Story Time

The bear found a baby abandoned but he did something that left everyone in Awe

The bear found a baby abandoned, but he did something that left everyone in awe. Animals don’t have the knowledge of good and evil, but the spirits which live with the animals know the good and evil, they say a mother’s love knows those no bounds.

But things don’t always work out as expected. Humans like animals in those bad actions, but always a victim can feel the same. And that’s what really happened within this baby and adult male bear after one year.

Just ask a protective mother bear who was walking across the Russian wilderness when she ran into a potentially lifethreatening obstacle. And while wild animals like herself are used to the everyday hardships that come with living in the wild, this was one problem she couldn’t handle on her own.

When two fishermen saw the ordeal the Mama bear and her Cubs were going through, they immediately watched imagine standing at the edge of a frozen Lake in late December. Doesn’t sound too pleasant, does it? Pictured is Lake by Gaza, which is located in Northern Russia near the Finnish border.

During the harsh winter months, the surface of the Lake turns to ice. It’s the main reason why most hikers avoid this area, but there are some living creatures that also make the area difficult to inhabit. Lake by Gaza is considered unsafe from all forms of life during the cold winter months because it reaches temperatures well below freezing. But while humans can simply head to warmer locations, animals don’t have that choice. So when one particular mother bear found herself in danger, she was forced to make a heartbreaking decision.

And some onlookers saw her ordeal and reached out to help her. In general, people know how to stay out of potentially lifethreatening situations. When the weather gets frightfully chilly, they wear heavy coats and slip into some Ugg boots, or they stay at home and huddle near the heater. But animals don’t have these luxuries when facing extreme weather conditions, and finding food for them becomes even more difficult than it usually is during the winter months. A lot of times, animals are forced to make a life or death decision.

That’s exactly what happened to this poor mother bear who realized her and her two Cubs couldn’t sit around waiting for springtime. Besides, this region was practically cold all the time, so she knew she had to get away fast. As she was walking away, she found herself in the middle of a dangerous crossing. Roaming around in the tundra where nothing seems to grow can be very frightening. And since the weather gets very cold, most fish swim deeper into the Lake to stay warm.

This makes it impossible for bears to find food just as they need it most. But she wasn’t about to stay in this plot of frozen land and watch her babies perish. She knew what she had to do, even if it posed many risks. After throwing her Cubs on her back, she made her way across the icy Lake. This was a pretty bold move on her part, considering that Brown bears aren’t exactly the best swimmers in the world.

But most wildlife has one thing in common. They are tremendously brave and will do anything imaginable to ensure their survival. But on this winter day, it would be a human that would help these bears survive. She quickly swam towards the land mass on the other side of the Lake. But every stroke became more difficult as she started to succumb to the cold water and the powerful currents.

Even the Bear’s thick fur couldn’t protect her from the freezing temperatures, and after being submerged in water, her fur started to really slow her down. At that point, she realized that she and her Cubs might not survive. Most people assume that mother bears would sacrifice their own lives for the sake of their Cubs.

Mothers of many species typically treat their babies better than themselves, but everyone has an off day, and this was hers. So in a state of panic, the mother Bear’s survival instincts kicked in, and she did something truly unthinkable for any parent.

But this act of selfishness is exactly what soon caused her Cubs rescue. The mother bear realized that the only way to get out of this situation alive was to do it alone. So she shook the Cubs off her back and threw them into the unforgiving waters. Then she started swimming toward the shoreline by herself, leaving her two Cubs behind. Maybe she thought that the quickest way to get food would be to do it alone.

Or maybe she spotted a lone fish in the water across the Lake. But no matter what happened, she abandoned her two children. The mother bear had assumed that her Cubs would have tapped into their own survival instincts and learned to swim on their own. But she was wrong, and she has made it to the other side. Her Cubs were fighting a losing battle against the cold water.

They might have had a chance to stay afloat if they were in the warm winter months of summer. But the frigid temperatures made the Cubs scared and shaky. The Cubs had grown accustomed to their mother always being there for them, and now they were forced to fend for themselves on a surface where they weren’t familiar with, and each second that passed brought them that much closer to the end.

They weren’t well accustomed to swimming, so the Cubs flailed in terror as they tried to fight the freezing currents that were battering them from side to side. The currents were so strong that the Cubs were being tossed around like two stuffed bears inside a laundromat washer.

And eventually the currents started pushing them further and further away from the shore. But their mother didn’t seem the least bit concerned because she had her own survival to worry about. And the Cubs, lost and scared look for any possible way out of their situation.

The Cubs kept on paddling just to keep themselves from drowning but their muscles were getting tired. It was only a matter of time before they started to submerge into the waves and they weren’t sure if there was anything they could use to help them stay afloat.

Their survival instincts had never been tested like this before and like any other creature in their situation, they had no idea what to do next. The currents continued to push the Cubs away from either end of the shore that they had always called home and of course, farther away from their mother. This undoubtedly caused the Cubs to panic since they had always counted on their mother in times of need and now they were alone and scared. But why had she forsaken them? Did the Mama bear have a sudden and intense desire to be alone?

The Cubs were eventually pulled downstream and there was nothing they could do to alter their unpredictable chorus. Or so it seemed. The rough waves created currents that were impossible to swim against. So all they could do was ride the waves to a new destination. There was something, or rather someone else on the Lake who saw their struggle.

There was an object of some kind in the water with the bears and it was making a lot of noise. There was also someone living on it. This alarmed the Cubs because the current was pulling them toward the unknown object and they didn’t know if it posed a bigger threat to them than the freezing waters. But the bears didn’t know that the unidentified mass in the water was really a boat that could rescue them. The Cubs had no idea what a boat was.

From their perspective, this floating object represented hope. It could possibly be a landmass or there could be food on board that could keep them alive. They thought that maybe if they swam fast enough they could climb onto it. So they mustered up what little strength they had left and headed towards the boat and the Cubs adrenaline improved their whole situation. With their target in sight, the Cubs used the current to help them paddle closer towards the boat.

It now seemed lucky that the Cubs were sent off course because it led them closer to other living beings who could help them out of the water. Meanwhile, the fishermen saw the Cubs heading towards them and had no idea what to do or whether they should even help the animals.

Despite the frigid waters, the fishermen were hopeful that they could be able to catch a few fish that day. But they knew that the bears ate fish and were initially concerned that these Cubs would scare the fish away. Then it became obvious to them that the Cubs didn’t care about the fish and they didn’t usually swim in these deep waters.

So the fishermen did something unusual and they found a way to help the bears out. As the Cubs continued to head towards the boat at an alarming pace, the fishermen realized that the two young bears were scared for their lives. The creatures were also gasping to breathe and seemed to be moments away from drowning.

That’s when they realized that they had to help the innocent creatures who weren’t actually trying to catch all the fish in the water for themselves. The fishermen were more than willing to help the Cubs out, but they did have one obvious concern, which was the mother bear on the other side of the Lake.

Would she recognize that they were trying to help her Cubs or would she see them as a threat and attack them when they came to shore? Although she was on the other side of the water past the rough currents, the fishermen knew that adult bears could be powerful swimmers.

Would they be frightened or aggressive? They were obviously in need of help, but some animals are experts at pretending to be in danger to trick unsuspecting humans before they prove that they were able bodied all along. An attack.