The bear didn’t leave the wolves any chance. He was ready to do anything to help this man…

The bear didn’t leave the Wolves any chance he was ready to do anything to help this man. What do you think? Is friendship between a man and a wild beast possible? Today I’ll tell you an incredible story of such a friend. Friendship.

Make yourself comfortable. Many people believe that friendship between a human and a wild beast is impossible, especially when it comes to bears. According to these people, wild animals cannot be tamed. Yes, they can for some time show themselves friendly towards a person, but in fact, they’re just waiting for the right moment to attack their victim. With Wolves, you must always be on the lookout.

Unfortunately, the group did not understand his story. They decided he was strange and it was better to stay away from him. No one spoke to him the rest of the weekend. Soon everyone forgot about his story, as well as about this brave young man who fearlessly rushed to save a wild beast from a pack of Wolves. This is how it happened.

Sometimes the wild animal was able to show a real feeling of gratitude, but the people showed no compassion or support. Young people often do not want to look after their elderly parents, preferring to hand over those who have given them life and raise them to a nursing home. In this case, strangers take care of the elderly, preparing food for them and listening to their stories.

At the same time, their children live only their lives and very rarely remember their parents. Who gave them life, who didn’t sleep at night when they were sick, who spent all their time caring for them.

Animals sometimes show more loyalty to their Masters than do their own children. Even wild animals are able to remember the kindness shown to them. They will not abandon those who took care of them. The man in our story has seen a lot in his life. When he was a young man, he was so tired of the hustle and bustle of the city that he decided to move to a remote village where he would spend the rest of his life enjoying the fresh air and silence of the forest.

The village was sparsely populated. There were only a few residential buildings, and only elderly people lived there. The neighbors were friendly and helped each other as much as they could. The man learned to shoot well in his youth, so he turned out to be a very skillful Hunter, and every time he returned from the forest with dinner, life in the village made him very happy. He was constantly busy and did not think about his problems.

One winter, as usual, he was sitting at home with a cup of tea when suddenly he heard shots. Most likely it was his neighbors who were hunting in the forest, so he did not pay much attention to it. But soon the shots were repeated and not far from his house he heard a bear moan. The man put on his jacket and boots and went out to the porch. He was bewildered to see at his gate the body of a she bear.

She was in the cold snow, showing no signs of life, and a red trail followed her from the road. Apparently she received fatal wounds by hunters. The man made sure she was no threat. He was supposed to see under the body. Was there a live baby club?

He was so small that he could barely move independently, and his eyes were still closed. He whimpered pitifully, nuzzled his mother’s body and tried to wake her up. He was so small and helpless that the man took pity on him and took him in his arms. The baby was shivering all over with cold and fear, and when the animal was in the warm hands of the man, he stopped whimpering. By this time, the hunters had run up to the man’s house and said that while hunting in the forest, they came across a she bear with her cub who attacked people in order to protect him.

They managed to shoot her several times, but she grabbed her pup and rushed towards the village. That’s how she ended up at the doorstep of the man’s house. When the neighboring Hunter saw the lifeless body of the bear, they calmed down, but then asked about the fate of the baby. They did not find him near his mother and thought that he had dropped him somewhere on their way. Then the man revealed the tiny animal, determined to keep him at his house.

Everyone indicated that it would be impossible to keep a wild animal in his house, but he replied that he would take full responsibility. The neighbors, of course, were not happy with this decision. No one wanted to live next door to a wild beast, but the man was adamant. The man spent the next few weeks with little sleep. He made a special bottle for feeding his pet, fed him every few hours, forgetting about his own comfort and health, and he soothed him when he whimpered at night.

He looked after him and protected him. When the pup grew, he started taking him to the forest to Hunt with him. The bear happily ran around his master but did not run far and always returned home with the man a couple of years past, like this bear grew up outwardly. He looked very impressive and even scary, but his habits barely differed from an ordinary dog. The man taught him many commands, and all other neighbors were impressed.

During this time, he never showed aggression, either towards people or other animals. The man fed him plenty of meat, which he hunted for, and the Wolf grew noticeably stronger. But the health of the man during this time became worse. It was getting harder and harder for him to cope with the household and get out into the forest to Hunt. In addition, the elderly man very often began to forget basic things and often misplace things.

Over time, the man almost completely stopped leaving his home. It was difficult for him to walk and he moved only within the courtyard of his house. The man’s food on the table also became scarce and in the end he switched only to simple food bread, tea and some vegetables. There is not much to feed the bear either, as there was no meat. But the bear, as if understanding his condition, gladly devoured any food offered to him while still not leaving for the forest, but staying to live next to his master.

One evening, the elderly man and the bear, as usual, shared the last of a loaf of bread, drank some water and went to bed, but the man, having lit the stove for the night, forgot to open the damper before going to sleep. The bear, as usual, settled down beside the man’s bed and they both fell asleep. The elderly man woke up to his bear rushing around the room, whimpering desperately and the smell of smoke in the air. Within seconds he saw the fire. He tried to get out of his bed, but his legs wouldn’t obey.

Then he raised himself on his elbow slowly trying to get down from the bed, and crawled to the door, but he didn’t have enough strength and fell to the floor. The man severely injured his shoulder during the fall, now could not move at all due to the terrible pain that instantly spread throughout his body. Then the bear, realizing that the man could not get out on his own, grabbed the corner of the blanket which the elderly man was wrapped with his teeth and started pulling him with all of his might towards the exit. The man helped the bear as best as he could, but his legs would not obey and his shoulder ached so much that he couldn’t even help himself with his hands. After numerous attempts to move, the man lost consciousness.

Having inhaled too much carbon monoxide. He woke up after some time in the house of his neighbors. He could not remember what happened and how he got there. Then the neighbors told him that when they ran to the fire, his house was already engulfed in flames, but his faithful friend was still able to pull him out of the burning house, drag him away on the blanket to a safe distance. People quickly lifted the elderly man off the ground and took him to their house in order to provide him with the necessary care.

The man could not believe his ears. He was very worried about his pet, but the neighbor said that all this time the bear was faithfully waiting for his owner to wake up. They opened the door and let the beast come to the man. The elderly man had tears in his eyes from what he saw. All of the Bear’s skin was scorched by fire and there were large wounds on his head.

The bear sat next to the man, looked into his eyes and it was clear that he was glad the man survived. So risking his life, his health, The Wolf did not hesitate for a second. He helped the elderly man get out of the burning house, Thereby saving his life. Just like the man himself once took pity on the wild Wolf And did not let those hunters kill him, but took him into his own house, Fed him and took care of him. All these years, the bear repaid in full for his Salvation.

That day and week after the incident, they got to the forest to get some fruits and wild rabbits. The old man fainted, and this time when he woke up, he did not find his pet next to him, but became trapped by a herd of bloodthirsty Wolves. The man felt that he would not escape death this time, but suddenly the giant bear came, gnawing its fangs and scaring the Wolves away from his friend. He, despite his own wounds, which he got from the fight, Carried the unconscious man out into the Street And saved him from certain death. The bears saved his life twice, and I believe that he never let his friend alone again.

In addition, every time he came to everything for his life. What do you think about this story? Have you ever experienced such a friendship in your life? Does it matter? Having said that, most animals do not randomly attack other animals in the wild, a predator attacks other animals because it needs to eat and sometimes because they’re frightened.

Herbivores might attack another animal to protect themselves or others in the herd. Animals that are not hungry or startled or scared Generally don’t attack. However, cats have a very strong prey drive. Most people have absolutely no idea what goes into owning a large predator and do not have the facilities to look after them properly. The animals will be thoroughly miserable and probably at some point attack the owner if they get the chance.