The most venomous spider in the world


“The Sydney Spider Spider competes with the Brazilian Wandering Spider as the world’s most venomous spider for humans.

Almost all spiders are poisonous. Venom is how they subdue and partially digest their prey. The venom of most spiders is not so harmful to humans, but there are several spiders whose venom can cause severe illness in a person or even kill him. According to many scientists, the worst of these is the Sydney funnel web spider, which is the most venomous spider in the world. Fortunately, this beast is found only in Australia and only within a radius of 99 miles from Sydney, which gave it its name.

Sydney funnel spider facts

  • The male is six times more poisonous than the female.
  • They can stay underwater for up to 24 hours thanks to the ability of their abdominal hairs to trap air bubbles.
  • Their silk is used to make optical instruments.
  • The funnel spider needs to be milked about 70 times to get the dose of the antidote.
  • While the animal’s venom can be fatal to humans, it does not strongly affect non-primate mammals.

Scientific name Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

The scientific name for the funnel spider is Atrax robustus. Atrax comes from Latin and means dull black or dark. Robustus means strong or strong.

Most venomous spider: Sydney funnel web spider appearance

The body of the Sydney funnel-shaped spider is 0.4 to 2 inches long and legs 2.36 to 2.75 inches long. It is glossy bluish black, black or brown. The head and midsection, or rib cage, are shiny and hairless, but the abdomen is covered with fine hairs. The silk-producing spinners are at the end of the abdomen and are of unusual length.

Males are smaller than females, but their legs are longer. They can also be distinguished from females by their pedipalps. This is a pair of structures near the spider’s jaws and right in front of their first pair of legs. Males have sperm transfer bulbs at the ends of the pedipalps. They also have spurs on every other leg, which help keep the female motionless during mating.

The fangs of this spider are huge. They are longer than the fangs of some snakes and can penetrate shoe leather.

The most venomous spider
Sydney spider spider sits on a tree stump. The Sydney web spider has longer fangs than some snakes!

Behavior of the Sydney funnel and web spider

Atrax robustus lives in funnel-shaped holes covered with silk, which gives the animal another part of its name. They usually live alone, although females are found in colonies of individuals. However, females do not leave their burrows unless they are forced to do so. Males wander in search of females. They find them by detecting pheromones along the lines of movement of their webs.

The spider is nocturnal because it is usually cooler and wetter at this time of day.

When Atrax robustus threatened, he throws up his front paws and shows his fangs in a threatening pose. If the irritation persists, he will grab onto it and bite again and again, poisoning it. Another characteristic that makes this spider so dangerous is that it is aggressive and does not prefer to run and hide like other spiders. It also produces fewer dry bites than other spiders. Dry bites are bites that do not contain venom.

The most venomous spider: habitat of the Sydney funnel-shaped spider

Generally, Atrax robustus prefers cool, damp and dark places, so they can be found under rocks, foliage, fallen, rotting logs, soil in walking areas, and even in compost heaps. Their burrows can be tunnels or funnels with manholes or one or two holes in the shape of a T or Y. These structures range in length from 7.9 to 23.6 inches. The spider also makes paths at the entrance to its burrow. When prey wanders along these lines of motion, the spider pops out, grabs it, bites it several times, and then takes it inside its funnel to eat.

Most venomous spider: Sydney funnel web spider diet

The Sydney funnel spider eats insects, snails, millipedes, small vertebrates such as tiny lizards, and sometimes frogs.

The most venomous spider: predators and threats Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

A person might think that this formidable creature should be the supreme predator, and no one wants to fight him, but this is not true. As mentioned, its venom acts differently on different animals, and some animals have no problem hunting and eating. Among them there are centipedes, which, in fact, go into holes behind them. Other predators include domestic cats and dogs, dingoes, birds, and large reptiles that do not respond to spider venom. Rats hunt too Atrax robustus… Interestingly, mice and guinea pigs, like primates, are strongly affected by the poison.

The most venomous spider
The most venomous spider in the world, the Sydney spider spider in a defensive stance.

What does the Sydney funnel spider eat?

Animals that regularly and safely eat the Sydney funnel web spider include cats and dogs, including dingoes, monitor lizards, geckos, rats, and marsupials such as the Dannart.

What does the Sydney funnel web spider eat?

Eats cockroaches, flies and other insects. It also eats small lizards and frogs.

Reproduction and life cycle of the Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

Males become reproductively mature when they are about four years old, and that’s when they go in search of females. First, he weaves a small silk rug and adds semen to it, and then transfers the semen into his specially modified pedipalps. When he finds a woman, they both often see a threat until she accepts him. He then immobilizes her by grabbing her other legs. It uses its tentacles to inject semen into the female’s genitals and then leaves in a hurry.

She then rotates the egg sac and places about 100 greenish-yellow eggs in it. In the three weeks it takes them to hatch, she will cleanse and flip the egg production and protect it. When they hatch, the spiders stay with her until they shed or shed their exoskeleton twice. Then they will leave to dig their own holes.

Most venomous spider: Sydney spider population

Although scientists don’t know exactly how many Sydney Funnel-web spiders exist in the wild, the animal does not have special status on the IUCN Red List. The Australian Reptile Park is home to about 1000 people.

Frequently asked questions about the world’s most venomous spiders

What is Sydney Funnel Web Spider?

Sydney Funnel Spider, Atrax robustus it is a type of spider called megalomorphs. This is an infraorder, which includes tarantulas and mouse spiders. These spiders usually have strong bodies and downward jaws. The Sydney funnel web spider is one of 40 species of funnel web spiders. He is known for his aggression and his
poison, which can kill a person if not immediately treated with it.

Why is Sydney Funnel Web Spider so dangerous to humans?

Scientists believe that the death from the male’s venom is an accident. It is clear that humans and primates are not the prey of this small animal, but humans are known to eat spiders, and the venom of the males is designed to ward off predators. This male leaves his burrow to roam in search of females and makes himself vulnerable to predators. Ironically, animals that regularly eat spiders, such as rats and geckos, do not suffer much from the venom.

How long does the Sydney funnel spider live?

Males live six to nine months after reaching puberty, while females can live for over ten years.

Why do Sydney funnel spiders live in Sydney, Australia?

Atrax robustus was located in this part of the continent long before the foundation of the city. It would be more correct to ask why people raised the city of Sydney, Australia, in the habitat of such a poisonous animal. (The answer is that Britain decided to establish a colony in Sydney Harbor in 1788).

Why does the venom of the Sydney spider spider affect humans so much?

The poison is as dangerous as it contains a toxin called robustoxin, which attacks the nervous system. The bite itself is painful due to the size of the animal’s canines and its tendency to bite repeatedly until it is torn off. Fortunately, there is an antidote.

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