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The doctor couldn’t stop screaming when he realized what this mom gave birth to

The doctor couldn’t stop screaming when he realized what his mom gave birth to. The first trimester is the most crucial. To your baby’s development. During this period, your baby’s body structure and organ systems develop. Most miscarriages and birth defects occur during this period. Your body also undergoes major changes during the first trimester. I’ve been very sick throughout my whole pregnancy.

One of 32 year old Professor Michelle Moonho’s biggest dreams was to become a mother. When she found out she was pregnant, she was extremely happy. However, the months of pregnancy were difficult and intensely painful. Michelle and her husband during their son’s. Baby shower, the guests knocked out my look because I was so bad. I felt constant pain in my body, shortness of breath and difficulty walking. I spent the days lying down and in no mood.

She reports that she lost £20 during her pregnancy. The teacher, who lives in Erupungus PR. Sought several doctors to find out the. Origin of health problems. They said it was about pregnancy, she. Tells BBC News Brazil. The specialists who attended her teacher said. That the problems she encountered during pregnancy.

Were the result of depression and often felt ill. I sometimes thought it was more serious, but I stopped believing what the doctor said. It is common for women to gain. Weight during pregnancy, especially after the first three months. The calculation to determine if a pregnant. Woman has gained sufficient weight is based on the body mass index, an equation that takes into account the person’s weight and height.

The gains are different for every pregnant woman. If she has an adequate BMI BMI. 18 to 25, she can get 11.5 to 16. If she is underweight BMI less than. 18, she can gain up to £18. To follow dietary advice be much lower. Explains Silvana Quintana, professor at the Department of Kinesiology and Obstetrics at the University of Sao Paulo in Riviera Perto. During the first trimester of pregnancy, there may be cases where pregnant women lose.

Weight, as it is a phase where. They often have nausea and vomiting characteristics related to the high levels of hormones. That are present in pregnancy. In general, weight loss, usually at the most extreme levels of 10% by weight. Before pregnancy ceases at the end of. The first three months. At each visit, the pregnant woman is weighed and is evaluated whether the weight. Gain is sufficient or not. In weight loss, the doctor analyzes whether.

There is a reason for this reduction, such as vomiting, diarrhea, medication, which leads to gastric tolerance, et cetera, Cantona says. Michelle says she had adequate prenatal care. And received medical care. All problems I had were associated with doctors with pregnancy. Michelle associated with doctors with pregnancy Michelle. Before pregnancy, when she lost 20 teacher’s. Son was born prematurely.

Michelle was totally weak and couldn’t hold the baby. More than a month later, she went. To a new doctor who finally diagnosed her with Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer of the advanced lymphatic system. He told me it was a miracle. That my son and I were alive. Since mid 2016, Michelle and her husband. The self employed Jonathan Basio, 39, have been trying to have a baby. The chances of her becoming pregnant were. Slim due to two illnesses she had in her uterus, deep endometriosis and adenomyosis. Endometriosis is a disease in which the tissue lining the uterus, known as the.

Endometrium, grows elsewhere in the body, such as the ovaries, the bladder or the intestine. Michelle was diagnosed with the most serious. Level of the disease had been anomyesis occurs when in the muscle fibers of the uterine wall. The teacher underwent two surgeries to treat endometriosis and underwent hormone therapy to induce ovulation. I had this treatment for four months. Many results were negative. I was thinking about giving up, but. In October 2017 I knew I was pregnant, says Michelle. There’s no feeling that is more incredible.

There are no words that can express the joy. When I discovered the pregnancy, Michelle’s pregnancy was considered to be in danger due to uterine problems. From the beginning, I had constant nausea. Which did not pass. The doctor said that this would be. Normal until the fourth month. I also could not eat anything until the third month. I lost weight normally, but from the fourth I started to lose weight a lot, she reports. Weight loss and health problems Often the weight loss has worried Michelle. Health problems intensified. She had difficulty walking, breathing and had.

To move away from a from the classrooms. She is a professor of sociology, history. And social Sciences at the state school in Piranha. For the accompanying doctors, it may be a case of deep depression. They referred me to a cardiologist, endocrinologist, nutritionist and hematologist. I had follow up every week. The doctors asked me for blood tests. And when they showed up, they said. Something was not normal, but they said.

It was because of the pregnancy. Michelle gave birth to her child only after the third month of chemotherapy. She managed to hold the child without help. I was totally weak. I spent my days with a third and asked for strength from God, says the Catholic teacher. Michelle’s difficulties in feeding worried her husband. I thought she wasn’t eating for freshness. The doctor said she had nothing, so. We kept trying to push her food.

Because we thought it was normal. Pregnancy disease, Jonathan says Michelle eats routine, where it is boiled down to consuming liquids liquids. Even when Michelle’s situation got worse, the. Doctors associated the problems with depression and nausea. It was not normal for someone to. Lose so much weight during pregnancy, but. They still didn’t try to find out what I had. For them. That was all the degree of pregnancy. From the beginning, I was worried about.

Going after the best experts, but nothing. Has been discovered, Michelle explains. At no time did I ask for further investigation, which could at least indicate that something is wrong with me. Sylvana Quintana from USP points out that. It is not normal for a pregnant. Woman to lose 20, even in overweight patients. This loss is significant and indicates some deficiency, she says. I didn’t have the strength to hold my son. One of Michelle’s most difficult episodes during pregnancy was the baby shower at the.

Celebration, which brought friends and family. She managed to get up a few times. People were strange to my appearance because. I had so bad I had no strength, she recalls. Later, Michelle became ill at home and experienced severe pain in her stomach. At the hospital, she discovered that she. Would have a cesarean section during the. 7Th month of pregnancy The doctor told me that my son. Was suffering because I was losing too much amniotic fluid. Little Samuel was born healthy on May 7, 2018. Because he was premature, he was referred. To an incubator in the NICU. Michelle says that giving birth was not a magical moment as she hoped. I was very restless and nervous because.

I knew my son was suffering and. It was going to be a complicated birth. Besides, I couldn’t breathe properly, she says. She later discovered that breathing difficulties were. Caused by fluid in the lungs, one. Of the consequences of lymphoma. Michelle’s weakness prevented her from holding her. Own child after childbirth. I had no strength. People thought it was depression after birth. Or I was a monster, but it was because I really couldn’t stand it. It was very difficult to deal with. She spent seven days in the hospital. After the cesarean section.

During this time, she saw her son several times. I spent the day sleeping. When I saw my son in the NICU, I couldn’t keep him, the teacher says. Because of her poor health, she was. Unable to breastfeed the newborn. Samuel spent 15 days in the hospital but had no health problems. He never needed a respirator, the doctor said. My son was a warrior, Michelle says. There was almost no blood in my body. Michelle was still in pain from her. Body without strength even 40 days after birth.

Her appearance was strange to her family. Who decided to take her to a new doctor quickly. She was still very weak and her. Skin discolored, reports the teacher. The new doctor who joined her, a general practitioner, wondered about the story of the patient who lost £20 during pregnancy. He knew something was wrong with me. And told me he would only settle. Down when he found out what I.

Really had, he says. The doctor noticed several lymph nodes lumps in the patient’s body and ordered further examination. Michelle had to be transferred without being. Able to do so. There was almost no blood in my body, she says. Days later, exams showed she had Hodgkin’s. Lymphoma, a type of cancer that occurs in the lymph nodes of the lymphatic system, an area made up of organs and tissues that produce cells responsible for immunity. When lymphoma was detected, It had already.

Released membranes around Michelle’s lung and heart. And her armpit and groin area. I was full of lumps. There was also too much fluid in. My heart and lungs, which made my breathing difficult. According to the national cancer Institute Inca. Last year, 2530 cases of Hodgkin’s lymphoma in Brazil were 1480 registered in men. And 1050 in women, according to datasets 2015.