The daughter couldn’t leave the coffin crying for her mom then dad asks to open the coffin

The daughter couldn’t leave the coffin crying for her mom. Then dad asks to open the coffin on the way to work. Miss THU, unfortunately had a traffic accident that resulted in her death next to the mother’s coffin. The two young children cried until they fainted making the onlookers feel pity. Mr hohai Shin chairman of the people’s Committee of kangyan, commune Nong Kong District Thon ho said that in the commune, a citizen while working in the company unfortunately died in a traffic accident leaving two children very pitifully young.

The accident happened at around 7 30 a.m. On September 21st, According to which Ms vienti THU resident of 10 Key Village was on her way to work at the company when she reached the road in Thang Long commune. Unfortunately, she had a traffic accident and died on the spot. Those family belongs to the near poor household of the commune.

After getting married, she gave birth to two children, including maithi cam 2, and my thin look also because of the difficult situation. My van Thai, her husband, decided to work in the south when the eldest daughter was just six years old. Mr Tai had an accident and died in a foreign land receiving the bad news. Miss THU was dumbfounded. At that time she was pregnant with Loke, The Breadwinner of the family was gone and she was so devastated.

She had to leave her two children to her mother’s house to live since then. Thu has worked hard to raise her children alone as time went by the pain of losing her husband, alsolese. Miss THU went to work for a company with a meager salary being Thrifty enough to take care of her family and send her children to school. The thought that the life of parents and children would be better unexpectedly unhappiness struck again. The accident caused Two Brothers, Two in Loke to lose their sole support becoming Orphans of both parents.

The day she received the news that her mother was gone, two was old enough to understand. I rushed to the scene of the accident with my mother afraid that two could not stand the shock. Everyone had to hold her seeing her sister crying look, also hugged her tightly and cried along. When relatives brought their mother’s coffin home, the two children couldn’t stand. They can’t believe that their dear mother, who takes care of them day and night, will never sit up caress.

Cuddle them again two rushed to the coffin and hugged him tightly as if he was hugging his mother, making the people around him unable to hold back tears. Mrs dung, a neighbor of the two children shared when I heard that THU was killed in traffic accident. I couldn’t believe it myself. Most importantly, the two children lost their father and now also lost their mother. Is a hard worker single-handedly taking care of the children after losing her husband now that she’s lying there?

What will happen to the children feeling? Sorry for the plight of Miss thu’s family, the whole tan, Kai Village, quietly visited and helped her family. Take care of the afterlife sister said that after her sister’s accident, so far everything’s been taken care of for the children. The two families reunited and agreed that Miss Hong was the guardian and raised the children. The leader of Tenkai commune also hoped that, through the press, the mass media, the situation of two children, maithai Kem 2 and myth and Lok would receive the attention of the society.

You are still too young. The future is very long ahead with the help of the community. They can gradually ease their pain and grow up peacefully. Becoming useful people to society. Losing a loved one can be hard. A devastated daughter wept today, as she carried the coffin of her mom, who has fatally stabbed while allegingly saved her child’s life Charlotte Reet age 21 was comforted by mourners as she broke down in tears, while paying her final respects to her mom, Jane, Jane age, 43.

Reportedly gave her own life trying to protect her daughter from a knifeman when she was killed on Christmas Day at a house in lisburn Northern Ireland. Today, hundreds of mourners gathered at St Patrick’s Church in Banbridge for Jane’s funeral Charlotte, was pictured carrying her mom’s coffin into the church with a stitch wound over her right eye after she was injured in the horrific attack.

The 21 year old was hugged by well-wishers during the emotional ceremony came five days after Charlotte shared the last ever picture. She’D take in with her mom on Christmas Eve just hours before she died in a picture taken with a festive Snapchat filter Charlotte and her mom pouted at the camera, as they pose together, Charlotte described how, after the picture, had been taken.

She cuddled her mom on the sofa, then kissed and hugged her before Jane, told her daughter that she loved her. For the last time in an emotional Facebook post Charlotte wrote. This is the last picture I took with my beautiful mummy on Christmas Eve before we cuddled up on the sofa for the last time just before she gave me her last kiss and last hug and before she told me she loved me for the very last time. My Mommy has been taken from me. Her life was taken from her far too soon in the most cruel way.

I’Ve been in a panic that I’ll never have this photo as it was on Snapchat and I haven’t got my phone, but thankfully one of my best friends screenshotted it for me on Christmas morning, Charlotte described how her mom died in her arms after Jane had reportedly Protected her during the alleged attack, the frenzy also left Charlotte with knife wounds to her head face and neck. She claimed on social media. Charlotte 21 was seen, leaving craigavon magistrates court on December 29th with visible stitches on her forehead and bruising around her eyes. Nathan, Ward age 19 appeared in the dock, charged with her mom’s murder. The teenager was also charged with the attempted murder of Charlotte and the attempted murder of a man called Joseph Tweedy Belfast live reports.

There were distressing scenes in the courtroom as a grieving Charlotte tried to access the dock repeatedly crying. Why why why Ward wearing gray sweatpants and a sweat top appeared in the dock, with both arms heavily bandaged and in sponge slings? He sat impassively in the dock as the charges against him were read out loud. However, chaos ensued in the court, as Ward was led from the court. One Man rushed the dock and banged on the door in Windows while screaming, and a crying Charlotte also tried to access the docker self.

Both the daughter and the man were held back by friends and family and taken from the court. A number of people tried to comfort Charlotte. She was carried to a private room with family members as she collapsed in the court. Reception Charlotte’s dad Simon Reed, flew to Northern Ireland from his home base in Dubai following the death of his ex-wife last month. It’S too hard for this daughter lost her parent, see what she did with the coffin.

The one-year-old daughter of an Australian firefighter wore a special service medal on her dress and his helmet on her head as she stood by her father’s casket and a heartbreaking scene on Tuesday in pigtails in a white dress, Charlotte O’Dwyer stayed by her father’s casket as mourners Grieved Andrew o’dwyer’s loss in a ceremony at Our Lady of Victories Church in Horsley Park, O’Dwyer 36, was laid to rest after he and fellow firefighter Jeff Keaton of the rural fire brigade were killed December 19th while on the job battling, the wildfires that have engulfed a Large swath of Australia, Charlotte wandered up to the pulpit during the service and touched her father’s casket. According to Australia’s 7 News, the little girl was also pictured, kissing the casket and lying under it.

During the ceremony, the emotional scene was emblematic of the human toll taken by the wildfires, which have claimed at least 24 lives and destroyed 2 000 homes. According to the Associated Press, O’Dwyer survived by Charlotte and his wife Melissa, who accepted the service medal for Andrew from RFS, commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons during the funeral Charlotte, should know her. Father was a selfless and special man who only left because he was a hero.

Fitzsimmons said during the ceremony, according to reports, there are no words that can adequately describe our sorrow, our respect, our regard for the loss of Andrew in that tragic accident, o’dwyer’s, father Beryl, said during the ceremony that Charlotte was his son’s greatest achievement and the apple of Her father’s eye reports, the Australian Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, attended the ceremony, along with other high-level government officials to pay their respects.

O’Dwyer and Keaton were killed when a tree fell on their path, while driving a fire truck. Amid the green waddle Creek blaze in Buxton and the truck veered and then rolled off, the road grief is the recognition of a shared experience. You will never now have everyone, you know or think you know exists in your head. Is a mental sketch build up from your experience of who they are and what they do?

It’S probably fairer to call it a caricature than a sketch, an exaggerated portrait that emphasizes a person’s most noticeable features. Your brain is amazingly good. At making these characters, you can form one in seconds based on a single meaning, which is why a first impression has such a big impact. It takes years to add nuance and shading to make the character more like the real person. Even the people we know best can still surprise us with something we never knew about them or something that seems out of character.

You never really know anyone, but you can get better at guessing. How those close to you will react. Grief is just the love all the love you want to give, but you cannot the love that you have for this person doesn’t know where to go and it all gathers as a knot in your chest. The lump in your throat fills the void in your chest and fills the corners of your eyes, their name pouring through your mind and memories, cutting open your heart. You do not know how and where to go to stop feeling the pain.

There’S no map the Journey’s Uncharted, the GPS doesn’t work there, and this grief probably is the last Act of love you can give to the one you’ve loved and lost grief strips you bear there isn’t a moment where you feel that you’re done. Can you push through to the other side? Is there another side you can’t complete grief like it’s a task, you endure it, you absorb it some days, it’s a tsunami. Some days, it’s quiet, there’s Stillness and this grief is a sign of an endless love. There’S a sacredness in these tears.

These tears are not the mark of weakness. The irony of grief is that the person you need to talk to about how you feel is the person. That’S no longer here the person you usually run to when you feel broken. Isn’T here anymore, you want to tell about your day and they aren’t there. You miss their face and good night kiss and you lose them all over again when the Sun rises.

This family had enough sadness. God has had enough said the minister who buried a toddler killed in Boston’s recent mass murder. Four died in that shooting and another man is hanging on for his life police. Believe last week’s shooting resulted from a drug encounter gone bad in a city. That’S seen its share of murders.

These killings stand out because they broke the rule. Police say women and children aren’t supposed to die in drug or gang disputes. The open casket at this funeral forced everyone here to confront the reality of these shootings, dressed in matching white suits, two-year-old Amani Smith and his mother 21 year old Ayanna flanori lay together in the same casket with the little boy resting on his mother’s side. At least one relative fainted as she looked closer, she was very proud to have just moved herself and her son into their first home and was in the process of decorating, said Aisha Johnson, from the official obituary Johnson. A member of Morning, Star Baptist Church, said.

Flynori was studying Criminal Justice at Bunker Hill Community College. Her friends and family considered her a fashionista. She was very proud to have just moved herself and her son into their first home and was in the process of decorating. She describes Smith as a happy child who loved to dance and bounce a ball. She enjoyed eating Johnson, said potato chips and oatmeal were some of her favorites.

She said, Smith would often stand next to his father and Uncle while they played video games. He thought he was playing along, even though his controller was never plugged in Smith, had just learned to say his name. According to his aunt ebony flunari, she was supposed to see Smith and her sister. That day, I was one of the last people to talk to her that night around 12 45. She said, while crying that day we talked, and she apologized for everything that me and her have been going through.

Ebony and ayanna’s brother Andrew flynnori also spoke at the funeral. He described Ayanna as a maternal figure. He says that when he recently broke his arm playing basketball, he pleaded with Iana not to tell his mother, since he wasn’t supposed to be playing. She agreed, but lectured him anyway, that’s what I’ll miss about her the most she had the mothering thing down. Pat, he said.

After all, the personal Reflections Morningstar Baptist Church Bishop John borders said the murder of flynorian Smith was a wake-up call for the city. You cannot see it with the natural eye, but I’m here to tell you today that God has been stirred up in his Spirit by the deaths of these young people. Border said, God has had enough, God has had enough. Borders ends with a call to action, which was also an indictment. We have to take our city back.

He said our preachers have to stop preaching irrelevant messages. We have to stop preaching messages that appear that we’re making our pockets fat well, our families go to hell border said. Teachers have to teach lessons higher than MCAS police should do more. Neighborhood, policing men need to be fathers and mothers need to look for the guns and Drugs in their children’s rooms and throw them out. People should stop worrying about being snitches and Report.

Criminal activity to the police and Border said the media should stop covering bad things. That happen in these neighborhoods and start covering the good things he said he forgives the killer or Killers, but wants them to feel the full weight of prosecution. Farewell is always painful. A South Australian woman is spoken of her torment after being forced to farewell a stranger inside her mother’s coffin. More than 100 people had gathered at the Enfield Memorial Park in Adelaide on August 1st to farewell 73 year old, Margaret luck, but just moments before the ceremony was due to begin.

Her daughter discovered that it wasn’t her mum inside the casket. If we didn’t go and have a look, we would have thought it was our mom that we were cremating that day, Diane de Jaeger told a current affair. Yet, despite her anguish, she says the funeral director from Clark family funerals, refused to believe her until she pulled out a photo of her mom on her deathbed. I said on the sixth time this is my effing mom. I know what my effing mum looks.

Like Mrs Diego said, I zoomed the face in and put it next to the lady in that coffin, and I said this is not my mom. After apologizing for the mix-up, the funeral director incredibly encouraged the family to continue on with the service a decision that would go on to haunt Mrs Diego, who didn’t know where her mother’s body was it made me feel sick. There I didn’t want to be there. She said none of that eulogy really sunk in or hit me because I wasn’t really listening properly. I wasn’t really there just made me feel so empty and blank deeply regrettable says the funeral home in a statement to channel 9 Clark.

Family Funeral said the situation is deeply regrettable and that it offers its sincerest apologies to the family. It’S now working with the family to come to an agreement on compensation. Our mistake was identified just prior to the commencement of the service. It said due to the distance between our funeral home and the location of the service. Together with the number of people attending the decision was made to proceed with the service as planned, rather than postpone Clark, family funerals claimed.

The decision was made under the stress of the situation and on reflection, it should have sought a different outcome. We have always strived to provide beautiful and respectful funerals that offer a lasting tribute, but on Monday we fell well short of our own high standards. It added that, once the service was completed, the error was immediately rectified and the correct cremation took place.

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