Story Time

The doctor couldn’t stop crying when he realized what’s among the wolf’s cubs

The doctor couldn’t stop crying when he realized what’s among the wolf’s cubs glab was an ordinary guy with an ordinary fate he grew up in an orphanage not knowing his relatives and friends but he did clean his soul he didn’t become embittered at the whole world for all the hardships and obstacles that fell to his lot once in his childhood gleb witnessed an accident the person who suffered at that

Moment of course was helped an ambulance arrived the man was given first aid and taken to the hospital everything ended well but little glab could not take his eyes off the ambulance doctors how quickly and smoothly they worked it was just a miracle and people in white coats were just magicians for him so it seemed a little boy at that very moment gleb has already firmly decided who

He’ll be when he grows up he’ll be a doctor he’ll be a lifesaver the boy always wanted to help people come to the rescue at that most difficult moment gleb of course would go to the firemen or rescuers but he chose the profession of a doctor the boy carried his dream through all his childhood and youth he studied well at school graduated with honors and entered the medical institute for the

First time after years of study at the institute the guy intensely comprehended all the subtleties of his future profession and then devoted many years to serving people gleb andrewvic was a first class surgeon during his career as a doctor he saved so many lives that he’s already lost count he didn’t lose a single patient he had not ever and he was like a god for his

Colleagues until that day when he lost a patient on the surgeon table and it was not just a patient but a young beautiful girl also pregnant gleb andre vich suddenly lost two lives at once and this case completely knocked him out of the rut he understood everything with his head that this case was very difficult both he and his team went above and beyond but even all these explanations consoled him he fell into a

Depression and if he managed to cope with this condition with time and with the help of psychologists then he could no longer operate his hands were trembling he couldn’t hold a scalpel couldn’t make a single cut by his hands the hand has already lost its former hardness the man understood that it was no longer possible to carry out operations something terrible could happen if he did so many from this fly off the coils

Leave the profession and rush to live the remaining time of their life for themselves and some go on a drinking but gleb andrew couldn’t give up everything he was needed people were counting on him their lives depended on his firm hand and there was no more firm hand than his but there was no time to grieve or burn life either and he made his choice for the second time

As happened in his childhood he said to himself i am needed so i will cure by any means and return to the profession by all means glab had to quit his job in order to undergo a full examination he didn’t tell anyone he even did the examination in another city pitiful glances were useless to him they’re out of whack so four months passed gleb leaned down there were shadows under his eyes the

Doctors couldn’t do anything the problem was in his head yes gleb himself understood this very well he had to take a time out he closed himself from everyone turned off his phone otherwise much will need to be explained and this is of no use now gleb went to an old house on the lake which he once bought hoping for a large family and kids he really liked it here especially in the mornings when the sun

Just appears in the horizon and begins to cast its rays over the water’s surface he decided that solitude and nature would help him cope with stress and return to his usual life one day before sunset he didn’t know why he was drawn there but gleb went for a walk deep in the forest he just walked without thinking about anything he listened to the bird singing the rustle of the trees he sighed the smell of the grass yes well in nature you look around

And you understand there will always be life here he reminded himself of everything from a blade of grass to mighty 100 year old trees at that moment an old lady appeared to be walking toward him gleb was still surprised where did she come from from the village it’s like he’s met her before and how does she cover such long distances at that age

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A full basket of herbs gave him an idea apparently this is the same brand of health healer that they talk about in the village he was even advised to turn to her for help but gleb did not particularly believe in traditional medicine he saved hundreds of lives but he can’t handle yours suddenly the old woman spoke up clearly addressing gleb i know you won’t ask for help so i’ll help you myself

And the old woman looked at the man intently he would be surprised how the grandmother in the forest knows everything about him how does she know so much about him but he listened to her as if spellbound but i’m not the only one there are many doctors nothing will change with my departure hospitals will continue to operate it’s sad gleb said come with me it’s the first task for you

On the way to returning to a new life gleb was very surprised but followed the old woman in the forest reaching to an old hut it was warm dry and cozy there was a smell of herbs and smoke from an old stove a little gray wolf cub was sitting on the bedding in the corner so the old woman said to her i found a friend for you and she pointed her finger at gleb he will treat your wounds he will serve you faithfully and it’s all

The man was surprised but gleb still took it for now yes time to put everything in its place the old woman said mysteriously so the wolf settled in the house of gleb androvich why didn’t i think of making a friend sooner he thought in caring for a small sick animal time ran even faster glad became very attached to his pet the wolf also attached to gleb too he grew up quickly and from a small marriage he

Soon turned into a beautiful healthy animal selflessly devoted to his master they often went to the forest to walk admire nature breathe fresh air and enjoy life once the wolf ran away from his master and did not appear for a long time gleb shouted called for his friend but he went into the clearing to his owner only half an hour later carefully carrying something in his

Teeth a small child needed an urgent operation and gleb had no choice but to start saving the poor animal at home he laid out all the medical instruments he had in stock and set to work at first his hands trembled slightly but soon his confidence returned and he was able to successfully complete the operation since then this has been the case

From time to time the wolf brought his owner a wounded animal from the forest the doctor did everything that was necessary to save god’s creatures now gleb understood how the old woman helped him to rediscover himself she gave him a friend and a friend gave him back his faith in himself several days passed in thought and soon glebe andrewvich returned to work on the first day the patient was brought in after the accident only a complicated

Operation then perhaps they’ll be saved gleb androvich’s hand was firm he did everything right three people got a second chance at life at this point the surgeon was successful as soon as he left the operating room he sank into a chair in the emergency room and began to cry so far no one has seen him on the same day in the evening the man returned home to the village on the lake

He hung the wolf and smiled and said thank you my only friend there is a saying which is to look into the eyes of a wolf is to see one’s own soul do you think that’s true tell us in the comments section if you like this story please share it with your family and friends also don’t forget to hit the notifications bell so you don’t miss anything thanks for reading.