The old man asked her to sleep in her house this is what he did in the middle of night

The old man asked to sleep in her house. This is what he did in the middle of the night. Marie had always been a very compassionate girl from childhood. It was clear that there was no kinder child. She was raised by her grandmother who tried to give her granddaughter the best so that she wouldn’t feel her parents absence.

They worked as doctors in another country and earned money. They had no worries about their daughters, knowing that their grandmother was trustworthy in her upbringing. When the parents first left maria was seven years old, her grandmother worked as a school principal which maria attended the girl didn’t know.

Her grandfather grandma said that he’d been missing for many years. Maria was well aware that her parents had to go to work abroad, so she didn’t ask unnecessary questions when they’d return, they lived in a small cottage in the town which was located in a cozy valley, among the hills, maria loved, to take care of the plants In a small vegetable garden and flower bed, watering was trying to not miss a single flower.

Grandmother was proud of her little granddaughter assistant. Of course, the woman understood that maria missed her parents and wanted to see them more often, but unfortunately it was impossible and when maria was 14 a terrible thing happened. Her parents died in a plane crash when they were just flying home to their country. For a teenage girl, it was unthinkable blow and it’s impossible to describe her grief. Maria’S life had greatly changed.

She almost stopped smiling and from now on, she wasn’t warmed by the thought that her parents were coming soon. Her grandmother’s health had drastically worsened because of what had happened and maria took care of her as best she could a few more years passed and maria graduated from high school. She had no further plans to study. She always wanted to help people just like her parents, but she had no interest in medicine. Maria, like many teenagers.

Her age did not know what she wanted to do by chance. She came across an advertisement for a makeup course and the idea appealed to her. So maria became a makeup artist. When the girl was 25, she had the idea to move to the capitol the grandmother supported her saying it wasn’t worth it to stay near her. All this time in their town, maria, was hesitant to move for a long time afraid to leave her sick grandmother alone.

Don’T worry about me i’ll manage, but it’s time for you to think about the future. You need to find your place in life and arrange your personal life. The elderly woman always tried to set a good example for her, granddaughter, even in those moments when she felt bad, she tried not to show it after much deliberation and making sure that her grandmother could handle herself maria said goodbye to her and her friends and left In search of a better life, the capital turned out to be much bigger than she had imagined. Beautiful buildings and landscapes delighted the eye on the same day, maria found a suitable apartment and after a while, she was able to get a job in one of the capitals, beauty salons. She had her own client base and things went uphill, but her private life.

Everything was as before, maria was busy with her beloved work and had no time for boyfriends. Every weekend, maria visited her grandmother and one day on her way home. She got a flat tire when she was just a few kilometers from her house. It was raining heavily maria was very upset and angry at the world. At that moment she didn’t know yet, but it was a sign of fate.

After opening the umbrella, she got out of the car and began to examine the wheel and saw a self-tapping screw sticking out. She pulled it out, but she couldn’t drive any further. The young woman got into her car again and began to think about what to do. There was a spare tire in the trunk when he saw the young woman in a difficult situation. He decided to help her.

He stopped and approached maria hello. Let me help you maria quickly turned around and saw a handsome man in front of her. He was very tall, so she looked up at him. If you don’t mind, i got a flat tire and i have no idea how to fix it. I looked on the internet, but unfortunately i don’t have the necessary tools at the moment.

Maria felt like a barbie doll, because she lost the power of speech in front of a handsome man and spoke incoherent words. The man looked at her surprised and then went to his car and maria noticed that it was a fancy black suit and after a few minutes, the man returned and began to change the tire and maria held an umbrella over him, so that the rain wouldn’t drench Him completely after finishing the job, the stranger prepared to leave. Wait. Please wait. A second maria quickly ran to the car and found her purse.

How much do i owe you you just saved my life? Are you kidding me when she came to her senses? She realized that she hadn’t even asked his name back home maria, could only think of her savior in her dreams. She drifted far ahead. It would seem that the meeting happened only an hour ago, but maria had already planned their whole life.

The next day lasted unimaginably long, maria didn’t move away from the phone afraid to miss a call from a stranger but a day. Two three days passed and the man never called the woman. She was overcome by a wave of disappointment. She got ready and went to her grandmother’s house in the evening, since tomorrow was her day off there. She took up the household chores, which had piled up a lot because her grandmother had not been feeling well lately.

After doing all the work maria went to bed and fell asleep soundly grandmother admired her sleeping granddaughter, seeing her as the same little girl. She never said so, but in her heart she was worried about maria, especially because she would soon be 30 years old and she wasn’t married the next evening, maria drove back to the capitol. It was cloudy that day again on her way to the driveway. She saw an old man on the bench he was sitting in the beginning rain in a thin overcoat maria couldn’t pass by. She came closer and asked why he was alone on such a rainy evening.

I just don’t have anywhere to go. You see, i was in the city for a checkup and i was discharged a day early, but my family doesn’t know about it tomorrow morning. My son or daughter is supposed to come. For me problem is that i accidentally dropped my phone in the pond. While i was in the park, i wanted to go for a walk after the hospital and get some air first and then call my family as i was feeding the ducks.

My phone accidentally fell out of my pocket and into the water, and i can’t remember the number by heart. So i guess i’ll have to wait here until tomorrow. Maria couldn’t leave the elderly man in trouble and offered him to spend the night at her place, but he flatly refused not wanting to embarrass her. No amount of persuasion helped and then maria suggested that as a last resort, he could at least sleep in her car. The elderly man looked at the woman with sad eyes and agreed maria shook her head reproachfully looking at the stubborn elderly man and took him to her car.

She gave him the keys and took out a pillow out of the trunk. The man was very grateful and maria went home. Of course she didn’t feel any peace of mind. She wanted very much to persuade the old man to sleep in her apartment, but he flatly refused the woman gathered the dinner in a container poured. Tea took a warm blanket and went to the car.

She gave it all to the old man and asked him to drop the keys in the mailbox if he left before she woke up for a long time. She couldn’t sleep and when she did, she constantly woke up and went to the window to check on the old man. Everything was quiet, the car was in the yard and the light was off in the late morning. She awakened by a strange phone call an unknown man asked if her number was tied to her bank account. The young woman decided that it was a scammer and an annoyance.

She hung up getting out of bed. She went to the bathroom to clear up and then she turned and found an sms from the bank, which said that a large sum of money was transferred to her bank account maria’s eyes widened when she began to count how many zeros this number had. She logged into the mobile bank and the information was confirmed. Maria ran to the nearest bank branch to find out where the money had come from at the bank. They only gave her the sender’s name.

The details were unfamiliar to her. You deserve a big reward for what you did. The woman had no idea what he was talking about and the man explained you helped my father yesterday and today my father asked me to thank you. I didn’t do anything unusual, i’m going to give you your money back and by the way, what’s your father’s name. Unfortunately, i didn’t even ask yesterday, and the man answered that his name was harley.

Maria was very surprised. The old man’s name was the same as her grandfather’s who disappeared. Many years ago, harley’s relatives met her at the railway station and brought her to a large mansion. She’D never been to such a beautiful house before and had only seen them on television at the threshold. The same old man, he greeted her kindly and called her his granddaughter met.

Her maria didn’t know what to say. The old man noticed her surprise and explained that he’d seen her driver’s license in the car and knew from it who she really was and that she looked a lot like her father, your grandmother and i divorced a long time ago before you were born. Of course it was my fault, i don’t excuse myself, i cheated on your grandmother and she never forgave me to everyone. I was declared simply missing. I went to see her several times and tried to ask her to forgive me, but she could never forgive me.

In addition, she forbade me to communicate with my son. The old man, told his story and cried and imagine what a miracle it is the world is so vast and you and i somehow magically met. They talked for a long time. Suddenly maria’s phone rang, it was the stranger who had changed her wheel. It turned out that he had lost her business card and was very upset.

Fortunately, he remembered the name of the beauty salon and a colleague gave her the number maria breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out her savior hadn’t forgotten her and his long silence was easily explained. Life began to get better from all sides, and the main thing maria realized was that you have to be optimistic, believe in miracles and believe that god has good plans for you. Thanks for reading.

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