Story Time

The little girl cried as her mother died a minute later something shocking happened

The little girl cried as her mother died. A minute later, something shocking happened. Your mother’s kindness was contagious and her memory will live on forever. My deepest condolences to you and your family during this time. Her was an amazing woman and she will truly be missed. I will always remember the special times your mother and I spent together.

The death of a mother is one of the hardest things most people will go through in life. Whether you had a great relationship, a hard relationship, or somewhere in between, this event will likely have a significant impact on your life.

The teacher is already tired of texting. The mother of one of her students. She got angry and shouted at her. She threatened that if she did not. Come to school the next day with. Her mother, she would not receive her in class. Angela was crying because her colleagues were. Making fun of her. She came to school dirty and with torn pants. The girl was only eight years old. She tried to wash her clothes, but they had no soap, no washing powder.

No water at home. But how did the girl get into. That state and where was her mother? Her mother’s name was Mary. When she was only 17 years old, she was orphaned and left for the city alone. There she lived as she pleased, did. Small jobs, slept on the streets, and often went hungry until once on the side of the road, she was noticed by a woman. After talking to Mary and finding out about her sad story, she felt sorry for the girl and promised to offer her a job in her big house.

She also allocated a small room on the ground floor. Lena, that is the name of the woman that was touched by the girl’s story. Because she too was once poor, she had to work hard to earn a living. When Mary started working in her house, the woman understood that she had made the right decision. When she decided to hire her. The girl was very attentive and cooked tasty. Only Lena and her husband lived in the house. Their sons were already mature.

The eldest lived with his family in another city and the youngest studied abroad. Everything was going great for two years. Lena even offered to sell her the little house she owned with her husband in installments where they lived when they. Were young, and Mary agreed happily. She moved into the house a year. And a half later.

House payments accounted for 80 of the woman’s salary. But she was incredibly happy because in the morning she went to work where she could eat and wash her clothes for free. In general, she had nowhere to spend the remaining money. She even managed to put some money aside. A few years after Mary began working. In that house, her mistress’s son returned. Seeing the girl, he lost his mind from her unusual beauty.

Mary was a very beautiful girl, and. That’S it David’s attention, but unfortunately, his intentions were not Noble at all. He just wanted to have fun. He was too arrogant to be seriously interested in the poor maid. In addition, he was already engaged to the daughter of an influential man. Even so, David began courting Mary, who was seven years younger than him. They went to meetings in secret. The poor girl believed that her dream had come true. He fell completely in love and gave in to his courtship, agreeing to share.

The bed with him. Three months later, Mary found out she was pregnant. Meanwhile, David was getting ready for the wedding. The girl told Lena what had happened between them. She promised to help her, but he suddenly hinted that he was marrying a. Deputy’S daughter, not her. Mary was depressed and unhappy, but what. Happened next shocked her even more. One night, David, who was drunk, entered her house. He asked her to forget about him and not confuse him with living.

He told her to sell the house. As soon as possible, which her mother. Had once sold to her for almost. Nothing and moved to another city. In fact, she will soon find people who will take care of her and will not let her live. Normally, you still made a lot of. Money on our family. Go to your village, said the angry man. Mary, frightened, did as she was told. She sold the house and moved to another city.

Lena looked for the girl, but she still managed to find her. At the age of five months, Mary. Opened a small stall selling vegetables and fruit. Things were going well for her. The new house she had bought was. Small but spacious enough for her and her baby. She lived alone. No one took her to the hospital. And no one met her after the difficult birth. But still the girl was happy because the baby was born healthy and had.

A roof over her head. The girl was growing up while Mary was at work. He was cared for by his friend and neighbor, Kate, with whom Mary became friends when she moved to her new place. When the baby girl was one year old, Mary started taking her to work. She also hired Kate at her vegetable. Stall, so the little one was always. Supervised by two mothers. A few months later, they were visited by Kate’s fiance, who worked at a local bank. He advised Mary to open a savings.

Account to secure her girl’s future. The girl thought it was a great idea. Mary started saving and giving money to Kate’s financial till a Copyright so that he could put them on the account. At the age of six, Angela started going to a private school, which was quite expensive. But Mary did her best to give.

Her girl the best education. Her business became very successful. She already had several outlets in the city. Kate’s fiance had begun to work as. A manager for her. Despite Mary’s efforts, Angela was not considered. Theirs at school and many parents were. Opposed to a merchant son studying with their children. But the teacher was a very good woman at heart. Finding out that Mary is a mother who raises her son alone and works.

To provide her with the best education. She decided to help her and contribute. To the fact that the girl will. Receive a reduction in education. As a very promising student, Mary began to even put more money aside for her girl’s future. But half a year later she became. Ill so that she could not even go out of bed. Her girlfriend, Kate, had to take care. Of her and her baby. She was forced to take care of the business, take the child to school.

And take care of the house. The doctors did not understand the cause of the woman’s illness. She was suffering from an unbearable headaches. Her girl was crying when she saw. How much her mother was suffering. Kate’s fiance convinced Mary to sign the power of attorney for the management to the accounts and the business under the. Pretext of helping her and not to bother her further. A few months later, the poor woman died.

Although the cause of her illness has never been established. Kate told Angela that her mother was. Asleep and that they would take her. To a quiet place where she could rest forever. The next day the woman was buried. The girl was crying, but Kate and her fiance told her not to be upset because her mother was just sleeping. A week later, the girl woke up. Alone in the house. Kate disappeared, taking with her almost everything in the house. The only room from which nothing disappeared was the girl’s room.

She also found a note on the kitchen. My dear Angela, I had to move to another city for a month because. Of your mother’s business. Don’t worry, I’ll be back. Don’t tell anyone you live alone in. The house, otherwise they will take you to an orphanage. After reading this, Angela rejoiced. However, her hopes began to fade as. A month passed and no one came. Nobody took her to school, so she was constantly late, which made the teacher very angry.

She spoke for her, but the boy. Did not live up to the expectations. He soon noticed that Angela began to smell bad. The woman sent a note to her. Mother asking her to wash the baby. Angela continued to learn well but became a little scattered. Once the teacher called her to the blackboard and scolded her in front of. Everyone, telling him that she did not. Take care of herself and came to school like a woman on the street. She did not know that water and.

Electricity had been disconnected in the house. Where Angela lived because she had no. One to pay the bills. She gathered water from her neighbors gardens. And looked for food in the trash. The Teacher Always Wrote Remarks About The Boy For Mary, But She Never Answered Them, Which Annoyed The Teacher Even More. When It Came Time To Present Her. Project For The School Exhibition, She Did Not. They Had No Money For The Necessary Materials. It Simply Came To Our Notice That I Don’t Need Such A Dirty And.

Lazy Student In My School. She Grabbed Her By The Shoulder And Pulled Her Out. She Wrote The Following In Her Diary. Please, If You Don’t Show Up For. School Tomorrow, Don’t Send Your Girl Back Here. The Way Angela Looks At School Is Unacceptable. The Girl Ran Straight From The School To The Cemetery. In Tears, She Began To Shout, Mom, Wake Up. Wake up. You’ve Had Enough Rest Already. I Have To Go To The Teacher. And Explain To Her That I Walk.

So Dirty Because You Weren’t Home. The Girl’s Cries And Cries Were Heard. By The Cemetery Guard Who Called The Police. As Soon As The Teacher Found Out. About This, She Walked And Fell To Her Knees In Front Of Her, Apologizing. To Poor Angela, Who Was Crying And. Could Not Stop Herself. She Understood That Her Mother Would Never. Return Filmed A Report. Police Had Launched An Investigation. Kate And Her Fiance Were Also Accused Of Stealing Money And Mary’s Business.

Besides, they Found Out That They Were. Constantly Poisoning The Woman. Her Death Was Not Accidental. The Murdered Couple Received Some Punishments On Merit. Angela’s Fate Was Quickly Determined. After What Happened, the Teacher Decided To. Adopt Her As A Girl And Give. Her All The Care She Needed And. Did Not Receive After Her Mother’s Death. But that Didn’t End There. After A While, Lena, Who Was Already. Old, Saw The Report.

With Angela’s Story, Her Attention Was Drawn. To How Much She Resembled Her Son As A Child. She Visited Angela, And When She Saw Her, She Had No Doubt That She Was Her Nephew. But she Continued To Live With Her Adoptive Mother.

Her Grandmother Took Care Of The Girl’s Future So That She Would Not Need Anything. His Father, David, Did Not Want To Communicate With His Girl. Lena Wasn’t Even Upset About It. She Had Long Been Disappointed In Her. Son And Wanted To Do Everything To.