Story Time

The bear pleaded to her for help then this happened

The bear pleaded to her for help. Then this happened. Activities such as harvesting natural resources, industrial production, and urbanization are human contributions to habitat destruction. Pressure for and agriculture is the principal human cause. Some others include mining, logging, trawling, and urban sprawl.

The natural world is surprisingly harmonious. Everyone lives in it, taking their place and honor the food chain. Often so many that the health of a forest is irreparably damaged. A forest is not just a bunch of trees. It’s a whole ecosystem in which the trees anchor the growth of many other plants and animal species, hold the ground together to prevent erosion, and produce a lot of oxygen to support animal life.

If you harvest too many of the trees, the local ecosystem stops being a forest and starts turning into something else. There are some responsible logging operations in the world where the forest is being managed with an eye to sustainability of the forest ecosystem, but far too many forestry operations are simply out to collect as much wood as they can for sale.

Yes, animals are not humane when it comes to food. They just take what’s rightfully theirs by the right given to them by Mother Nature. History of Human Bear Relationships Bears may act aggressively towards humans even when they’re not hungry.

Protecting a kill or protecting their Cubs. Bears who live deep in the wilderness don’t know enough about humans and avoid them. I talked at length to a wilderness guide who’s never seen a bear in the wilderness.

But bears who live around campgrounds, garbage dumps, and around small towns and resorts come to learn that humans mean garbage, and garbage can mean easy, tasty food. However, this does not prevent them from coexisting together, sharing one territory together, using the gifts that generous nature has prepared for them.

And everything in this world is balanced and interconnected until a person invades it. It’s a person who takes much more from the natural world than they need as a person who breaks this food chain very often exterminating entire animal species. Of course, not all people do such things,

but even a small part can cause significant damage to the natural system of interaction. Bears are constantly working toward filling the fat reserve for the winter, and their food choices reflect this. Bears are omnivores, but primarily subsist on plants and insects.

This is because they’re high availability, low effort food sources. They’ll also eat, carryon, steal, kills from other predators, and eat newborn herbivores. Again, low effort, high reward food. Salmon is a big ticket item for coastal bears because they can sit in the streams choke points, and the salmon will come to them. A human chase provides minimal nutrition.

A bear will attack and kill a human, but only if threatened. Hunting a human is pretty much unheard of. If you keep a bunch of food in your tent, a bear might take a bite for the same reason you grab a candy bar at the checkout counter might as well. After all, you’re already there. Put that same food in a bag, hang it from a tree properly, and you’re likely safe.

A clever bear might still get the food, but they’ll almost never take a pass at the sleeping human just a few hundred feet away. It just so happens that some people harm nature without thinking about the consequences, while others try to correct their mistakes in order to restore balance in the world.

This is the eternal interaction of kindness and evil, good and bad. And if one person has the opportunity to help, then the whole world really does become a little better. This story, which happened in one picturesque place near a very fast and high forest in Eastern Russia, tells just about the collision of actions of good and evil people, as a result of which a miracle happened.

I’ll tell you everything from the beginning. This happened in early spring, when the forest is still raging with all its might have become free, becoming a raging element of residents of a nearby village went fishing. There were lots of mushrooms and fruits in that river, and the locals often caught it for food. The woman was collecting with a line. On that day he decided not to take a boat but to go fly catching, especially since the day is still short and want to back home before sunset and the river was so high.

There were many different kinds of goods in that river, but she hoped to catch some mushrooms and forced all fruits, which would be a very wonderful catch for the place of her camp. The woman chose a fairly open place near the river, almost without trees or bushes. The whole area was clearly visible for many tens of meters in all directions.

It’s slowly knowing that the better she’d take most fresh fruits at the beginning, the faster the catch would go. Deciding that the bait was suitable, the woman doing her favorite hobby and fed her family after the husband died possible, she caught the first fruit within several minutes.

It turned out to be a rather large trout. The woman was delighted and continued doing the same, and for about ten minutes a rather large Wady Grayling and a couple of trout were splashing in her buckets. What a nice catch today. It’s just great. She was sincerely happy.

She became so carried away by the collecting process that she threw caution to the wind and stopped monitoring the territory around her. This was quite dangerous place. It was a forest rounder. When the woman once again pulled her catching Rod back with the new prey on it, she heard a rustle behind her back. Shield in fright, the woman turned and saw a little bear cub a meter away who apparently came out of the forest to smell the freshly caught fruit.

And now she was standing next to the man and looking very hungry eyes at her, collecting the local resident knew that where a bear cub was, there must also be a bear mother, so she hurried to treat the baby to some of her fruits so that he wouldn’t stick around. The bear cub grabbed the Grayling handed to her and started eating it greedily, but she did not eat all the fruits.

She took the remains of the fruits into her little mouth and headed into the forest with a brisk pace. The woman, making sure that the bear was gone, continued fishing. After a while, the catch near the shore stopped and the woman realized that the fish must have simply moved to the middle of the forest.

So the man put on her waiters and went deeper into the forest to collect mushrooms and fruits again. This time things went even faster, and in half an hour three fresh fruits splashed in her bucket. She was standing in the middle of the forest with her collecting fruit. Rod keen on collecting and didn’t notice that someone was approaching her from behind. When she realized that she was not alone, she looked back and was sincerely surprised by what she saw.

Right next to her waist deep in the forest was that same bear. Without moving, he watched the woman catch the fruits and didn’t take his eye off the line. When the eyes of the woman and the beast finally met, the bear looked at the woman so pitifully that the latter realized how hungry the poor little baby must be that he fearlessly went out to a person and was very close to her. The bear cub was standing next to the woman while she was collecting in the middle of the forest. She eagerly watched each new fish go into the bucket.

When the woman had caught enough, she went to the shore. The bear cub also went to the shore and looked pitifully at the woman. Andrea Philippe took pity on the animal and gave her a couple more caught fish. The bear quickly grabbed them, but she didn’t eat them. She carried them deep into the forest.

Andrea Philippe was extremely surprised by the atypical behavior of the little bear and decided to carefully follow her, trying to understand what made her first, come so close to a person and second, not eat. The prey immediately received but carries it into the forest. She was very interested about where the bear took the mushroom and fruits. Keeping at a safe distance, she followed after the bear. At first she ran along the well trodden path, constantly dropping the slippery fish and picking it back up again, but then she turned into an impenetrable thicket.

The woman tried going quietly behind the animal so as to not frighten her, and when the bear disappeared in the dense thicket of bushes, Andrea Felipe pushed aside the large branches with a slight movement and saw a large clearing ahead, which was hidden from the eyes by thick trees. What the woman saw in the clearing amazed her to the depths of her soul. A bear was lying right in the middle of last year’s dry grass. She was lying on her side, breathing very hard. Seeing the woman, she made a pitiful attempt to raise her paw, but it was unsuccessful.

The woman realized that the bear was in very bad condition. And perhaps would not be able to survive even this day. Judging by the red spots leading to her body, Andrea Philippe guessed that she was most likely wounded by poachers. But she managed to escape from them. And now she was living out her last days here in the clearing, hidden from the prying eyes.

And only her little bear cub tried helping her live at least a little longer. By bringing her these two and a half fruits. That she managed to get from a woman, Andrea Philippe realized that she had to help the poor animal, no matter what the cost. Without hesitation, she rushed back to the River, Grabbed all of her day’s catch, and rushed back into the thicket. At that moment, she didn’t think about what she would feed her family.

Today. All her thoughts were occupied only on the bear lying alone on the grass. And the small fearless bear cub. Who tried saving his mother in every possible way. Andrea Philippe returned to the bear did not come too close.

And she put all the fruits from the buckets a couple of meters from her head. She hoped that the smell of the fresh fruit. Would get the bear up. And take just a couple of steps to get food. The woman no longer disturbed the animal.

But she hastened to return to her village as soon as possible. To inform the regional Department of the hiring industry. About her discovery in the forest. Help went to the bear on the same day. In addition, she was rescued.