a person? How could they be able to show affection towards the person they are breathing with? How would they be able to stay. Loyal and benevolent to human they are. Used to live with? All questions are on point. So today I would roll on an impossible story about the harmony between a.

Man and a bear and afterwards acts. Of that nonhuman being as his friend. Died making you deem how a memory. Could be as stored in a nonhuman creature’s mind and soul as a cherishing and appreciable event. This event also left an unforgettable lesson. Of pure love and devotion for the human living out there as well as. For the next generation grown.

This mesmerizing and captivating event took place. At a remote Tiger village many years ago. At that time the village was confirmed dwindling out. Villagers were getting poor day by day. They had nothing left to feed themselves. And to their pets and animals. So the elderly people were living in. Village, but all younger moved to the. City of their choice for earning and. Being the helping hand for the family they left behind in the village.

Most of them used to come back. To the village on weekends and rest. Of them were likely to come by monthly. Among them was a lady who only had a son. Her husband died many years ago. She used to feed his son out. Of what she had left with her. As her son grew up, he requested. Her mother to go to the nearby. City so they may improve their living. She got was worried yet agreed upon his son’s wish. He went to the city for earning.

But he used to come back to. The village for helping his mother repeatedly. Eventually as the days were passing, her. Mother got two feeble to take care of herself. She wanted her son to come back. So she might live some more days with him. But unfortunately she got seriously ill and passed away. She left her son alone in no time.

Her was so in grief he could. Not bear the laws. He kept on thinking of his mother all the day. He was unable to continue working and. Living in the city so he decided. To move back his living permanently to his village for the sake of loving. And enchanting memories stored in his mother’s house. As the days were so dark and grieved he was unable to heal of. This shock villagers suggested him to involve himself in some activities he agreed to.

The suggestion and started going on short. Trips to the jungle for hunting this. Activity made him busy in his life. And he started becoming friendly to the. Nature and animals in the jungle by the time he loved coming to the. Forest the voices of birds and animals. Made him feel so fresh and energetic. This activity brought a pleasant change in. His attitude that he stopped himself to.

Shoot or Hunt upon any animal instead. Of he used to bring some food. To feed tiny animals in the forest. He became really fond of doing this. Activity now he began to go to. The forest every day and spent his. More time with animals in nature One. Day as usual he was on his. Trip to the jungle nearby he started. Spreading some food to get all tiny. Animals and birds gather around him he. Was busy feeding them but all of. A sudden he heard a roar and.

Shooting all tiny creatures started running here. And there he stood up to check. Upon the matter and ran towards the. Sound to stop people shooting and hunting. But the saddest moment was waiting for him when he ran to stop was. Already done Beside the tree he found. A bear dead as he went closer he heard a mumming so he quickly. Touched the animal considering him alive but. He was wrong the animal was no. More yet the voices were unstoppable in his ears were continuously following the voices.

To find out the animal hid nearby. He followed the voices all for his. Excitement he found a baby cub bear. Under the hide beside the tree the. Tiny animal looked scared as his mother. Was already killed by poachers he didn’t. Move so the cub have confidence on him that he is not going to. Kill him he threw some food towards. The cub but the tiny animal hid. Under the tree he had a pity. On him he kept sitting nearby this.

Tree as soon as the forest went. Calm the little cub came out of. His fear and started eating food he looked this entire scene and get the. Cub in his arms It was an innocent small baby cub who he admired. A lot and brought this tiny beautiful. Animal to his home and took a. Good care of him until the cub grew into a strong, healthy and good elderly bear the man and the bear.

Both used eat, play and go to. The forest daily the man made him the family member and introduced the villagers. Too the bear got so acquainted to. The people he roamed around the village. So candidly he did not harm anybody. Kids used to play with him in. The evening acceptably people also got familiarized. And had no scare left of this. Bear in their mind as the time. Passed the father like man got old and he was unable to take care of himself.

He kept on being worried about the. Bear as he loved his animals so. Much, which made him weaker and sick. The thought who would take care of my little cub? Made him lose hopes and sooner the. Dark day approached and the kindhearted human. Passed away, leaving the bear alone. Villagers were too sad and filled their. Eyes with tears for this departed soul. For paying the tribute to this kindhearted man.

Villagers decided to bury this man in. A Church as he had no one left to accept his bear. After the funeral the bear got lonely. So people were anxious what could be done to the bear or how could. They manage to feed him? Who will be responsible for his safety as the bear? He was used to living in a. Humanly world and was not accustomed to.

The wildlife everyone was planning and discussing on this matter. But to their surprise, the bear left the village in no time and was. Not seen in the village anymore. Time flew like it had wings and. People started forgetting about the bear and the man. Villagers got busy in their lives and. Buried the story with the man, but. They forgot that kindness and goodness can’t be forgotten. It will come back to make people remind of their deeds, to be good.

As they are supposed to be. A few years later, a man passed. Away in the village as he had. No one left to pay him a goodbye. So people decided to bury him in the same Church Cemetery, thinking and considering it to be a debris. Now as they approached the Church they. Found that the previous man’s grave was. Taken well care of. Even the man had no acquaintance left. It was unexpected act for them. For an unknown person. They thought there might be someone who.

Is willingly doing this for the sake of humanity. But no villager admitted this kind of. Act of their own. They went to the Church father and. Asked about the grave. He didn’t say anything, rather asked them to wait and watch who the person. Behind this kind act is, who might. Be treading this grave regularly in such. A way that nobody knows him. Nobody saw that kind man visiting the grave. Nobody was free to do this angelic task. People were curious to know, so they.

Decided to inquire this matter and hid themselves at the back of the grave behind the tree so that no one could see them. They waited half of the day for. The person to come to his grave. To their surprise, none other than the. Huge beast who was taken care of. And who left the village after his master’s death appeared. At first people got scared of the bear. He might attack them as he now wasn’t a wild animal, but they were.

Shocked to see the bear moving around the grave. People were astounded to see this bear. And were astonished to see what could happen next. But all of a sudden what happened. Next made them more curious and sympathized. The bear got so weak and this could easily be seen that he has. Not eaten anything for many days. The bear sat on the grave for. A long time and groaned slowly. The heartbreaking view was unbearable for every.

Single person standing there. The bear eyes were filled out of grief and tears which showed his love. And regard toward the human friend. The bear looked so clumsy losing his friend. People could not stay calm and regretted. Themselves for thinking too low about their friendship. They reached upon the idea to bring some food on his master’s grave for the bear so he could not forget. His master’s mercy and love. How could he find his master’s grave. Is still a mystery. But how could an animal be so. Faithful and loyal to a human that.

Was so amicable and understandable to everyone out there? The fact that the bear visited his. Master’S grave on a regular basis showed. An unconditional love bonding between a man and a bear. Even death has nothing to achieve making them parted. The reason behind his weakness was so clear. People also recalled why his master was. So worried about this lovable creature, why. He was losing hopes on him. The efforts behind his brought up as.

A human being were so resultant. This whole act of kindness marked great. Hits on everyone’s heart from onwards. Every single person living in the village. Had great gestures towards animals and all. Living being in the village. Everyone in the village kept at least one animal with them as a pet. And in the evening they all get together to repeat and memories the act.