Story Time

The she wolf wouldn’t leave the woman in coffin then the doctor look under her & calls the cops

The she-wolf wouldn’t leave the woman in coffin. Then the doctor looked under her and calls the cops. The gravedigger was sitting at the corner of his graveyard house, with his faithful she-wolf that he rescued when she was little after her mother killed by poachers. He was unbelievably tired of his life. He was not willing to change his life.

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. There would always be a beauty in everyone’s word, but might be pain in their silence. It’S the reality. The pain never goes away, and you just elevate and get used to it by the time, but for most of the people the pain becomes their cure as they let their pain hurt them until it can’t hurt them anymore. People might have thousands of reasons to die and millions of tears to cry.

You may be depressed, hopeless, broken hearted or even scared, but in the end you are the only one to pet your shoulder and make yourself understand that you’re, the only person who understands you, the great art of life, is a sensational to feel that we exist even In pain, this is the rule of life. Life is always unpredictable for those who left the pain beyond and move forward with life. Here’S the story of a man, his wolf, about a woman to share in the norway where he lived a man in a graveyard house as he was a gravedigger. His life was not easy, as other people could have. He had only this earning which got finished by the end of three weeks.

The last weeks get rough for him and his mother, his mother, was a brave woman. She used to give courage not only to lose hope in any condition he might smile in front of her, but deep down. He was not happy to be a gravedigger, as their job didn’t give him and his mother full-fledged eating for a single day in a month. His mother was even ill for real starving. He really loved his mother and he used to cry at night for being so helpless and prayed all the time to get a reasonable earning for his mother’s treatment and eating.

Every evening he used to visit the nearest marketplace, but nobody let him work because he had no experience rather than digging graves. But here is a saying: darker days are not meant to stay forever. There will be a sunshine, as every night is followed by daylight as a routine. He went to the nearest market. He kept visiting every single place he could, but of no use.

No one was willing to give him work to do. He sat on a bench seeing people roaming here and there recalling his mother’s words of not losing hope. He went directly to a building nearby the market. It was an old building having mysterious kind of impression the walls were painted horribly. There were signs of horror and terror.

The man could easily see some people fighting to each other on the wall. He was scared of every single scene painted yet kept moving. As this building was his childhood dream to be visited, as he moved forward to the door, which was the main entrance to the hall, a man stopped him and asked him not to enter the main steam hall. Considering him a beggar, he got so depressed at the moment. I was about to leave the place, but suddenly he heard a hawk screaming for inside the building.

People started running and shouting out of fear. Nobody exactly knew what’s happening around the man who stopped the gravedigger, ran inside the building with his weapon in hand. Thinking of any mishappening occurred, the gravedigger followed him too. The middle yard was much too big yet scary. There were many people gathered there.

The gravedigger could not understand why the people are gathered and, what’s the reasoning they’re running to flee the place tried moving forward out of the mob, but people pushed him back to the step he put forward. He felt helpless to find the reason behind this haphazard as soon as people started moving outside, he got to the main yard area. To his surprise, it was an old, rich graveyard. Building there were many graves in the middle of the hall. People were gathered for the last rituals of a funeral.

The coffin was kept in the middle to pay tribute to the departed soul. Family was not present, as there was an incident that took place, but what happened there? No one could explain, as everyone was in a hurry to leave this haunted place as soon as possible. Even the prayer master was also missing out of fear. Now the mystery had to be solved.

The man struggled harder to get closer to the coffin as soon as he approached he heard a shout from behind stopping him to get closer. He turned around to see the man who was calling him. The father in the coffin was a woman. There was a woman, but the father of the coffin kept in the middle spoke to the man. Don’T go there, you’ll be dead.

Other people got dead, the gravedigger couldn’t deny that the old man was saying he surprisingly looked into his eyes. The man continued. This building is haunted. This was used to be among famous old churches by the time old disrespected and made it a common rich man’s graveyard people used murder and hid the body into the basement. Now this became a dangerous place as the smell of blood and all the bloodsucker animals and human live in the basement.

This was told to us by the gravedigger. That’S why everyone is running out of fear. However, the brave animal did not leave the place. I’M the father and i’m compelled to stay and bury the coffin or will die. I have no other choice.

The man listened very carefully and let the old man sit behind the big round table near the staircase. The father started crying like a kid and told the gravedigger that his young daughter came across this building. Nobody knew what would happen to her. They were just informed as the news spread in the market about the death of my daughter. We moved toward the building thinking to save my daughter, but now we have our own daughter in the coffin.

We tried to put her in the grave but that she will stop them and her friend understand that there’s something terrible happening there so feared yet broken of this event. He added that more that all people we are agreeing to find and bury the body, but all are left due to fear and horror. The gravedigger asked him about the basement. Staircase the man pointed the way down. He was about to move downwards.

The father stopped him, but he did not agree and started moving quickly to the staircase. As soon as he stepped down, the dark smelly place was making him faint, he might lose control, but his wild animal was with him systematically, but somebody grabbed his hand and snatched towards the upper case. He again came near to the coffin observing the whole incident. As soon as the wolf got close to the woman’s coffin, she found a hole near the coffin, the she-wolf bravely peeped from the hole, but could not find anything as it was too dark. The hall was empty, there were only two people left gravedigger asked a man to bring a torchlight.

He did. As the man asked, he came closer and turned the light toward the hole. It was heart, wrenching and scary to see human parts. He gazed to the light towards the hole the man got breathless yet courageous. He was not a coward person.

He grew up a brave man to with his wild animal. They many accidents like this, but this was the first time with this terrible feeling he was even used to digging graves at night. All of a sudden, he thought to make this place split and animal free. He already had an idea of how to make these people leave the haunted building. Wolf led him to a newborn baby was buried behind this young woman had seen that this dad abused his daughter and when she got pregnant he invented the whole story about this haunted house to prevent people come across, but this wolf gravedigger managed to discover the ugly Truth about this place, he was alone with his she-wolf digging together to save a life, or at least let people punish this abuser.

Man. Behind the woman body there was a newborn baby who was sleepy as dead wolf pulled the dead body’s hand from the cough and find a message that said that her father was killing her and her baby. God miracle happened when she gave birth in coffin and this man and his animal was around to find what really happened. His eyes were filled with tears, seeing a newborn crying out of fear. He went closer to get the baby, but he got scared and shouted louder for help.

The whole town wanted to be appreciated what this man did and his animal to the late woman and save her baby. Her father was arrested and later was charged to death by court for what he did. The church priest want to praise what the gravedigger did. Life always challenges that in darkest moment a light change our life. This light bright from our depth faith when you did good to animals, animals will praise you more.

This whole accident happened to change this man, life and the wolf say, thanks to him too, and at least save a life too from the middle prayer hall, the father, the town and people around the market got to know about the whole incident. They appreciated and designated him as a church guard. He and his mother were also given a place to live near the church onwards. He was a fixed paid person to take care of the church and surroundings. Everyone named him, the bravest person in town.

He got his mother to the hospital for special care she healed in a few days. Their life became easier due to the kind and brave act. This bravery act left a positive impact on the people in town. They felt ashamed of what they used to do with the gravedigger. They learned the process that poverty is not the thing to hate.

The act of being cruel, less helping and uncooperative nature is hateable. Poverty and profession have nothing to do to compare with bravery and good attitude. The gravedigger felt blessed and recalled the words of his mother that when life gives you something that makes you afraid, then life gives you a chance to be brave, so be brave. Even if you’re, not no one can tell the difference and without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind.

True merciful, generous or honest failure has nothing to do with your bravery, so take chances make mistakes. That’S how you grow pain, nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave, be brave enough to live creatively and creative place where no one had ever been fortune. Favors, the bold and universe favors, the brave when you resolve to lift your life to its highest level, the strength of your soul will guide to the magical place with magnificent treasures. And yes, it’s the hardest part of life is the courage to try if the clear the level you can win the world thanks for reading.