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The mother was dying then doctor orders to put the baby in her arms!

The mother was dying, then the doctor orders to put the baby in her arms it’s difficult to compare anything else to the bond between a mother and her newborn child, because there’s truly no other experience like it in life in moments of danger, new mamas will go To extraordinary lengths to protect their babies from developing superhuman strength to free babies, trapped under cars to risking their own lives to ensure their little ones are safe.

Any new mama will tell you about the deep instinctive need to protect her newborn from harm and the fact she would do anything to keep her baby safe. Even though they’re tiny and brand new to the world newborn babies have a very clever trick up their sleeves to get mums to spring to attention and meet their needs, all they have to do is cry.

It’S a good job and it works so well too, as babies are entirely dependent on adults for their survival. Lovely though they are new moms are not only responding to their baby, crying out of the goodness of their hearts.

A cry affects a mother’s, brain and body. In ways you wouldn’t expect, what you might not realize is babies can work a little life-saving magic of their own shelly cauley, a nursing student and husband, jeremy cawley, a ymca director weren’t trying to get pregnant, but they weren’t trying not to when shelley found out. She was pregnant with her first child. She and husband jeremy were very excited having a child with the person you love is such a big deal. Shelly said the couple planned to do a natural delivery and they attended weekly classes on natural childbirth.

We knew what we were going to do shelley explained, but then all of a sudden that plan was taken away from me. At eight months. Gestation doctors discovered a blood clot in shelley’s leg, so they began giving shelly blood thinners, eventually shelley’s water broke and jeremy took her to the hospital, but labor did not progress. Shelley had preeclampsia a disorder characterized by high blood pressure and too much protein in the urine. Preeclampsia, if untreated can lead to liver and kidney dysfunction and fluid in the lungs shelley was also diagnosed with help syndrome, a life-threatening condition involving the rupture of red blood cells, elevated liver enzymes and a low platelet count.

Doctors told shelley her baby had to be delivered immediately by emergency c-section going in for an emergency delivery. Shelly had a premonition. I was telling the doctors that i was scared. I wasn’t going to wake up. She said she didn’t.

The c-section was successful and rylan grace-cauley was born, but shelley failed to recover, as jeremy was holding his newborn daughter, doctors informed him that shelley’s lungs were filling with fluid and she was having trouble breathing on her own. Eventually, shelley fell into a coma physicians later discovered that the baby inside her womb had been holding shelley’s blood clot in place and when rylan was delivered, the clot migrated to shelley’s lung causing a pulmonary embolism. Shelley’S blood pressure was 60 over 40 and her heart rate was over. 180 beats a minute. She was hooked up to what doctors called the last chance ventilator pumping air into her lungs so violently that it rattled her hospital bed, husband, jeremy, said doctors were convinced.

They could only wait and see if shelly would wake up from the coma. The doctors had done all they could and it was clear they absolutely thought they were losing her. At this point, jeremy said that was when the doctors decided to bring the family together. We didn’t know how she was going to make it nurse. Ashley mannis told the washington post, the medical staff at carolina’s healthcare system northeast used the skin-to-skin method to strengthen the mother baby bond.

The physical touch stimulates the newborn’s brain development, stabilizes heart rate and helps maintain body temperature. Nurse manus suggested to lay little rylan on shelly’s chest. If that was going to be it for her, we wanted to be able to tell the baby your mom held you. She reasoned somewhere in shelley’s, subconscious she’d, hear the baby was calling out to her. Maybe mana said we just thought it can’t hurt, so we might as well give it a try.

Nurses brought little newborn rylan into shelly’s room. I was hoping somewhere deep down. Shelley was still there and could feel her baby hear her baby and hear mother’s instincts would come out. Manus anticipated jeremy explained that the hope was that if shelley could smell the baby feel the baby and hear the baby even in the coma. It would give her a reason to fight they needed her to start to fight.

They put the newborn on the mother’s chest, but tiny rylan went straight to sleep. We pinched rylan and tickled her a little bit so that shelley would hear her cry. Jeremy said, and then little rylan on his mommy’s chest cried as soon as her baby cried shelley’s vitals jumped jeremy said: rylan made the difference in saving her mother’s life. All the doctors said there was no way they would have gotten to that point. If shelly hadn’t made it through that night, he said doctors kept shelly in her coma so that she could get the care she needed, including 21 units of blood ventilators and a heart and lung bypass machine as the week-long ordeal continued jeremy put rylan in a t-shirt Of shelley’s, so rylan could smell her mother.

He even learned how to pump his wife’s breast milk. It was such an emotional and spiritual journey for our family. While she was gone, jeremy said god’s hand was all over everything. Finally, shelley awakened. Jeremy first asked her if she knew who i was if she knew my name and with the most breathy voice.

She said my name. Jeremy said it was such a huge thing. Then jeremy brought one week old rylynn into her mother. Shelley still couldn’t move rylan explained and you could see her eyes as soon as i brought in rylan her eyes locked on ryland. She just stared at her as i laid rylan on her chest as the washington post reports.

Jeremy brushed the hair from shelley’s forehead and asked her a question. Are you happy shelley nodded? Yes, i’ve got stories to tell you. He said from the death. Mom can respond to her baby like shelley.

Researchers are learning more and more about the relationship a mother has, with her baby around the world. New moms appear to have a universal response rate to their behaviors and in their brains when they hear their babies cry according to a study published in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences on monday, in the new study, moms from 11 countries consistently picked up Held and talked to their infants when they heard their infant sob,

MRI scans were also taken of the mother’s brains, which revealed heightened activity in regions tied to caregiving movement and speech. Finding such connections between the brain and behavior is in part. What neuroscience is all about said? The study’s lead author mark bornstein, chief of the national institute of child health and human development section in child and family research mommy responds to crying babies in just five seconds.

As for the practical side, infant cry is one of the most talked about and asked about. Issues for new parents cry also signals the health status of the child. Bernstein said infant cry, excites some adults, mothers included to respond with empathy and care, but others with neglect or even abuse. Infant cry is a trigger to male treatment, so understanding how mothers normally respond to cry at the behavioral and nervous systems levels is potentially telling. He said we hope this research will

spur others to study brain responses associated with non-normal variations in parenting, such as mothers who maltreat, inhuman mothers, such as the women in the new study, oxytocin and other brain chemicals, could be at play in reinforcing the urgency of responding To a crying baby, fromkey said after giving birth, a mother’s body is flooded with the hormone oxytocin, which is produced when they breastfeed snuggle or even look at their babies, known as the love hormone or the cuddle hormone.

Oxytocin promotes bonding and attachment every single task of the baby, except feeding has to be shared. It’S a family altogether now later, mother, son and father daughter, bonds take place. What’S interesting is that oxytocin is also released when a mum hears her baby crying and it prompts her to react and give comfort over time. The sound-sending neurons in the brain get better at recognizing baby’s cries and moms grow more responsive. Still it’s many years since shelley’s, miraculous recovery and this past weekend the family celebrated ryland’s, first birthday, with a big glitter-filled party for friends and family.

They even made a time capsule for the adorable little blonde girl to open when she turns 18 But there’s one thing: mom doesn’t plan to wait very long to tell her. I just look at her now and think of the amazing bond we have. I can tell her when she grows up that she saved my life. She said: shelley posted the following on facebook. As the night comes to a close, i reflect on my day and how different it was than this time last year, what a difference a year makes.

Last year i was fighting for my life and this year i have a one-year-old who’s thriving and i’m back in nursing school. Doing what i love satan tried to take me down, but thanks to our mighty god and all the amazing prayer warriors, what could have been an end to my life was just a bump in the road to my journey. Can’T wait to discover what god has planned for my life and to just enjoy the ride on the way there. The importance of bonding with the primary caregiver cannot be overestimated. Failure to do so profoundly affects future development and the ability to love and comfort when distressed.

Contrary to the wisdom in past generations, responding quickly to crying, withholding and nursing will not spoil a baby. Instead, babies who are held and comforted when they need it during the first six months of life tend to be more secure and confident. As toddlers and older children seek help, if you feel that bonding is not progressing as it should, while bonding does not occur instantly for

everyone, it should be well established within the first few months after you bring your baby home for any problem. With your baby, ask your physician for help if you feel there’s something wrong. Life is like a weave of cloth, woven with black, pink and blue threads with a hint of silver and gold here and there it has its own charms.

The ups and downs, betrayals and love life is like a river. It flows, irrespective of the hurdles along its way, but your decisions are like the dams, the rains that take charge and alters the course of your life. Consequently, life does manage to surprise us every now and then it’s because of this innate quality that you shouldn’t ever give up on life. There’S always a way out your moments of magic. Your hints of silver and gold are yet to come.

If you believe in miracles, please share shelley and ryland’s amazing story with all of your friends on facebook, thanks for reading.

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