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The nurse left the baby alone seconds after he was born then it happens

The nurse left the baby alone seconds after he was born. Then it happens. This nurse changed her life and this poor baby. After this shocking moment, they had to face together. Certain people do something sometimes try to make the children feel guilty and harass the child for what a parent did.

Children are often ridiculed because of their parents’crimes. That’s a shame. No child should suffer. Children are innocent and they don’t take part in the parents crimes. If I killed somebody tomorrow, the first thing that will happen is that my children will somehow be blamed for my actions.

My children would probably be bullied because of me. The children usually develop mental problems. People need to grow up and realize the child is innocent. What their parents did is in no way a reflection of who the children are. How can a mother abandon a child?

This very thought is very upsetting. She might be underage to bear the baby. She’s very poor to nurture the baby baby is illegal. She might not want that baby. She might be doing it under pressure.

She might have got pregnant by mistake. And now regretting. In India, if a woman gets pregnant before marrying, then it is very common child is abandoned in spite of making people aware some health issues. She already having children, so might not want this baby. She can willingly give the baby up for adoption.

Sometimes a mother abandons her children because she cannot take care of them completely. Either she feels like she can’t do it physically or mentally, or both, and wants to give the children a better life than she alone can provide. There are also mothers that have been raped or never wanted the children to begin with. I don’t know what exactly that feels like because I would never abandon my child. I have my own beliefs.

I imagine that they feel guilty, ashamed, and possibly regretful. On the other hand, they might feel hopeful and relieved. It would probably be hard for a child to feel as though they were abandoned. It makes me sad to think about it. I don’t know how the child can love her after, but everyone is different and many children grow up okay and make amends with it.

We can’t understand a woman did this. However, God always make a plan. Parents of a newborn baby who suffered horrific Burns just after he was born have cruelly abandoned him because of his injuries. Mate Zirnko was born on November 16, 2014 in Tula, Russia, which is 2 hours south of Moscow. He was born a happy and healthy boy, but he did have a mild case of jauntis.

For his treatment, doctors prescribed light therapy, which meant he would lay under a special lamp for brief periods of time. The baby left under a UV lamp. As parents, we tend to see hospitals as a safe haven, especially when we take our children there. Now imagine that you entrusted your baby to the tender, loving care of the nurses there. And they failed you.

For one couple in Moscow, this what if scenario is a real life nightmare. After they took their baby to undergo a routine therapy to treat his jauntist, what happened next shook their faith in hospitals. Meet Matevi Zorenko, who was born in Tula, Russia. The city is only 2 hours away from Moscow by car. Matthew was a happy child who loved to smile, and his parents were beyond thrilled for him to be in their lives.

Then one day, motivated got very sick. So the couple rushed him to a nearby hospital. But what neither of them knew at the time was that their lives and that of their child would be altered forever. Motvy’s skin had turned Yellow Motley’s folks had gotten very worried because their son’s skin had turned yellow. Now, this is a fairly common symptom of jaunty, which can happen in newborns.

The yellowing of the skin is caused by excessive buildup of bilaruben, a substance found in the blood. Motvy had developed jauntis, which turned out to be an unexpected illness with some equally unexpected life altering side effects. But neither the nurses nor his parents could have foreseen what awaited the child. Jauntus is common in newborns. Babies can develop jaunty out of the blue.

In fact, it’s such a common occurrence that Western doctors give newborns checkups five days after they’re born just to make sure they haven’t developed it. But the reason behind the jauntice is because their tiny bodies haven’t figured out how to remove all the bill Aruba from their systems yet. Until now, their mother’s placenta took care of while they were in the womb. The problem started out small. Most cases of jaunty, the condition doesn’t require any treatment.

In fact, the symptoms which appear within the first five days after birth go away in a week. That’s because the baby’s body eventually figures out how to process the bilirubin in their system on their own. However, in Matthew’s case, the jauntis didn’t go away. It actually got a whole lot worse, which was a sign of potential issues. But for Motvy, this was only the beginning.

Diagnosing jauntus is easy. Motvi’s doctors conducted a routine physical exam and talked to the parents about the general health of their baby and their own to screen out any possible abnormalities Besides the child’s family medical history. The doctor checked to see if Motvi had a different blood type than his parents. Then he’d press the device against the body’s skin to check the bilirubin levels in his blood. The results concerned the doctor, which led him to make a decision on how the boy was going to be treated.

But this choice ended up altering Motvi’s life in unforeseen ways. Motvi underwent a common treatment. Uv therapy is often prescribed to babies who are suffering from jauntus. The procedure directs UV light onto the child using a process known as phototherapy. But it’s not as simple as it sounds, you can’t just leave your child out to soak up some sunlight.

This treatment needs to be administered by a health professional. So naturally, Motvi’s parents placed their child’s fate in the hands of the hospital. After all, there was nothing to indicate that a common treatment could have uncommon side effects the day that everything went wrong. Uv light therapy requires constant supervision. But Motvi’s parents weren’t worried, so they allowed their son to undergo the treatment.

They didn’t realize that something was about to go terribly wrong. Monday experienced two horrific events. For starters, the hospital nurse, who had been closely monitoring the child, left the room, which shouldn’t have happened at all. Then, while the nurse was away, the UV lamp exploded near poor Matvi. Mavi was seriously burned.

When the nurse returned to the room, she was horrified. When the UV lamp had exploded, it engulfed Mozzy in flames. But as the child’s flesh started to disintegrate, the nurses did her best to put out the fire. Unfortunately, by the time Matvi was safe, he had suffered severe Burns all over his tiny body. But while the lamp could have exploded with the nurse there, she might have been able to spare the child from unnecessary pain and suffering.

His Burns were serious. While small Burns can be painful, serious ones like the ones might be suffered are excruciating and difficult to heal. In some cases, they’re even life threatening. In most cases, people who are burned in large portions of their body are vulnerable to illnesses and death. So it seemed like Motvey was in for the fight of his young life, and the hospital would have to do whatever it takes to even try and perform a miracle if possible, to ensure the child’s survival.

Matthew had second and third degree Burns. First degree Burns are minor, like the ones you get when you touch a hot stove by accident. It usually causes the skin to Redden, but the area heals on its own. Second degree Burns are more serious because the Burns reach under the skin surface. But if you suffer from third degree Burns, it’s worse because it’s not just the skin that’s burnt, but the tissue underneath, too.

In Motvy’s case, his Burns were second and third degree, which meant he was in a great deal of agony. He was permanently disfigured. Matthew had been permanently scarred and disfigured as a result of the UV lamps explosion, but he’s in no immediate danger. Thankfully, the hospital was able to treat his injuries to ensure that the baby would survive. Unfortunately, even with plastic surgery, which will be an ongoing process, Modfee’s natural appearance will never fully be restored.

But sadly, this isn’t the worst news that the child has had to face in his young life. His parents turned their backs on him. As if being burned alive by an exploding UV lamp wasn’t traumatic enough. Matty had to deal with another heartbreaking situation. His parents, who should have been there to nurture him decided that they didn’t want to take care of a child who would suffer from health issues and deformation as a result of his injuries.

So while he lay in the burn unit Struggling with the pain, Motvi’s parents walked out of his life and never came back. Motfy needs constant treatment. While the hospital stabilized Motfy’s condition, he still needs a lot of treatments. Sadly, 70% of the child’s body was burned, and that includes some of his internal organs. But while the emergency surgery conducted on him saved his life, he still has a long way to go, and the fight for a normal life will be a tough one.