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The mother threw her son in the sewer. A few hours later, workers heard a cry.

A newborn boy left abandoned in a storm drain with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck has been found alive. Security cameras caught something pretty terrible on their cameras in the middle of the night in Keto, India. The 2019 video caught a woman coming up to a drain with a small package like object in her hands. The package was wrapped up in plastic before walking off. The lady tossed the package down into the drain.

It was revealed later on that the package was a newborn girl. What was in the package? Viewers were shocked to learn that it was not just an inanimate object. No, it was a small newborn baby girl who was still very much alive. The poor child was crying very loudly after being dropped in the drain.

While the footage is black and white and very grainy, authorities believe that the woman is the birth mother of the baby. According to the video posted by the Times of India, that’s likely because female infanticide is still a terrible problem in many parts of India. There are a lot of reasons why female infanticide occurs in the country, from poverty to lack of support to deformity in the infants, according to down to Earth. Unfortunately, some women see getting rid of their baby instead of getting help as the only option. While it is a criminal act in India, it’s believed that the problem occurs more often than is reported or caught.

In the shocking video, Gita, 45, from Chennai can be seen reaching into the underwater drain and pulling the crying baby out by his feet before cleaning him with a bowl of water. Heart wrenching images of the baby who survived the odds were recorded by an onlooker in the municipality Chennai district in southern India’s.

Tamil Nadu State local media report that Gita had been alerted to the baby’s presence by a milkman who thought the newborn was a crying kitten. The infant was reportedly rushed to the local eggmore hospital where doctors found he was having trouble breathing. Doctors managed to treat the baby and have now said that he’s recovered from the incident and is healthy.

Gita, who lives with her daughter, has said she wants to name the boy Sutanaram Freedom as he was found on India’s Independence Day. She told local media I reacted immediately. It was spontaneous as a dozen or so residents and bystanders looked on. I peeped through the drain an iron pipe around 1ft in diameter and saw the child inside. It was painful to see a child dumped like that.

It appeared that the person who abandoned the boy had deliberately pushed him deep enough inside the drain so he would be out of sight. I don’t think there was any feeling for the child because the umbilical cord seemed to be tied around his neck so it would slowly kill him. A hospital official said the baby will remain under observation before being transferred to a local orphanage. Local media report that the hospitals received dozens of requests asking to adopt the baby after the video of his rescue was posted online. Police are investigating the incident and no arrests have been made.

Another terrible faith. A newborn baby girl has been hailed a miracle after her naked body, with the umbilical cord still attached, was found abandoned 6ft underground in a freezing storm drain. The infant survived after a hero dog walker heard her cries from the gutter and together with a motorist, lifted a heavy concrete slab and rescued the child amidst a colony of stinging red ants. Charmaine Keevy, aged 63, told how she was out for an early morning walk with her sausage dog Georgie, when the pet suddenly started barking loudly at a drain duct. The catering company boss said she heard a noise and thought it was a cat mewing, but when she got on her hands and knees realized she could hear a baby crying from deep inside the drain.

The girl was suffering from hypothermia and breathing problems and has been named Grace April by the hospital staff treating her after making the discovery. Frantic, Charmaine began waving down passing cars on a road in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, until motorist Corny Viljan, age 60, pulled over. After listening for himself, he agreed they could hear a baby sobbing. He grabbed a steel bar from the boot of his car and with Charmaine’s help, the pair of them managed to lever the heavy concrete slab covering the storm water drain free so they could look inside. Rescuer Corny had to drop 6ft down into the drain and almost immediately began being stung on both his legs and realized he was standing in a colony of red ants.

As he tried to grab the baby, he said, when I got into the hole, it was higher than my head, and it was so narrow that I had to go down on my knees, and I couldn’t bend over, so I had to feel down for the baby below. The red ants were stinging my legs, but then I felt this baby’s leg and then saw the baby and realized that this was a crime scene. So I took a flash picture and handed my phone up to Charmaine. I didn’t know if the baby was injured, so I tried to pick her up very carefully and very slowly, and she was so small. I just wanted to hold her for a while, but I knew that she needed urgent medical help.

The baby was lucky the red ants were higher up in the drain and not down at the bottom where she was. I just don’t know why anyone would do this to a newborn baby, but I was just so glad that they were able to help and save her life. I told Charmaine to call the emergency services right away. The police and an ambulance arrived quickly and paramedics treated the baby at the scene for hypothermia and she was rushed to the Dora Nazina Hospital for emergency treatment and warm up. Provincial Health spokeswoman Siswe Kopello said the newborn tot was found naked with the umbilical cord still attached and that she was suffering from hypothermia and respiratory problems.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Dyingew said the only way the baby could have got there in the drain was by someone removing the cement cover and climbing down inside and placing her there. She said there is a possibility that the person who did this may have come from outside the area and placed the child there. We are appealing for witnesses and the mother of this baby to come forward. A woman walking her dog heard a baby crying and stopped a motorist, and on lifting the drain cover they found a baby girl which was naked and screaming with the umbilical cord still abandoned. The case of concealment of birth and child abandonment is under investigation.

Charmaine said I honestly believe I was meant to find that baby by God, as I usually take a different route on my dog walk, but for some reason went another way. I cannot help but feel that there is some sort of plan and purpose for this little girl’s life. It is a miracle, without a doubt. When Georgie first started barking at the noises, I thought it was a cat, but then I realized it was a baby and people must have thought I was mad because I was trying to stop all these passing cars. I don’t know what would have happened if this guy had not stopped to help me.

He got a steel bar from the boot of his car and we lifted the cover off the drain and then he dropped down inside. When he handed me this tiny crying baby, I immediately wrapped it in my jersey and kept her warm. The ambulance came and assisted me and then they took it off to the hospital for treatment. She added, I honestly believe I was meant to find that baby and there’s obviously a plan or purpose in that girl’s life. And when I got home, I just said a prayer for that baby and for the baby’s mother.

We can’t just assume the mother didn’t want the baby and it must have been hard for her to leave the baby there, but I’m very happy to have found her and I’m delighted she’s alive and improving. There’s no way that a mother who had just given birth could have lifted that heavy concrete cover on her own, as it took me and a very strong man with a big steel bar to get the lintel off the drain.

There are clearly people out there who know who the mother and baby are, and I hope they come forward. Electric fence installer corny a married father of three said the baby is okay at the moment but picked up a bit of a viral infection because of exposure to the cold, but she’s a fighter and getting stronger. She’s not out of the woods yet, but she is breathing on her own now and the nurses say she’ll make it.

The baby weighed in at three 9. Family Violence, child Protection and Sexual Crimes Unit of the South African Police Service have been called in to try to trace the mother. Police initially said they were treating the case of a possible attempted homicide, but it was not immediately clear whether the mother would face criminal charges. Local police refused to comment, saying the case is under investigation. In China, unwanted pregnancies have been on the rise because of a lack of sex education and an increasingly lax attitude towards sex.

Young men and women are often engaged in unprotected sex, and abortions have become increasingly common, with abortion services widely available. These are some of the many reasons some mothers choose to abandon their babies. Experts say the shocking discovery of a newborn who was rescued alive from inside a stormwater drain in Durban this week highlights an ongoing crisis that needs to be addressed urgently.

Newborns are being dumped in bins, wrapped in plastic and thrown in the ved, discarded into trash to be delivered, to dumps and disposed of in a myriad of ways in their thousands, according to a Medical Research Council study, approximately 3500 children survive abandonment every year. Estimates are that for every one child found alive, two are found dead.