Story Time

The bear cub was in trouble but what the horse did was amazing

The bear cub was in trouble, but what the horse did was amazing. In the depths of Russia, there was a mother bear with her young trying to paddle across a freezing cold lake with her young bear cubs. Horses have mate or friend that they enjoy being close to. The pair will graze together and then when they wish to rest, they stand together. One reason is that by standing together nose to tail, their mate can swish flies away from the head of the other.

Flies can be really bothersome on the face of a horse. The horse fly, or bot fly, which lays eggs on the horse’s front legs, especially the inside of the knee area, which is exactly the place. A horse rubs its muzzle, then flies upwards and aims for the under. The horse’s head makes the horse jump every time the offending insect deposits its eggs. By having a mate, the horse can rest its head over the rump of the other or use its mate’s rump to rub its bitten chin and throat.

Another reason why horses stand so close to its mate is that by standing nose to tail, one horse can watch the rear of the other. That means that each horse has a 360 degree watch area. If anything tries to approach, the pair are both ready, as one horse’s reaction will send the message immediately to the other. This is a survival strategy. The pair bond together by nuzzling each other and scratching each other on the wither or neck.

This is obviously very pleasurable for them. If you tickle scratch your own horse in this area, you’ll notice its nose twitch at the top of its lip, move out to the side, almost trying to find a mate to reciprocate the scratching. The mate bond is so strong that should one of the pair be taken away, the other will be completely lost and become very unsettled. Mares, especially mares on stud farms, have demonstrated this many times. A horse can be very fussy as to who is chosen as its mate.

And even when the substitute is added, the pair may never bond. When there are three horses, one will always have to stand a small distance away, as pair bonding only happens between two horses. A life with horses can lead you to people and places rich with potential for growth, adventure, selfdiscipline integrity, principles and values, empathy, problem solving, contemplation, reflection, insight, concentration, compassion, peace of mind, overwhelming fulfillment and joy. A complete list is beyond my capacity. But as in life, there is no escape from misfortune, frustration, anxiety, loss, disappointment or pain.

In fact, some would argue that adding a strong but fragile animal to the struggle of living is a foolish decision. Of course, this opinion is easy for people not blessed with a love for horses or other animals in general. The bottom line, in my opinion, is that the benefits are worth the risks. Life with horses is a magnificent obsession. There lies no stronger bond than the love between a mother and her children.

Yet this story of one mother bear and her cubs will surprise you. Love knows no bounds. And in times of desperation and needs, a mother will do anything she can to sacrifice herself for her loved ones. Animals harm other animals not with a calculation that they enjoy harming the other animals, but solely with a calculation that they need food for their survival and the survival of their offspring. In fact, nature has prepared exactly what and how much each creature needs in order to survive, which pertains also to humans.

That is, if we would sustain our balance with Nature, then nature’s other levels would exist in harmony. It might seem to us as if other creatures viciously devour one another, but we need to understand that no predator consumes more than the necessary amount. Animals, Plants, and even still matter all receive according to their needs, and only we people wish to enjoy from receiving surplus for ourselves. Nature is amazing because a loving God created it. God called his creation good.

God loves his creation, including mankind. He apparently likes big numbers and Variety of plant and animal Life. Count the number of Stars in the universe and The Trillions. See the millions of trees? No two are Alike.

Despite early optimism on the part of the mother Bear, she was soon faced with the reality of how difficult It Would Be to cross The Lake, as naturally she was a stronger swimmer than her two baby cubs. What she did next goes against our basic beliefs about parental instincts. This is a heartbreaking tale. We’re told that love has no bounds and that it can take many Forms. Indeed, there are no stronger bond than the love between a mother and her babies.

Yet the story of the mother bear and her cubs will go against all that we believe when it comes to the love between a mother and her child. Sometimes we’re surprised by the behaviors of those looking out for themselves. And then again, sometimes we can be surprised by the behaviors of those who go above and beyond for others. Those are the circumstances where real love has no bounds. People traversing through the forest are often warned about bears.

They’re Massive, Powerful and incredibly territorial, especially When It comes to a mother protecting her children. Yet one man decided to risk life and limb to save a pair of bear cubs. And this is what happened after. It’s the largest freshwater lake in the Republic of Corella. The freezing temperatures of the lake can get as low as minus four degrees fahrenheit -20 degrees.

Celsius that coupled with its vastness make. It extremely difficult for animals to cross it by swimming. While humans can simply avoid the lake in the winter, animals don’t really have a choice. Regardless of how safe an animal can be, there are times when they have to come out and search for food. This happened to a mother bear and her two cubs.

They were starving and the mother decided to take a gamble and cross the lake. The mother began crossing, but she had made a slight miscalculation when it came to her cubs. She knew how to swim, but her cubs did not. Usually they would learn to swim through practice but at their young age they didn’t yet have the skills set to swim through such a dangerous lake. The mother just kept swimming, but her children were stuck in the middle of the lake.

Yet even as her children were struggling, the mother did not go back to help them. She just kept swimming. While it was likely heartbreaking, either she could survive or all three of them would freeze in the lake. Although it seemed as though she somehow knew that her cubs would be all right. Not only is Lake Bagaziro incredibly cold, but it is also known to be quite wild.

Even specialized ships can’t float in the lake when it gets stormy. After a great deal of struggle, the mother managed to get to shore. But the cubs were stuck in the center of the lake and their situation became worse and worse by the second. Bears are intelligent creatures, but even in this scenario it was clear to the mother that there was nothing she could do. She couldn’t simply go back to the lake with her.

Children were losing strength quickly. Fortunately, they managed to find another way to escape their predicament. The cubs struggling to survive a glimmer of hope arrived on the scene. There was a boat in the center of the lake and the people on board could see the bear cubs plight. Not one to just let the poor creatures suffer, he sprung into action to see what he could do.

The farmers soon reached the location where the bears were drowning. They were ready to help, but they didn’t exactly have a plan to do so. They couldn’t hop into the water themselves or else they’d likely freeze faster than the bears. And of course, their tour was designed to catch fish, not bears. And if the boat broke, they’d all be in trouble.

So they began trying different methods to see if anything would work. Of course, another issue was the nearby mother. Female bears are territorial and protective of their young. She could go over to attack or capsize the boat. Additionally, the cubs would lash out after being brought aboard.

However, they still didn’t have time to worry about that or else the cubs might die before they even had a concrete plan. Man filming what happened with the man and his horse and this family of bear not something particularly helpful, but they wanted to share this with the world. In addition, right as this started, one of the cubs headed towards the boat and the fishermen worked together to try to get it on board. Farmer and his horse tried to reach the bear, but it was just too far away. The other farmer began pulling out the lake gear and attempt to help.

At this point, it became obvious to the bears that these humans were trying to save them, so they started to try to grab onto the side of the boat themselves. At this point, with the bear cub desperately pulling by the hero horse contact with the horse and its owner, an understanding passed between them that they were not in danger to each other and the farmer began more earnestly trying to help the bear cub. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t an easy thing to do. Simply using their hands was proving unhelpful, so the farmer began using their tools. They began using their fishing nets, which proved strong enough to support the cub’s weight.

They got the first one onto the ship, managing to calm it down quickly after it was on board. The other bear cub proved to be heavier than the first, but was soon on board the ship as well. The cubs were frozen and shivering, but the worst was over. The bigger issue now returning to them to their mother. The bears didn’t have much more contact with the humans while they headed back to shore.