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The father went out to get diapers for his babies when he returned he was shocked to see…

The father went out to get diapers for his babies when he returned he was shocked to see the husband went out to get diapers for his babies and when he came back they were all grown up the event that you’ll see next happened in 2007 in the rural town of olive in russia a place that’s more than 3 000 kilometers from moscow and this is where this true story of a

Family that received the arrival of triplets in a surprising way began however that wasn’t the most surprising thing that could have happened to them it turns out that this family unfortunately did not have all the necessary comforts the town where they lived was very small and with very few inhabitants therefore they only found the essential things to be able to live well and to get to a hospital they needed to travel several kilometers

It’s so that when ariana sokolov became pregnant she rarely visited a doctor in addition the pregnancy did not present any problem so there was not much interest in doing it however at the seventh month ariana began having labor pains she was then taken to the maternity hospital in a relative’s car but after giving birth to the first baby both the nurse and the woman’s mother realized that ariana was giving birth to

Another baby and then another congratulations you’re having triplets it was her in the delivery room ariana got the surprise of her life she loved her children very much although she never expected to have three in one day on the other hand the woman’s husband didn’t seem to share the same joy and excitement that she felt he looked worried distant and upset and after she was discharged the man

Took his wife and children to their little house which by the way was rented when night came the man told his wife i’ll go get diapers i’ll be right back however the woman didn’t know that he would not return that night hours passed then he didn’t return it was a situation of anguish concern for the loved ones who remained at home ariana tried to call him but unfortunately he didn’t answer she then tried to find him with her

Friends but nothing nobody knew anything about him in the entire small town no one seemed to have seen him he had disappeared she filed a complaint with the police but they did nothing about it they even told the woman that her husband had most likely abandoned her the young mother couldn’t believe it and she denied it days and weeks passed since then and he didn’t appear

The woman knew that her biggest concern now should be her three children maybe her husband really had left her ariana then got a job that required her to work 12 hours fortunately her mother and her sister helped her with the support and that’s how she lived raising her three children with the support of her relatives when the children turned five ariana decided to take a serious step and move to moscow to a branch of the company

Where she worked there were two possibilities that they rejected or not fortunately during all that time ariana proved to be very responsible and even managed to get a big promotion moving to moscow was a very big opportunity for her to start a family and start living differently she there was immediately given an apartment and a good position in the company

Ariana then managed to hire a babysitter life went on until one day in an elevator and in one of the women’s workplaces something very unexpected happened and it’s that right in front of her another relative of hers lay she couldn’t believe it amazingly her husband was right in front of her he was surprised to see ariana she was completely different now not the one he had left five years ago

She was slim confident and elegant on the other hand the woman knew that her husband had recognized her but she understood that indeed he had abandoned her there was no other reason and it was a blow to her she would have preferred not to have known and that everything had been left in doubt however she didn’t say anything to him but it was even more surprising to learn

That they were both in charge of running a business meeting but for this man this was not the most unexpected since ariana acted as the project manager and boris her husband was a simple assistant to her company representative two days after the meeting boris found her and fell to his knees he began to apologize to her and only said that he was very scared about the birth of her children and that he was

Not prepared for that that he had left for that reason and that now he only wanted to return to them he wanted a second chance ariana listened calmly then said this is how you kneel for two minutes now but i had to humiliate myself for two years before the boss so he would give me time off from taking care of the babies who sometimes got sick with suddenly i worked day and night to feed them and you chickened out today i’m

Able to build a new life and i didn’t need anyone but my own family i’m sorry but you don’t have room to enter that anymore what about the children the man asked children will grow up and decide for themselves if they want to communicate with you or not but don’t worry they don’t need anything from you right now turning around ariana walked down the aisle clicking her heels proud stance a beautiful figure and three sons at heart

Only then did boris realize that she had lost the most valuable thing in his life but for him sadly it was too late and this is one and more of all the stories that take place in this vast world and understanding such a story proves that everything is paid for in this life that the boomerang will return to you at the most unexpected moment therefore it’s worth making your life trying never to harm anyone and sometimes there are no second chances

There’s no such thing as a free lunch as the adage goes that is to say whatever you desire in life comes at a cost i’m not necessarily referring to monetary matters however there is a cost to pay if you wish to improve things as well as a cost to pay simply to leave things as they are in other words a cost for everything i’m referring to the willingness to put up the effort necessary to achieve one’s

Goals wishing for something is one thing understanding that in order to attain something one must first set a goal and be ready to work towards it is another to a significant extent i see that many people do not realize or understand the effort that many people put in to achieve their goals others worked their entire lives without ever achieving their objectives it all boils down to grasping the link between desiring something and

Prioritizing something else it’s all about asking oneself is this something i truly want have i given it serious consideration to what i aspire to is it just a passing thought is there truly enough passion in me for this wish is it true that i’m ready to reprioritize my life in order to reach my goals and dreams let’s imagine for a second if i decided to devote the time and effort necessary to learn how to play the piano and that

I excelled at it i became so proficient at it that i became a well-known classic pianist who toured the world playing classical piano i made a lot of money partied with other celebrities slept in the most luxurious hotels didn’t have to clean up after myself and didn’t have to cook this good appeal to you the only price i noticed at the time i decided not to learn to play the piano was one of time and fun

Even if i didn’t enjoy the piano lessons i’d have to continue them for who knows how long consider this everything has a cost you pay the price for the decisions you make in your life we can pay for things we don’t control such as natural disasters and accidents as well as things we do control such as receiving an education saving for a rainy day or learning a new skill we pay with our time freedom money trust

Peace of mind health relationships privacy and tears to name a few whatever we desire in life we must give up something in order to have it consider actors authors and performers they had to deal with a lot of rejection nobody achieves sudden success consider how many hours athletes train alone with no one to witness their efforts consider how many times well-known authors have been turned down by publishers before finally breaking

Through not long ago i was conversing with one of my business associates he had a customer’s business case unfortunately the business case had grown to be three times as expensive as it had been initially predicted he was concerned that the customer would decline the project i then advised him that he needed to make the cost of doing nothing evident the cost of doing nothing exceeds the

Cost of the new project the new board will choose your solution it went exactly as i predicted on the board and my colleague was able to sell the new technical solution despite the fact that it was more expensive than anticipated why because it would be more expensive to do nothing there is a cost to everything is that something you’re willing to pay for when we desire something we must be

Willing to pay whatever it takes to obtain it most things are attainable but everything comes at a cost as i frequently tell individuals i teach you can achieve your objective no matter how improbable it may appear right now if you’re motivated and willing to pay the price to get from where one is now to where one wants to be one must be enthusiastic about life and have big aspirations and objectives for which one is prepared to strive

However many people work hard their entire lives without ever becoming a success a million dollar question then becomes was it worthwhile was the price too high personally i do not believe there’s a correct response instead i believe that everyone must answer for their own life and how they lived it one possibility is that the entire process is viewed as a lifelong process of learning and development rather than

A single objective of being so-called successful i hope this story served you if so feel free to give us a thumbs up to comment.