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The mother insisted on exhuming the 2-day-old grave of her daughter but she was shocked to see…

The mother insisted on exhuming the twoday old grave of her daughter, but she was shocked to see grief reactions after the death of a child are similar to those after other losses, but they’re often more intense and last longer. You may experience the following grief actions intense shock, confusion, disbelief and denial. Even if your child’s death was expected, intense anger and feelings of bitterness and unfairness at a life left unfulfilled.

Fear or dread of being alone and overprotecting your surviving children resentment towards parents with healthy children feeling that life has no meaning, and wishing to be released from the pain of you to join your child. The pain of grief is extremely intense as parents digest the finality of never seeing their child again and the loss of future hopes and plans.

While memories of the child flood their mind, they also experience a deep emptiness and unimaginable void in their lives. An injury or disease bad enough to cause death can sometimes hurt, not always, but death itself does not. I have known a few people with near death experiences, including my own son. The experiences vary a bit, but there are some similarities. One being that they felt themselves leave their body so that they had no weight of floating sensation and they couldn’t feel their body at all.

All pain left and the feeling of dying itself was very peaceful, almost like being absolutely free. There may also be an attachment component to letting yourself go. Many attachments in the material world people, places, things, money. Letting go is hard for the living and probably just as hard in death. Not a physical pain, but more mental or of the brain and thought process.

This is a remarkable story because it’s actually a baby that was found alive in the morgue by her mother up to 12 hours after her mother was told she was dead. She was sealed in a coffin for all that time, but her parents wanted to see her body and it was at that point that they found her alive. Annalia Bowder and her husband, Fabian Veron, had chosen the name Lucia Abigail for their imminent arrival. Shortly after the baby girl was born, the Buenos Aires couple decided instead to name her Luz Milagros Veron. The reason for the chain?

The name translates as miracle light in English. The circumstances of Louis Malago’s birth were certainly miraculous. Doctors had found no signs of life when she was born, three months premature and made the heartbreaking decision to declare her stillborn. That she is a normal, happy and healthy infant today is because her parents insisted on saying goodbye to her in person. Louis Maragros had spent 12 hours inside a sealed coffin in the freezing cold morgue, but let out a whimper and moved slightly as the coffin lid was open.

The tot had survived against all odds. The story that both shocked and captivated the world last year has now come to a heartbreaking end. The little girl Liz Malagros, who was found alive after spending more than 10 hours in the morgue, has passed away. A premature baby who survived hours in a morgue refrigerator in Argentina was in very serious condition after doctors detected an infection, state media reported. The infection could compromise lose Malagros Veron’s neurological system and kidney function, the Talam news agency reported Thursday.

The nine day old baby was being treated with antibiotics, said Diana Vesco, chief of neonatology at the Parano Hospital in northeast Argentina. According to state news agency. The baby’s survival grabbed global headlines and prompted her parents to give her a new name. Luz Malagros, the Spanish words for light and miracles, pronounced dead after her premature birth on April 3. She withstood more than 10 hours in a coffin inside a morgue refrigerator before being found alive.

She was a tiny thing £1. 12oz, cold as a frozen bottle and left for dead, but she would survive one week. Old Luke Bellagos Veron is Argentina’s miracle baby, pronounced dead after her premature birth. The baby withstood more than 10 hours in a mortgage refrigerator before being found alive. Today is the 8th day of my daughter’s resurrection, the girl’s father, Fabian Veron, told CNN on Wednesday.

Doctors at the Parano Hospital in northeast Argentina can’t explain it, and every doctor, nurse and morgue worker who dealt with the baby has been suspended as an investigation gets underway, officials said. Louis Malagrose remains in stable condition, but she’s in intensive care, a health official said. Annalya Boutette, the baby’s mother, had given birth four times previously and had recently suffered a miscarriage. The baby was born on April 3, three months early and had no vital signs, hospital director Jose Luis Marano told CNN. The gynecologist on hand didn’t find any signs of life, so he passed the baby to a neonatal doctor who also didn’t find vital signs, Murano said.

The doctors observed the baby for a while and only then pronounced her dead. The hospital followed protocol, Merino said. Two morgue workers then put her body inside a little wooden coffin and placed her in the freezer. Up to that point, there were still no vital signs, the hospital director said. That night, Boutette began insisting on seeing her dead daughter’s body.

Veron said she wanted to take a picture with her cell phone of the baby as she lay as a memory, the husband said. It took some cajoling, but finally hospital officials allowed the couple to visit the baby in the hospital more around 10:00 p.m. As many as 12 hours had passed since the baby had been declared dead. They put the coffin on top of a stretcher and we looked for a little crowbar to open it because it was nailed shut, Veron told a local TV station. It was nailed shut.

I put the crowbar in there and started crying. I took a breath and the lid took off. Bootstrap approached the baby’s body, touched her hand and heard a cry, Veron told CNN. She jumped back. It’s my imagination, it’s my imagination, she repeated.

But the baby was alive and crying. Veron’s brother in laws rushed the baby back to the neonatal Ward. He clutched her close to his chest for warmth. She felt like an ice cold bottle against his body. The relative told Veron.

I can’t explain what happened, only that God has performed a miracle, Veron said his daughter was given fresh, if precarious chance and along with it, a new name. She was going to be named Lucia. But after finding her alive, her parents said she would be Luz malagros, the Spanish words for light and miracles. In the meantime, an investigation has been launched at the hospital. I don’t have any explanation for what happened, but if there is culpability, we’ll see what we’ll do, Raphael Sabatinelli, deputy Secretary of health in the Chaco region, told CNN.

The personnel who were involved have responsibilities and therefore will have to be held accountable for their actions, he said. In a statement. Both Sabbatinelli and Marino said it was the first time they had witnessed an incident like this, but that a nearly identical thing happened in Israel in 2008. In that case, a baby was found alive in a morgue refrigerator after having been declared dead. Some doctors at the time said that it was possible the low temperatures inside the refrigerator had slowed down the baby’s metabolism and helped her survive.

However, that baby later died. Over the next few days, it seemed that Louis was improving. But over the next 14 months, Liz would suffer from a number of health complications. She had developed mental problems, including microcephaly, for which her parents were trying to raise money for a stem cell treatment in China. Then on Sunday, she went into cardiac arrest.

She remained in critical condition until passing away at 01:00 p.m. Later that day. Prior to her passing, a full investigation was done in the hospital’s proceedings regarding Luz and her mother. All workers that have been involved in the case were suspended until the investigation had been completed. According to Doctor Jose Luis, the hospital’s director, Louis had no vital signs after birth.

This was confirmed by both himself and a neonatal physician. Again, her vitals were checked before two morgue workers placed her in the coffin inside the morgue. We followed protocol, Dr. Louise told I see miracles, the truly miraculous kind of miracles, not the finding a convenient parking space when you’re in a hurry kind of a miracle to argue against the existence of a loving God.

But if it was true that God was performing miracles, and for clarity, I don’t think that for a moment. What would it tell you about this God? It would say in completely and unambiguous terms that this God is able and prepared to intervene in the physical world to show his presence.

This is not an absent God, but an act of God who can and will impress his will on the world in supernatural ways. This is also a God who therefore could have and there is no doubt should have intervened as he promised in his own Bible To respond to the thousands of children who are being systematically abused and raped by his own priests and were praying for it to stop.

But apparently he has abhorrent moral values and prefers to facilitate and enable pedophile priests. Miracle is something that everyone thinks is not possible, Let alone the person who believed in the idea and move towards it. Miracle happens because it’s the lone Rangers plan who never gives up on his path, no matter what comes. The saddest thing about death is nobody dies alone. They leave behind people who die different deaths each day.

Children left behind die feeling alone, helpless. Suddenly the ground beneath their feet shifts. There’s no rock to lean on. That sense of security, the safety, the blanket just goes missing. Spouses die seeing daily the empty side of that.

Suddenly there’s only one cup on the table. No one to share your day with. There’s no one to dream with. They die again when they have to put up a brave face for the sake of children, for family. They die when they try to look for their loved one in a room full of strangers Only to realize that he or she will never be found.