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The Man They Brought Back To Life – Our Life

Yesterday, you broke your neck in a car crash. Now you are in intensive care at Southampton General Hospital. Even if you wake up and survive this, the doctors say that the drugs they’re giving you will stop you from remembering any of it or worse.

At the ground, you walk on.

So we are recording it all, hoping that one day you can see this for yourself.

This is the time for you.

Now I have to fight how your life has brought you here, how the doctors tried to save it. And what makes it so worth seeing.

This is Taylor. Brittany. He’s a 22-year-olds, gentleman. Rta disruption, impacting on the spinal cord.

But also there’s confusion between about C four and C six.

Okay. Having difficulty breathing with that level of injury. Fiance is 38 weeks pregnant, right?

This is 1st.


All right, somebody spoken to the family already how to do that?


Taylor, last night you had emergency surgery to stabilize your spine. Since then, the doctors have been keeping you unconscious. Although you’re asleep, everyone is talking to you as if you are awake because they hope you will wake Taylor, but they don’t know yet how critical your condition is.

Hi, Tay. You’ve done it good and proper this time, Babes, haven’t you? You’ve always been a nightmare child, you know that? How many times we’ve been down at the hospital? Last count, 28 times. I think it was since the age of five. I was 19 when educator. Everyone that knows us knows that you’re my baby. You might be 23, but you’re still my baby.

He was very mischievous at school and did what you wanted to do when you wanted to do it. Didn’t like any rules. You had lots of friends. Some of the teachers loved you, and some just found it quite annoying. You as a proper boy.

To me, you’re a proper boy. I wouldn’t have had you any other way. I’m proud of you, you know? I’m proud of you.

Every time you do anything, you have an accident, don’t you? Ride your bike so many steps. Have you done six? Oh, I want to do seven. But you didn’t. Six and a half. That was one you had. Stupid thing. Roller, blading, anything that involves speed and climbing.

Bumps and bruises and cuts falling out of trees, handlebars stuck in your leg, cutting your arms open.

Dub in the hospital and all. They end up turning up and spending all the time worrying. They are waiting to come home with a lift. That’s the difference. I’ve got to come up here every day now, make sure you’re all right.

So from him coming across, why he comes into our intensive care unit, it’s ultimately because of after the crash yesterday. It’s because of the damage that he’s got to his neck, his breathing was a little bit odd. He’s breathing a lot from his tummy, and that’s to do with the damage that he’s got to his neck and then, of course, he went to the theater in the small hours of the morning. We’re now in a situation with Taylor where you can see he’s on our intensive care.

He’s still on a breathing machine. So although he’s breathing for himself, the machine is helping the injury he’s got to his neck is serious, but it is we’re not even 24 hours into this, so I’m not going to try and predict how far this goes, but there is a possibility that he may not get any more recovery than what we see at the moment. Does that make sense? Yes, in time it could get stronger worry with the imaging we’ve seen on the scan that he had yesterday. Anything. The MRI shows that there’s.

Significant damage to the spinal cord. The other problem we’ve got is damage to a blood vessel that goes up to his neck, where it could cause a blockage and pass that blockage go off into his brain.

If it did happen, would that make his brain damage?

It has the wrist, and I’m not trying to beat around the Bush where we are at the moment. I genuinely hope he can get a level of recovery that is acceptable to him. This is unique after complex spinal injuries, and so we will look after him.

I do thank you for that as well. My world just fell apart because I knew it was serious seeing you, and I just wanted to pick you up that bit and to take you on.

I think personally, they tell us the worst-case scenarios, but I don’t want to believe what they’ve told me. Now, if you don’t believe what they’ve told me, then you will get better because you got to have the positive to make you get better. And you love proving people wrong, so prove the doctors wrong.

Since you arrived in intensive care, Taylor, you’ve been in a deep sleep. You’ve been kept sedated so you don’t struggle against your breathing tube. That plastic tube is keeping you alive. Now, the doctors need to wake you up so they can determine how bad your injuries are, and that will put your life in danger once more.

We don’t know how you are going to respond. There could be complications. If we do not maintain our blood pressure, we could risk significant damage to our brains. Taylor, intensive care, okay. You’re safe. All right. You’re finding that tube uncomfortable?


All right.

You’re fighting against the tube. It’s making it difficult for the doctors to support your breathing. Your blood pressure is dropping dangerously, though. They’re going to have to put you back to sleep, Taylor. They’re going to have to put you back to sleep.

I wish that day that you hadn’t gone to work. I wish that day you hadn’t gone to work. And then I could have given you a ton of off and not going to work.

You get your act together, at last, you’re going to work. And if that’s the only way to get to work, that’s the way you took. We should get the money for your kids, and you can’t live on fresh air and you can’t keep sparking.