Story Time

The Mother put the Baby in the Sink and Left, when she came back… she wouldn’t stop Screaming!!!

Mother abandoned her baby in a dish sink years later she got a surprise leaving her speechless this is the story of a 21 year old woman who became a mother at an early age her name is lucia and she was the daughter of one of the richest persons in chile the young woman always did what she wanted she humiliated people and slept with the man she like she drank and woke up until one day god

Sent her a blessing that it was a baby and she took it this way join us to see this story lucia andrada was a young girl whose parents gave her everything from a very young age she got used to it badly and she always thought that by having money she could humiliate anyone who crossed her path her mother’s name was clevencia and she owned one of the most exclusive jewelry stores in chile and her father was a great deputy from that country

Lucia lived in a huge mansion and both she and her parents like to insult their domestic employees who often remain silent for fear that they might be fired from work monday would arrive and the andradas had come from a business trip from the caribbean and found the house in a mess immediately mrs clemencia went to the gardener of the house a very humble man tomb she said listen you disgusting old man what happened in my garden

And the old man very scared replied miss clemency i had nothing to do with it miss lucia had a meeting with all her friends and that’s why they left everything in a very bad state the lady told him don’t be a liar you old drool now get out of here mrs clemencia did not care that her gardener was already older than her and would kneel in front of her and hitting him she threw him out of her house immediately mrs clemency in a very loud

Voice told all the employees anyone who knows of a gardener let me know seeing that there was no longer a gardener in the mansion the chef of that house decided to talk to her son saying fernando in the house where i work they need a gardener you are young and you need that job introduce yourself just don’t say that i am your mother fernando was 20 years old and a young man with a very attractive physique and he decided to approach the mansion

Saying to ms clemencia excuse me i saw an ad that you’re looking for a gardener and the truth is i need to work when mrs clemencia saw him she realized that he was a very handsome young man so she would give him the job she began to explain what she wanted in her garden knight would come and both spouses would go on vacation for a week leaving lucia alone to do whatever she wanted until saturday very early fernando would

Come home from work and locia got out of a taxi very dizzy and said to him who are you what are you doing at the door of my house and fernando said nice to meet you miss i’m the new gardener of your house lucia was shocked by the beauty of that young man and she decided to cancel any meetings she had and she only said to herself i’ll take this one to bed poor fernando very much in love with her fell into lucia’s clutches and ended up

Being intimate with her where that young woman after fulfilling her mission decided to kick him out of the mansion days passed and lucia would receive the saddest news of her life and it was that her parents private flight unfortunately had crashed into the sea due to a lack of fuel the young girl could not believe that her parents would no longer be with her and she would also be the owner of their entire fortune

The funeral was private where the girl did not want to be condolences and she just wanted to be alone at that moment the house chef seeing that lucia was alone decided to approach her saying miss i made you a soup do you want to eat please open the door for me she looked very haggard and her face was haggard she said to guillermina the chef i feel very bad i have nausea germina very scared told lucia that if she suddenly wasn’t pregnant lucia upon

Hearing said i don’t think so months passed and lucia did not get her period and when the test was taken she was very sad she affirmed that she was pregnant and her last man had been the gardener that handsome young man so when she got home she immediately called the chef and told her dear mina i’m pregnant but i don’t want this baby the chef told her miss but it’s a blessing from god don’t throw it away then lucia reconsidered and only said

Okay i’ll have him but later you take him and give him up for adoption i don’t want them to know that my son’s father was a gardener dear mina very astonished couldn’t believe it and she just remained silent nine months would come and the same chef would help lucia to take her to a hospital so that she could give birth where she would give birth to a very beautiful baby named mateo germina decided to stay in the house

When she saw that the little baby was her grandson and when she saw that lucia did not care for the baby much less breastfeed her months passed and lucia had returned to the parties where she met a very handsome but very arrogant young man who also slept with her and saw a baby saying who is this baby you told me you didn’t have children lucia very scared told him he’s the employee’s son but i’ll immediately leave him in his crib

At that time there was no one because girmina had gone out to buy things for little mateo and then lucia decided to take the little boy and put him in the sink with the dishes hours passed and passed and lucci had been fulfilling her most intimate fantasies with the person she liked even if little mateo was crying upon arrival germina saw that the baby was crying on the verge of drowning and the body was very cold

The next day very sad germinate told lucia miss lucia mateo is very sick and he’s only six months old it’s not the first time don’t be so mean lucia replied i told you to take him for adoption and get the hell out of here too you knew as the old woman the lady took the child to her house since her son fernando had unfortunately died three months ago in a car accident and little mateo was very similar to his father when he was a child and was the

Only memory of her son as a result of the fact that his bad mother like lucia put the baby in the dishwasher many times he developed an eye disease and could not see but that was not an impediment for the lady who after a while would go to work in a private clinic run by good-hearted doctors who were very fond of him germina on one occasion seeing that her grandson was growing up and was 5 years old approached the doctor saying

Doctors excuse the trust but i have a grandson who cannot see because of his mother’s irresponsibility that happened when he was six months old and he’s already five years old please help me count my salary as necessary the doctors seeing her crying and desperate helped her and checked on her youngest saying to germina don’t worry germina we won’t charge you anything and we’ll help you but he will recover his

Vision as the years passed matteo became a great architect and would give germina his best and they always visited the doctors who are now his age advanced in years by the time that had passed mateo and his grandmother entered without realizing that the doctors were interviewing a woman when the lady they were interviewing turned around she said here mina is that you what is your life nice to see you

And who is that handsome boy guillermena very scared and nervous but with courage told her this is your son the one you left washing dishes and he is my grandson because the gardener you used was my son who unfortunately passed away lucia replied so you never fulfilled what i told you about giving him up for adoption i wouldn’t have had such a bad heart as you miss lucia

Lucia approached her son and said please forgive me my son i didn’t know what i was doing she was a very crazy young woman please forgive me the young man looked at her and said ma’am i forgive you but i don’t want to hear from you my mother told me the truth but i don’t want to hear from you come on mother then he left with guillermina while the doctors who were interviewing him for the cleaning job upon hearing what mateo

Said told him that they couldn’t give her the job lucia was left without money without a house and without a fortune all because of the bad life she led and because of that man told her to make her son disappear a man who ultimately left her on the street now tell me do you think what matteo did was right friends here ends our story for today, thank you for reading.