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The Horse began to Step on the Coffin! When the lid broke, everyone heard something Crying

The horse began to step on the coffin when the lid broke. Everyone heard something crying horses may not love each other in the same capacity of a human, loving another human. Subsequently, the love you feel for your horse may not be exactly reciprocated, but a horse can certainly feel and give affection horses. Whilst they do recognize and force some sort of relationships with their owners have a much more herd-like mentality to their relationships. This is not to say that there are no bonds between humans and horses as explored above, but it appears that dogs are able to form a closer attachment than horses.

Do horses form relationships with humans, just as they do with each other, so they may like dislike. Fear love respect, disrespect and so many other things. This is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. At the same time, horses are extremely intelligent animals who form deep bonds with their human owners. The horse in this video is devastated when his owner passes away.

He lets out heart-wrenching cries at his funeral, proving that he knows exactly what’s going on just by smelling his coffin. The horse recognizes who’s in the closed casket and immediately reacts. This is both heartbreaking and eye-opening. At the same time, after a man dies in a motorcycle accident, his horse, who was also his best friend, is completely devastated at his funeral a few years back 34 year old Wagner, Lima died an untimely death after getting in a horrible motorcycle accident. The man was from paraiba Brazil had a horse named Sereno who he was very close to.

According to the equine Behavioral Health Resource Center horses have the brain size of a human child, as well as the cognitive functionality of a 12 year old human. They have many similarities to the human brain with not many differences. The biggest difference is how their brain is used to analyze, information from the environment rather than for motor skills and language development like human beings, sereno’s intellectual abilities, were apparent during Lima’s funeral. The horse knew his owner was in a casket, even with it closed the horse recognized the smell of his owner. More importantly, he was able to process the fact that his owner had passed away.

People attending the funeral couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Many humans assumed that horses aren’t that intelligent, but it’s quite the contrary, as a vehicle carried Lima’s casket through the street Sereno made his way up to it and laid his head on to the best friend and owner’s casket. You can see the sadness in the horse’s eyes saying goodbye to someone he clearly loved during another part of the funeral. Sereno began letting out heartbreaking cries for his beloved friend when the speaker at the funeral starts doing a sermon in Portuguese Sereno. Let out Deep Cries and the pain in them is obvious cry after cry.

The horse lets out emotional weeps that have everyone in the crowd of funeral attendees teary-eyed with Lima’s brother Wando holding onto the devastated horse. They both cried tears for their beloved one who was taken too soon. Knowing that Sereno was his brother’s best friend, the heartbroken sibling made sure he’d be in attendance during the funeral, people were surprised by the horse’s reaction. They pulled out their phones and recorded videos that went viral. Many news outlets like inside edition, picked up the story as well.

Sharing the touching moments all over the world, Lima, who was a paraguayan cowboy, will be missed by many, including his horse. Sereno, who spent many years with millions of people from all over the globe, were moved by the horse’s reactions, support for Sereno Wando and the rest of Lima’s friends and family flooded in there have been over 5.7 million views on the Inside Edition YouTube video alone with 39 000 liking it and thousands leaving heartfelt comments as Metro reported Wagner, passed away on New Year’s Day 2016 after he lost control of his motorcycle, while riding along a beach in pariva, Northeast Brazil and had an accident, he survived the crash and was taken to a Nearby hospital, even though doctors performed two critical surgeries and did everything they could to save him, he sadly passed away due to his injuries.

The funeral took place on January 3rd 2016. Wando is a semi-professional cowboy who performed in different Rodeo shows for eight years next to Sereno. The performances were so good that they won dozens of tournaments and prizes as we brought the coffin out at the beginning of the funeral. Sereno sounded like he was crying as if he recognized that his owner was finally leaving him. He pounded the ground with his Hooves and kept on winning. It was very sad admitted, franciello lamiera, a friend of the family Wando pointed out that Wagner loves Sereno, so much that he would have sometimes to stop buying things for himself to make sure his horse had everything he needed. This brought tears to my eyes.

It also shows how smart horses are sereno’s ability to identify exactly what was going on is extraordinary to see more on the story. Watch the video horses are good. Animals for humans. Horses have successfully evolved in part due to an Exquisite sensitivity to their environment. When we put ourselves in their environs, they pick up signals from us signals.

We often don’t even realize we’re projecting signals the horse into its are predatory or signals. The horse has no frame of reference for will, make the horse weary, cautious, alert and ready to flee or fight as necessary people that I’ve known who aren’t horse people seem to respond out of fear, and the horse’s herd instinct tells them that, if fear is in The air there must be a reason in case this sounds a little Airy fairy. Consider that the horse is fully capable of discerning changes in US, signifying a change in mood or emotional state. A change in respiration, a quickening of the pulse, a widening or narrowing of our eyes and alteration in our normal pattern of movement Etc, and these signs tell the horse. Beware: a miniature horse!

Delighted, sick children in New York after making a surprise appearance at a hospital. The therapy horse called honor who measures 32 inches tall and is just 10 months old, visited crevice Children’s Hospital at Mount Sinai in New York City. The Colt was led through the hospital corridors and in to meet children. While those two sick to meet the horse were invited to call in or text with questions for his trainer, when the horse appeared on Hospital television, Jorge Garcia Benjo, chea co-founder of gentle Carousel miniature therapy, horses said the horses make a huge impact on sick children. Horses from the nonprofit charity visit more than 45 000 children and adults per year in hospitals, Assisting Living programs, hospices and families who have experienced traumatic events, Jorge told Reuters, they’re hurt animals, so they’re very intuitive of what other horses are doing needing and they treat people.

The same way, they sense different emotions, different feelings that children have children have been through very traumatic situations and they’ve shut down just being around the animal. They get animated, they start talking and they actually sometimes tell the horse things that they haven’t told other people, Maria Benitez age, 19, who’s being treated as an outpatient at the hospital broke into a smile when honor trotted into the playroom. She said horses are her favorite animal, but commenting on Honor’s size. She said he’s smaller, Dr Lisa satlin system, chair of Pediatrics, for Mount Sinai. Health Systems said such visits helped to take children’s Minds off their illnesses.

This is what the kids need. They do need these activities to take their minds off. Why they’re? Here she told cbs2, they’re sick. They don’t feel well they’re, not with their friends they’re here in the hospital being poked and prodded, miniature horses have been used to provide Comfort to trauma victims after tragedies such as the mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut in 2012.

The tornadoes that hit Oklahoma in 2013 and last year’s Charleston South Carolina church shooting they’re also used to help families of police officers who have died in the line of duty. Diane road head of the child. Creative arts Therapy Unit at the hospital said horses can provide an important link to the outside world. She told Reuters, when you’re in the hospital you’re dealing with pain, anxiety, isolation, it’s easy to get stuck in that focusing on the miniature horses creates a relationship back to the world and an interest and pleasure in the world. We’re working to foster children need more than medicine to get better.

Research has proven that animals can have a positive healing effect on humans and there’s nothing sweeter than seeing an animal provide, comfort and love to sick children at our children’s house at Baylor. A team of little horses brings their special love when it’s needed most in the video Tristan one of the tiny ponies visits a boy named Logan who’d been undergoing chemotherapy.

Imagine his Delight when an adorable mini horse walked into his hospital room. Although the boy was very weak, the horse seemed to know that Logan needed a special touch to let him know that everything would be okay, the pony lightly nudges the boy’s feet. It’s so beautiful to see the animal establish a deeper rapport with his new human pail.

He wants to get you to play. The horse’s handlers heard saying the horse continues to tease the little boy, giving him some kisses on his feet and rubbing his head against him. The horse even had the little boy’s parents squealing with the light we are so proud of the therapists, nurses, medical staff and animal volunteers for the difference they make. Every day, Ashley Howland of Baylor Healthcare System wrote on YouTube. Horses are great animals.

A horse crazy girl was surprised by her favorite animal when she was recovering from a horrible infection in a hospital Lizzie Jordan age 20 fell ill and was hospitalized after Contracting the E coli infection on September 24th Wellston Hospital Lizzie, endured heart and kidney failure. A serious blood disease and was put into an induced coma. However, after waking up from her coma, her family and friends decided to surprise the animal lover with a trip from her favorite guest. This adorable footage shows Moses the pony coming to visit Lizzie at University College Hospital London to put a smile back on her face her sister Chloe age 22 said we have a family horse and Lizzy part loans. Another horse.

So it’s fair to say, she’s, horse crazy. Before this happened to her, she would be down at the Stables most days. Horses and riding are a large part of her life and she’s been obviously missing them dearly. One day I received a phone call from Tina Bryan who manages where the family horse is kept, and she suggested that we get a pony up to see Lizzy as soon as it was suggested. I heard nothing more, she told me it was all set and it happened when the date came, they got Moses out of the trailer walked him through the side passage of A and E covered in Tinsel and then into the lift up 13 floors.

Lizzie was visited by Moses on the 20th of December as an early Christmas surprise and was very shocked with her visitor Chloe added Lizzie has only recently relearned how to walk and her nurse came into a room and asked if she could practice a walk with her. She was reluctant to leave her room, but when we were walking, she asked me if I’d been to the stables and she could smell horses.

She was absolutely amazed and beaming ear to ear when she realized a pony was there, which was something she hadn’t seen for months. She felt him and touched him all around his face and her and Moses just absolutely loved it. Tina really made Lizzy’s dream come true and as a family, we’re so grateful to her and her team for letting it happen.

Horses have a big heart. It’s definitely not uncommon for our pets to know and sense when we’re feeling down scared or sad as soon as a pooch notices that something isn’t right. Chances are they’ll, run towards you and try to console you or figure out. What’s going on. These are always heart.

Melting moments that every pet owner cherishes, but it turns out that not only pets can react to their sad owners in the sweetest way imaginable. Who knew that horses could do the exact same thing? Apparently, this young woman wanted to figure out just how emotionally caring her horse was, so she spends a lot of precious time with the woman acted as if she was distressed and crying, because she was just too curious about her horse’s reaction with the camera set up. The young lady sits on the floor and starts to pretend to cry at the time the horse was simply minding its own business, having a drink and eating some food all by itself. That all stops the moment the horse hears the owner sobbing.

Instead, the majestic animal comes closer to the lady to investigate the weird noise. What happens next can only be described as funny and sweet. The horse turns around again and sees a little bit of hay on the ground after grabbing the hay. The forefoot then walks toward her owner again and drops the hay in front of her eyes. The horse must have thought that this thoughtful present would make her feel better and it didn’t stop there, because the horse wanted to make sure that everything was all right.

Then the forefooter tries to Boop his nose with the young woman’s face, as if he’s trying to give her a kiss and let her forget about the sadness, it’s evidently clear. This horse is trying its best to console his owner and the way he does. It is just so sweet the owner of the horse. Kennedy Buster decided to upload the footage to the internet where it was quickly shared and seen by many. She put her full attention on you.

She did everything she could in her second of thought, so sweet one person commented. This is proof that there are animals who actually cares about humans. We share the same Planet as them. Hay makes me feel better, therefore, I’ll make her feel better horse logic. Another person joked, even though things like these may seem uncommon.

Scientific Studies have shown that horses are quite good at understanding basic human emotions, for example. They know the difference between their owner being angry or happy, and they also know that humans Behavior can change depending on their emotions. In any case, this video is living proof that the emotional intelligence of a horse is actually quite remarkable. What an absolutely selfless sweet and most of all thoughtful horse horses can feel and show emotions, as all mammals can. This is because they have a part of the brain called limbrick brain, which makes you capable of emotion.

You can distinguish three parts of the brain. The reptile brain gives you your survival Instinct. It makes you want to eat, drink, mate and stay alive. You can say this also regulates feelings of hunger and thirst, but no emotions. The limbic brain makes you capable of feeling emotions in humans.

We have seven emotions with universal traits, such as facial expressions. These are sadness, contempt, happiness, fear, disgust, anger and surprise. I’M not sure if horses have the same emotions as humans do, but from personal experience, I’ve seen several of them I’ll explain later. The neocortex is the part of the brain which is youngest and only developed in humans, not sure about apes. This makes you able to rationalize horses in the wild Express their liking for each other just by hanging out and grazing near each other I’ll engage in bonding Behavior people stand sideways on facing in opposite directions and use their teeth to nibble, each other’s Withers or other Favorite parts, the place and pressure shows the other horse where to go and how much pressure to use humans can learn to mimic this and horses love.

It horses recognize individual people and know instantly when they’ve met a particular person before the best approach to a strange domesticated horse is to lower your gaze to the ground and watch them with your peripheral vision. A lowered gaze is seen by horses as soft and non-aggressive direct eye contact is usually interpreted as an intent to catch them for a ride approach with soft, confident relaxed, slow, smooth movements. So a horse feels emotions but is not able to rationalize like humans. Do please send your thoughts and prayers to this child and his family

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