Story Time

The dog stood in the road carrying the baby until help arrived!

The dog stood in the road carrying the baby until help arrived, sometimes a story, pops up that reminds us why dogs really are man’s best friend. In many cases, it’s easy to forget that dogs have instincts far beyond the scope of humans and in a recent story where our stray dog had protected a small baby. This became even more apparent. The relation of dog and humans is age old. The dogs were domesticated from wolves about 40 000 years ago.

Since then dogs are man’s best friend and known for their honesty and devotion as you’ll learn. The relationship between you and your dog can save your life, whether they’re, elderly, blind scared or hurt dogs have repeatedly taken split-second action to rescue people most times the very person who rescued them, dogs, don’t judge they don’t care what you look like sound like smell like Or how fat or thin you are if you’re, smart or stupid or old or young crippled or healthy dogs are loyal, they don’t get tired of you every moment. They’Re with you is the best moment of their lives. They keep your secrets. You can tell your dog anything, and you know he won’t tell anyone else.

Dogs don’t hold grudges if you accidentally step on their tail, they’ll complain and then instantly, forgive you and mostly forget, except perhaps to apologize for being in your way and try to keep their tails out from under your feet in the future. Yet another heartstring-tugging tale of a dog supposedly saving an abandoned newborn child is creating misty eyes among social media users, dogs and other pets help make us better people, they teach us patience, forgiveness, responsibility, loyalty and compassion.

They teach us to enjoy life roll with the punches and to see the world with a different perspective. I believe pets are here to help us become better people, they’re unconditional in their love and devotion to their owners. I sometimes wonder how a really handsome dog like doug can be happy with his fairly unimpressive owner.

The dog never wonders that they’re more interested in the needs of their owners than their own. It’S much easier to housebreak a dog than a human child. If you feed and walk and occasionally groom them, they’re happy just to wait for you to make the next move. They have very few bad habits. Doug would be a glutton if i let him and he’s known to roll on the carcasses of dead animals, but he listens.

Uncomplainingly to classical music doesn’t get drunk on weekends, observes the normal sleep hours, never breaks curfew and doesn’t demand to use the car ever kombozi’s story is legendary in kenya and worldwide. The african dog happily lived at the kenya spca, where she spent her time sleeping in a soft bed and teaching school children about animal welfare until she passed away in 2014. However, back in 2005, cambodia became famous for saving an abandoned newborn baby. The heroic dog found the two-day-old baby wrapped in rags in nairobi’s gong forest near a race track in poverty-stricken area where she was scavenging for food. Kambozi lived at a compound with a family who looked after her.

They fed her what they could, but she would often go out looking for more food for herself, the family had children and she was always curious when the babies were born. So she was familiar with babies. Crying kombosi picked up the abandoned baby and was seen crossing a busy road and weaving through traffic, with a bundle before disappearing and making her way back to her shack where she was nursing. Her puppies, the infant and dog were soon discovered by the family’s two children who heard the sound of a baby crying near their wooden shack and alerted their parents. Angry walimu, mother of the boys, found the baby lying next to the dog and a puppy.

The baby girl was taken to the hospital where she spent several weeks recovering in intensive care. Sadly, newborns are abandoned by mothers because of extreme poverty and their inability to care for the children. Most people who abandon babies are never located after her last surviving puppy died. Cambodia was taken in by the kenya spca. The staff named her kambozi, which is swahili for word of savior at first kombozzi, wasn’t overly happy to see her rescuers, jean gilchrest executive director of the kspca recounted.

She wasn’t happy when we all poured into the compound. She decided to leave, but kids in the compound brought her back for a bath because she was full of ticks. The tan short-haired mixed breed was heavy with milk from nursing. She was bathed and dewormed and taken to the shelter after the story got out about cambodia’s heroic actions. Cambodia’S family was given some money for school fees and food by good samaritans after arriving at the spca, cambosi, simply loved to hang out and relax, she loved being with children and liked being at the shelter where she could just relax and hang out with her friends.

As for why cambodia saved the baby gilcrest speculated that the dog was possibly trying to care for the baby, because most of her puppies had died, she reckoned it was a young animal and possibly wanted to bring it up. Gilchrist guessed it’s something to do with the canine human bond. Other dogs might have just left her there to die. She obviously is a very special dog, gilchrist added she’s, a very streetwise dog, which is for sure the other dogs in the compound did not look very well, but she is the fattest of them all. She obviously knows how to look after herself, the kspca decided to adopt kumbozi soon after putting cambosi’s days of scavenging for food to an end.

As for the baby girl, she was named angel and later angela and was adopted by a loving family. Were it not for cambodia’s kindness and heroic act angel would not be alive. Today dogs evolved with humans, meaning as the dog adapted to its environment. So did we we bred wolves along with breeding ourselves. It had an effect of giving humans and dogs neurological similarities.

We do not share with any other animal dogs respond to human, pointing try it next time, you’re with any dog, simply point in a direction and the dog will look in the direction. You’Re pointing wolves do not understand human, pointing and even our closest relatives. Chimpanzees do not respond to human, pointing like many humans, i’m very sympathetic towards dogs, dogs are hard-wired to read us and after a quick appraisal, most dogs are fond of me. A dog is the most optimistic thing i can think of go to any pound and you’ll pass cage after cage of abused, neglected, abandoned, starved creatures. Looking straight in your eyes, in order to ask the question ready to go their capacity to believe even in the face of hell is awe-inspiring.

Another brave dog, a dog named hal, is being called a hero after he helped to rescue an abandoned baby on april 22nd. In a park in birmingham england, terry walsh, the dog’s owners was taking hell for a walk. Last week when the dog found a pile of blankets. Underneath a bush people reported wrapped in the blanket was an abandoned baby boy, whom police estimated to be only a few hours old. Suddenly i heard this baby cry walsh told birmingham live.

I think it was hell’s gentle nudging and the heat from my husky’s body that woke the baby up. The baby boy was wrapped in a blanket and was likely just a few hours old when walsh and hell came upon him. West midlands police said in the news release thanks to their quick thinking. He was taken to the hospital where staffers say he’s doing well and going by the name george, since he was found the day before saint george’s day. Police said.

I thank the lord that the baby was alive that could have been a lot worse walsh told birmingham live, the baby could have been dead. I said to my neighbors: heaven sent hell to rescue a newborn baby boy police said that their top priority is tracking down george’s mother and on thursday they released several photos of baby george in the hopes that it would help them find her. I’M reaching out to george’s mother, you are my primary concern right now and we really need to make sure you’re. Okay, i don’t know the circumstances around george’s birth, but as a parent myself, i know exactly how overwhelming becoming a parent can be detective. Inspector neil hunt said in a statement we’re ready to offer you any help.

Support you may need george is safe and well, and your health and well-being is our priority. Please be assured that you’re not in any trouble police previously released cctv. Footage of a woman seen walking near the scene about a half an hour before george was found and have asked the public for any help identifying her for walsh, he’s disgrateful that hell has anything but a hellish, demeanor, a bigger dog or another dog, with a different Temperament might well have just ripped and tugged at the blanket and the baby could have been treated like a rag doll and then you’ve also got the foxes and the rats and everything in there he told birmingham live. How would they treat a baby dogs? Always are heroes, a newborn baby who was abandoned inside a plastic bag on a cold night in argentina, is alive and safe.

Today, all thanks to the actions of this sweet, attentive, dog named orion headlines across the country are now hailing him as a hero. Orion is a familiar face on the street in the city of vincent lopez, where he lives with his owner enzo gimenez. So when a neighbor running an errand on tuesday evening saw orion out and about on the block, it normally wouldn’t have been a cause for alarm. But this time the little pup was making it clear. There was a problem when i returned, i saw orion was a little disturbed, the neighbor told clarion, adding he was smelling and barking at a bag.

I approached and saw that there was something strange. The neighbors soon realized why orion was so concerned inside the bag was a sleeping infant who had apparently been left there intentionally. It was a cold night, so the baby might have perished from exposure. Had the dog not found him and alerted the person passing by indeed orion likely saved the baby’s life after authorities were called to assist. The baby thought to be just a few weeks old was taken to a local hospital, although he was initially found to be malnourished and suffering from hypothermia.

The child is now reportedly in good health. Police investigating the case have yet to determine who abandoned the baby. Since the news broke of how orion saved him, adoption offers for the newborn have been pouring in orion, meanwhile, is being lavished with plenty of well-deserved praise. Some local outlets have even termed him as guardian angel, but this isn’t the first time the dog has proved himself to be a hero. Orion’S owner jimenez told clarion that, just two months earlier, the dog had rescued his neighbors by alerting them that their house had caught on fire.

Thanks to him, they woke up and were saved. He said, while the fact that this baby was abandoned at all is heartbreaking. On its own, thanks to the actions of orion, an even worse tragedy was prevented. Dogs are more humans than many of us, thanks for reading.