The doctors couldn’t stop screaming when they realized what this mom gave birth to

The doctors couldn’t stop screaming when they realized what this mom gave birth to every mom weighed her newborn patiently. However, during pregnancy, sometimes things went wrong, and happened shocking accidents that could change some family’s life.

These terrible images spread in internet communities about how the medical staff was amazed about this birth. Now we can know the real shock fact about this baby and mother give birth. By this strange way.

I was 39 years old and i had known i was unable to get pregnant, let alone stay pregnant. After repeat miscarriages, i had a wonderful happy life with my partner chris, who had embraced the role of step parent to nathan, who is now 10 years old. I thought about having more kids but was very content and thrilled with our family of three. In march of 2017, i started feeling a little off. I had actually been traveling with nathan had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind, but i knew i had to be nuts.

I can’t be pregnant. I thought it’s just not possible. I remember i was at work when the nurse called you’re seven to ten weeks pregnant. They said i was in total shock. I stood there frozen in place for several minutes, then the fear set in i was mentally back to the days of bed.

Rest emergency room visits, pre-term, labor and loss. If i was already seven weeks i was close to when i usually started having trouble. I lost my first at 18 weeks and my twins at 15 weeks. How could i handle losing another baby? We were quickly referred to a high risk specialist to discuss options and create a care plan to help keep our baby safe.

In my third month, things changed, i don’t see any arms. He said when the sonographer takes too long rubbing the wand around your belly. It feels like you’re in a vacuum. Everything goes quiet and moves in painful, slow motion. The doctor said our baby didn’t have arms.

I didn’t remember thinking. There must be a mistake. Our nicholas was hiding somehow after the appointment it felt like the longest drive home. I sat in total silence as tears rolled down my face and i softly rubbed my belly. I started searching the internet for information.

As my heart would race, the possibilities were endless and frightening. We didn’t know what to do so. We told the family first about Nicholas’s arms. Then questions i never thought i had to answer started. Do you think you should keep him?

Can you take care of him? Those questions broke my heart. How could it not be right to bring this beautiful life into the world? How on earth was this baby? Who came to us against all odds, not be meant to be here in our arms?

I felt so sure that our son had a reason and a purpose to be here in this world having to confront the fact that others disagreed was just as painful as reliving. The losses as reliving the losses i had lived through before this time, though chris and nathan, were along for the terrible ride, was i sentencing nicholas to a painful life.

I went through times of not wanting to talk about being pregnant because i didn’t know what was going to happen. I was still scared that i would miscarry and lose nicholas. Then, on the other hand, if i was lucky enough to make it full term, then what i talked to nicholas all day and night, he was the one who knew every worry and fear that came into my head.

I told him to grow and to build his arms. I rubbed my belly and felt his head through my stomach constantly. I needed that reassurance i needed to know he was there and that he was safe. While thinking about his arms, i was still worrying. I was going to go into labor and lose him at any moment.

I cried daily and felt guilty for questioning if it was the right thing to do. I was his mom and i should have been able to protect him. I didn’t know what his life would be like. Would he be happy, would he be able to be independent? Would my family survive whatever was coming?

I was convinced he was just behind and i could somehow help his arms grow longer. I drank milkshakes daily. I drank calcium oj. I ate lots of red meat. I knew deep down that it wouldn’t help, but i had to try.

I was desperate to make things okay and to help our son i didn’t enjoy most of my pregnancy. I felt robbed of the happiness. I should have felt during this miracle every single day i worried and cried for nicholas and the future people would say things about how fast he will grow and all that he would do when they didn’t know about his arms. All those words felt like lies. I didn’t think they applied to me.

Then there were the people that did know, and sometimes that was worse. I couldn’t stand the pity it made me angry. My son was meant to be in my arms and here in this world. How dare you call a sweet, new baby coming into the world sad, my my son, my angel, the little brother to my beautiful and amazing boy nathan. His life was not sad, oh i’m so sorry, they’d say i hated those words.

It was cold and dark going into the hospital at 5. 00 am for the c-section. I was so nervous, walking into the er to go to pre-op. I don’t remember talking much chris, my son and i walked in silence. The moment was finally here against the odds nicholas was going to be in my arms in a few hours.

I was shaking and felt nauseous. I was so scared. I hoped that somehow the weekly ultrasounds were wrong and he would have arms people make mistakes after all. So i let myself believe that maybe it had been a mistake just for a bit, i don’t remember actually going to the operating room, but i do remember what it was like inside. The room was cold and bright with lots of people moving around me.

I was physically shaking, i was so scared. Chris snapped one picture of me as i climbed onto the table. I was half dressed sitting on the table about to get the epidural. The next picture was of our nicholas. He was four pounds: 10 ounces and 13 and a half inches long.

They guessed because his legs were bent like he was doing a yoga pose. It seemed like forever between when they pulled him from my belly to when he first cried and then longer still until they showed him to me millions of thoughts raced through my head about why they were making me wait. I needed to see him right that second, i needed to see my son. I remember him being placed on my chest and touching him at last. He was beautiful and peaceful in the recovery room.

There was no thought of his limb. Difference. No concern about what would happen tomorrow or the next day. We could hold him and kiss him his dad and brother crowded around me. While we nursed it was the first time in months that i felt peace.

I noticed bruises on him, but the nurse told me not to worry that was common with newborns. So i put this so i put the thought away and basked in the peace and calm of our new family. I’D been worried about what his life would hold for him, but in that moment i was determined to ensure that my child was never going to hide away from anything or anyone. He deserved more. He fought to be here and he was meant to be in this world.

Two days later, we met our hematologist nicholas, had bruising when he was born, because his platelets were dangerously low. Platelets help your blood, clot, and normally people have one hundred. Fifty thousand to four hundred fifty thousand platelets nicholas was born with only seventeen thousand low platelets put him at high risk of bleeding to death or brain damage. It was a whirlwind in addition to not having arms nicholas, also didn’t, have any knee joints and would never walk on his own. The condition he was born with is called tar syndrome.

Part of me was relieved to have a diagnosis, but the rest of me was overwhelmed because we had never heard of talk and there were so many different potential complications. We finally knew what was happening now. It was time to fight for him to have the best life possible. Nicholas was meant to be here. We just knew it, but we felt completely unprepared.

His first year was a chaotic blur and scary. We were hospitalized weekly for gastrointestinal bleeding from what turned out to be a dairy allergy in addition to low platelets, when we first came home from the hospital, i remember some of the looks we got from strangers. My wonderful baby isn’t a science experiment, but he was stared at like an exhibit. Sometimes i would stare back and sometimes i would smile and introduce him occasionally. People would take my invitation and ask questions, but mostly they would look horrified at being caught and look away.

I remember being out with my boys and another parent kept taking sideway glances at nicholas. I was furious and fought the urge to walk away crying being a mom to nicholas is begging, to say the least. It’S been hard and it keeps me up at night worrying. I worry about him bumping his head and bleeding about him, making friends and being happy, i’m also thrilled amazed and more at peace than i could ever imagined. I feel like i’m exactly where i need to be.

I have the chance to see two amazing boys grow and become wonderful men. I’M able to watch a bond between nathan and nicholas grow every day and the intense love they have for each other. Our family has been blessed with purpose and a new path. We have the chance to see just how incredible life can be. We have experienced love and support from dear close friends, and our community.

We’Ve also gained a new community of amazing, inspiring people to learn from there’s not a moment. I would ever want to imagine, without both of my boys and everything that comes with having them nicholas, has inspired our family, to launch a non-profit, to support and provide education about tar syndrome and other rare diseases. We hope to have the foundation up and running. In 2020 foundation up and running in 2020, these kids have unique and wonderful gifts which we should celebrate. Different, isn’t bad different, isn’t something to fear different is a chance to see the potential in ourselves and others.

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