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The magician mother left her baby with a cobra seconds later she heard a scream!

The magician mother left her baby with a Cobra. Seconds later, she heard a scream. The chance to take part in mourning rituals and give the baby the identity of a deceased baby may help in the grieving and bereavement process. Says. Sometimes when reality is too sad, too overwhelming, too devastating to deal with or accept emotionally, our minds utilize denial as a coping mechanism.

Everyone grieves differently. The important thing is that you allow the grief. Think of yourself as a ship on the ocean, riding the waves as they come and appreciating the calmer moments. They give you a break from the grief too. Just write it out.

Don’t force it. Not accepting it will only cause misery and suffering for yourself. Only if death is not fully accepted would be there something to handle. Only if you have a problem with your own death would there be a need to handle it. Do not handle it.

Surrender to the fact and certainty that you will die and you do not know when you will die. Nor do you really control when. Do not resist or deny the unknown and uncertainty. Life will never again be exactly as they were before, but it can certainly be as good as before, just in a slightly different way. That is how life is after any change.

It cannot quite ever go back to the way it was before, but it can be just fine after any change. This video captures the incredible moment that a three year old girl woke up during preparations for her own funeral. After the girl’s life back, the villagers said that her mother doing magician acts and worship Satan. Police prevented news from public any updates about this all what people said. The mother won’t show in funeral and leave a snake in coffin.

And later we heard baby cries. A three year old girl declared clinically dead by doctors who woke up at her own funeral, has died. The tiny child from Zamboanga del Sur in Southern Philippines, died on Friday and her family quickly arranged a funeral. During the Mass, a relative heard movement and lifted the lid of the coffin and saw the youngster’s head move. Her father immediately grabbed his daughter from the coffin and gave her a cuddle.

However, the story does not have a happy ending and the child has now been pronounced dead again. Dr. Mary Celine Aso Kabahag, the municipal health officer in Aurora, used a cardiac monitor to assess the condition of the girl today, but found no signs of life and confirmed that the child is dead. Dr. Kubahog advised the child’s parents to bury her as soon as possible to prevent diseases.

Footage of the amazing moment was captured by a mourner on a camera phone and uploaded onto the Internet. Police senior Inspector Heidel Teelan said. The girl had been suffering a severe fever for several days and was taken to a medical clinic, he said. During that time, the attending clinic personnel and physician confirmed that the young patient had no more pulse and was clinically dead last Saturday morning about 09:00 a.m. According to the Philippines Star.

The hospital told the family to take the girl home and prepare for a funeral service. Inspector Teelan said that while they were not the proper authority to confirm the medical case, but based on the accounts of the child’s parents, he could reveal that the girl experienced severe fever for days and was taken to the clinic in the town for medical attention last Friday.

He said one of the mourners spotted the girl move her head while they were inspecting the coffin. He said this prompted them to check and confirm the girl had pulse and was alive. We really cannot make confirmation on the status of the girl, but based on the observation of the police personnel I deployed, it appeared the girl remained in a state of comatose in their house.

Doctors were unable to save the girl after she was pulled from the coffin with a pulse and she sadly died on Monday. We don’t know exactly when the heart and lung function returned, just as strange as the fact that such a weak child could survive being declared dead. Once the death certificate had been signed, the baby was taken to an ice cold mortuary. She was left there for more than 4 hours before being given back to the family. Dr.

Kabung, municipal health officer for Aurora, said she found no signs of life. It comes after a woman presumed dead was rushed to hospital after knocking on her coffin at her own funeral in front of Mourners. In addition, a pensioner who was pronounced dead turned out to be alive just as his body was about to be taken to a Crematorium. Other shocking case with empty coffin and huge Cobra inside and mom asked to investigate. A devastated mother is demanding a DNA test to find out if her dead baby was ever in the coffin she buried after an exhibition revealed it was empty.

Lydia Reed suspected the coffin in South And Cemetery, Edinburgh was empty after Gary Payton died aged seven days old in 1975 after a forensic scientist exhumed it last month. She found no remains in the coffin, leading her to demand tests to finally determine if there are traces of him in the coffin. The 69 year old helped expose the practice of Scottish hospitals unlawfully retaining dead children’s body parts for research, and told the Daily Record she believes her son’s organs were taken without permission. My son wasn’t there. Someone stole the body of my son, she said.

I had buried my empty coffin. I want them tested for DNA as I want to know if there is any part of my son there. Police want to send samples to a company they regularly use for DNA testing, but Ms Reid fears the samples could be lost or damaged and would prefer the testing firm Sellmark to carry out the tests. I want them to go to Selmark because afterwards they give me the legal right to have them back. Police Scotland do not give me that.

Right after Gary died in Edinburgh’s Hospital for Sick Children, Ms. Reid asked to see her son’s body. However, she says she was shown a child that was not hers by Scott Mid Cooperative Funeral Staff, telling the BBC her concern. The baby was blonde and big. My baby was tiny and dark haired.

This was not my son, she said. I objected, but they said I was suffering from postnatal depression. When she finally won her battle to exhume the coffin, she found a shawl, hat, cross, nametag and a nameplate with Gary’s name spelled wrong. Ms. Reid said there were no remains and no signs of decomposition.

She had long suspected the coffin would be empty because of how light it was at the funeral, she says, but hoped she was wrong before the exhumation. I wanted to be wrong. I wanted to be called a stupid old woman. But the minute the forensic scientist lifted the shawl out of the ground, I knew there was nothing in it. Nothing, she said.

My heart hit my feet and I didn’t know what to say. If DNA tests prove his body was never in the coffin, she wants answers. Even if he has been incinerated, I want to know, she said. Even if he’s lying in a jar in a hospital somewhere, I want to know if it’s possible to get my son back. I want my son back.

And if it’s not, then at least tell me and let me have peace. About 6000 organs and tissue samples were retained by Scottish hospitals from 19, 72,000, with the NHS admitting many of those were from children. There have been several cases of people waking up at their own funeral. Mourners in Zimbabwe thought Brighton Damazant, 34, had come back to haunt them when he was spotted moving in his coffin. He said that people are scared of death because they are afraid that they will be missing many things.

But if you’re not upset about all the things you missed out on before you were born, why should you be upset about the things you miss out on after you die? Just live life to the fullest and do what you can to keep striving for the future while living the present. As long as you are happy in life, the idea of death should not be daunting. You should not be upset over things you cannot control. When a person closed to us dies, a part of the structure of our universe drops out.

Getting used to that intellectually takes a lot of time. At the same time, we miss the person. It hurts not to see the person anymore. There’s so much we want to tell them, so much we expect them to tell us. They have always been a part of our lives and universe.

Suddenly there’s just a big hole where they used to be. Alternatively, maybe they’re just gone and will be back shortly. That is a common feeling people have when someone dies suddenly. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to get used to the new reality and to grieve you lose making more memories with your child. It hurts because you love them so much.

I watched her breathe her first breaths And I was filled with joy and wonder at the possibilities. I watched as she drew her last breath and filled with gut wrenching sorrow and pain. It is an indescribable feeling from what I have read and been told. It’s something that never goes away. A part of your conscious mind has been ripped apart and forever altered.

It goes against the natural order of the universe. If you watch movies or read books, for the most part, only older people die. It’s an unusual event. I’m old enough that I have lost parents and grandparents. It’s something that you carry with you always.