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The shocking good bye between these beautiful friends has actually broke the internet

The shocking goodbye between these beautiful friends has actually broke to the internet. A video that has gone viral on social media shows a therapy horse comforting a patient. The video was shared on good news correspondence. Twitter handle the video shows the man breaking down as the horse rests his head on his chest. The video has over 8 million views.

Animals can be an incredible comfort for people when they need them. The most meeting, a gentle friendly animal, can have a real therapeutic effect for people who are sick or injured. That’S what one video shows as an injured bedridden man becomes Overjoyed while getting a visit from a friendly horse. Pakoka, a therapy horse tries to comfort the patient by resting its head on his chest. The patient broke down into tears as the horse tried to comfort him.

It’S such a heartwarming video, and if it doesn’t make you emotional, we won’t know what will the patient is moved to tears when this therapy horse named pakoka calmly rests its head on the patient’s chest. The Equine Therapy Center in Brazil stated that they had never seen any of their horses act like this with their patients. The video caption reads: coletivo inclusau is a non-profit organization that, according to their website, promotes the social inclusion of people with disabilities and people in situations of social vulnerability. The organization also frequently uses horses as a form of therapy for people in need. Recently, one of their horses had a very heartwarming interaction with someone in need of comfort.

According to Brazilian Outlet, ammo muped Zhao Eber darosha was injured in a truck accident in February 2021. His vehicle was overturned, leaving him in serious condition. He has been bedridden in recovery from his injuries ever since he reportedly had a diffuse, axonal injury and received a tracheostomy in the ICU. The injury has been heartbreaking for his daughter Audrey, but recently she found a unique way to cheer her father up during his recovery. The father and daughter took a trip to kolativo in clue South’s headquarters, and there the injured Zhao got a special visit from a therapy horse named pakoka.

The gentle horse lays his head down on jao’s chest as if to let him know everything is going to be. Okay, Joe becomes emotional by the sweet horse’s visit and begins crying. He stood like this with Dad the whole time Audrey wrote on Instagram. It was beautiful. The sweet video has gone viral since being uploaded last week and now has over 7 million views.

It’S a sweet reminder of the power animals have to help and comfort people during the times of need. Sometimes just seeing a beautiful animal like this horse can make you feel less alone. Coletivo and skusao was thrilled to see their therapy horse. Make such a big difference in this man’s life and by the overwhelming responses to the video. We are very happy about the impact that our little horse pakoka has had on social networks.

They wrote on Instagram much love complicity and healing this video touched many hearts. Some took to the comments section to narrate how their pets or other animals help them overcome a lost trauma. My cat x-ray knew I had cancer before I was diagnosed. He started cuddling me and being really affectionate after nine years of only sitting. Next to me, animals are wonderful: a user wrote what a sweet video we wish Zhao a speedy and healthy recovery and hope this special horse continues to inspire people when they need it.

Animals have a way of surprising human beings with their talents and brains. Yet Dr payo is distinct from even the most gifted, with its capacity to detect cancer and help individuals pass on a phenomenal horse named Dr payo appears to possess an astounding ability recognizing when individuals are inflicted with tumors or cancer. He spends his time consoling those with malignancy who are in critical condition. According to this horse’s page, his Services have been packaged into a non-profit organization called Les sabudes decor. There are therapy focused establishment that is researching payo’s gifts, time to work.

There are numerous pictures on this page of Dr payo fulfilling his altruistic duties. Some are of him with patience, others with doctors and nurses, and several are of this beauty enjoying his time off. Dr payo has identified numerous cases of tumors in cancer. According to this account, the horse’s focus is on helping those who are terminally ill. On top of this, it states that his vocation is also to specifically assist children who have cancer a special bond.

The page also lists the name of his trainer Hassan uchakur. The two have an extraordinary relationship with bushakur expressing payo’s mother half. He is my life partner. He is everything to me. Originally, they were participating in equestrian shows together.

However, after he had completed his Showmanship responsibilities, the doctor would go up to certain people and remain stubbornly beside them. Discovering payo’s gifts buchakore began to feel that his horse was approaching individuals suffering from either physical or mental pain. Extensive professional research followed this and it was found that peo has distinctive brain functions. This special animal and his trainers spend nearly every day at the Calais Hospital in France visiting patients and staff since they started doing so. Dr peo has identified numerous cases of tumors in cancer honoring the end another beautiful ability is that the horse has to provide comfort and peace to those nearing their final moments.

Speaking about the process, his trainer said it’s a unique experience to look after a person who is facing death to stay with them and tell them don’t worry, you can go in peace. The Handler admits that when his horse is doing his job, it’s difficult to accept that he is no longer The Authority between them. The animal simply follows his instincts without Direction. Man’S gifted friend, Dr peo, is one of many ingenious and talented animals. Another example is red.

Fox Labrador, copper, who communicates with her owner Tia Harrell by pressing one of 40 sound buttons. These buttons have pre-recorded words and the dog uses them to let her owner know what she needs. Herrell is a speech-language, pathologist and built Copper’s. First sound button. This loyal animal said Last Goodbye Horses hold a truly special place in our hearts.

One cowboy named Kevin Atkins from Kansas has spent every day with his [ __ ] Vic for nearly two decades, with the pair sharing a close relationship. Atkins and Vic had an incredible Bond sharing both the good times and the bad times. Despite receiving a cancer diagnosis, Atkins was able to still spend time with his beloved Vic. However, his illness soon led him to the hospital where he was no longer able to visit his best friend every day. Fortunately, the Cowboys daughter made her father’s dying wish to come true, as he was able to see Vic one last time in an emotional reunion, Atkins bought Vic nearly 20 years ago from D J Ranch and the pair was Inseparable from day one.

No matter the day. Atkins always made time for his trusty steed from writing to Simply spending time with each other. The duo had a strong friendship for as long as he could Atkins was determined to not let cancer get in the way of spending time at the barn. Even when he couldn’t spend time in the saddle, the 55 year old would still visit his 27 year old horse. Unfortunately, as his cancer progressed, he was admitted to the hospital and went weeks without seeing Vic, while in the hospital the cowboy expressed a desire to see his faithful companion One Last Time.

Luckily, his daughter Delaney was able to arrange an ambulance to take her father to see Vic in the touching reunion Atkins spent some Precious Moments with his cherished Vic in the emotional video taken by his daughter, Adkins can be seen happily smiling, as he spends time with Vic right by the side of his stretcher after sharing many years together, the two friends said their final goodbyes.

Sadly, Atkins passed away the next day after a three year, long battle with cancer Vic served as an honorary pallbearer at his funeral during their time. Together. The pair had an amazing relationship that showcased the incredible bond between man and horse in his memory, the Kevin B Adkins Cowboy Relief Fund was set up to help other families in need in the cowboy Community. Even dogs do a great job with patients when JJ a Golden Retriever therapy dog climbed into bed, with a comatose hospice patient who was alone in the world and her in her final hours, a little miracle happened as JJ gently, nuzzled and licked the patient’s unmoving hand.

It began to respond with first tiny, almost imperceptible movements JJ encouraged the faint response with more nuzzling and received what would be the patient’s Final Act, tender caresses to JJ’s soft furry head Tracy Calhoun, a hospice nurse caught the poignant moment between her dog and her patient. With the camera phone and posted it on JJ’s Facebook page, the video quickly went viral and has been seen by millions worldwide.

The idea of bringing animals into a medical setting hasn’t always been a welcome idea, but when a Denver hospital began allowing therapy dogs for ill children in the mid-1980s, the tide began to turn. Calhoun says it made such a huge difference and the staff could see that she says, as dogs have been elevated to family status and migrated from the backyard to the living room. Their therapy counterparts have been welcomed into schools, libraries, nursing homes, hospitals and hospice settings.

Animal assisted therapy has been shown to reduce anxiety, pain, depression fatigue and stress in both medical and non-medical situations. According to the Mayo Clinic, not only does pet therapy help in symptom management, it also boosts patients, well-being, there’s just something real. When you touch an animal, she says it’s calming and lowers your stress level in blood pressure. Calhoun has been a pet therapy advocate for decades. Indeed, as a hospice nurse in the mid-1990s, she arranged the first hospice visit in Washington state by therapy dogs dogs live in the moment and they bring you the moment.

Calhoun says even if it’s just for two or five or ten minutes they make you forget. What’S going on whether it’s sadness or anticipatory grief spending time with this unconditional love is a huge huge benefit registered therapy pads can include cats, rabbits, baby, goats, miniature horses and even potbellied pigs, but generally they are dogs. Calhoun says: pet therapy is safe and secure for patients, because therapy animals are clean, vaccinated, screened for temperament and well trained to gently interact with those who need them. Therapy animals go out into the world just to be loved on and bring Comfort. Calhoun says there are times when, as a nurse, there are no words to comfort a patient or family, but there were times when JJ would go and seek out those who needed her.

The most Calhoun says, with heavy grief dogs can lick away the tears or put their head in someone’s lap. Even if a patient doesn’t want to interact with the therapy dog, the animal’s mere presence can create a homey atmosphere, adding to the patient’s quality of life. She says pet therapy can be as beautiful for family members as for hospice patients. Calhoun says recalling one of her patients a man in his 30s with a brain tumor who had moved in with his parents after diagnosis. While her patient enjoyed the visits from Calhoun’s therapy dog Cali, his parents joyfully embraced the gentle dog to the point.

They brought a big box of dog biscuits to treat her each time. I can remember the dad’s expression. He just loves spending time with her. She says that respite having her around for half an hour petting her while I was doing my thing – was so nice for them it doesn’t take away from what’s going on, she adds, but it gives a brief little respite from the sadness around you. Besides being part of her professional life, animal assisted therapy is also deeply personal to Calhoun.

When my mom was on hospice in Montana, they would bring in baby goats. She had ALS amyotrophic, lateral sclerosis, a progressive neurodegenerative disease also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease and was losing some of her motor movement Calhoun says, but when they brought in the baby goats, she had a big smile on her face animals like our Backbone in difficult moments. A terminally ill woman in England was able to give a touching final goodbye to her beloved horse and two dogs from her hospice bed.

Jan Holman 68 was given the chance to say a final goodbye to her horse Bob in two King, Charles Spaniels, Monty and Rally from her bed at the hospice of the Good Shepherd in Chester. In North England, Holmen had been moved to the hospice of the Good Shepherd a month before and had missed spending time with her animals and a Facebook post shared on Wednesday.

A hospice spoke person said, following her arrival at the hospice. Our care team soon discovered that patient Jan Holman had some very special friends in her life and following a spell of four weeks in hospital, she was missing them desperately. These friends were none other than her two Cavalier King, Charles Spaniels, Monty and rally along with Bob a very handsome 50.2 pound piebald cob, emotive photographs shared by the hospice, showed Jan reaching out to pet Bobs through the window and also holding one of her dogs. That was brought to her bedside while Homan was unable to get out of bed.

She was happy to touch Bob one more time after staff wheeled her bed close to the window. According to the hospice spokesperson, Bob was able to put his head through the open window and nuzzled her neck and lap. Holman’S husband Dennis who she has been married to for 46 years said. He was delighted that his wife could say a final goodbye to her beloved pets in the same Facebook post Dennis added. It was just such a relief once Jan was moved from the hospital to the hospice in Chester and we were able to have named visitors who could come see, Jan regularly.

However, we never imagined that we would be able to include our dogs Monty and rally and Jan’s horse Bob on the visiting list Holmen later added. I just can’t believe with the staff here at the hospice have done for me until a few weeks ago. I was still writing bob every day and he is such an important part of my life and I have missed him so much. I knew that a raging for my dogs to visit was possible, as we had a neighbor who was a patient at the hospice a few years ago, and we were allowed to bring the dogs to visit her. But I just didn’t respect that they would ever be able to give me the chance to see Bob one more time.

The hospice of the Good Shepherd said it wanted to meet the various needs of patients during their time here. A hospice spokesperson added the ethos of hospice care is not just about caring for the clinical needs of our patients, but also looking after their emotional and spiritual needs as well. It’S about making a difference to our patients and their families in whatever way we can. They think humans can take care of themselves and that animals are helpless. But if you ever find yourself caring more about the dog that got, kicked and you’re, not caring about the guy sleeping in a box eating out of the trash, then you’re, not human, you have become the puppet.

Our country needs you to be hate, your fellow human, because the guy on your TV said you should this is why we’re having a hard time it’s like. There are parents and we have to do what they say, but not as they do. Maybe one day we’ll have no need for leaders, possibly because it’s easy to see how capable humans are of committing acts of evil abuse, purposefully, hurting others, rapes, dunks do most of the time. Animals don’t do these things, it’s all about survival. They don’t kill to kill.

They kill to defend and eat, they don’t abuse their children. Overall, animals are mostly seen as innocent in a way, it’s easier to have compassion for those who don’t purposefully and aimlessly cause harm for their own pleasure. This is just my opinion, though. Trust is an overpowering gift that animals give us, they do not steal, lie. Rape, commit incest, cheat murder or torture, they are pure of heart and soul.

They will be dedicated and loyal to you, their entire lives, and they just serve the same in return, whether wild or domestic. They deserve our respect. They deserve to be honored, they deserve so much more than the human race that has failed them show them. We are not all bad, we too have hearts and labs and arms to cuddle. They don’t really have much of a choice and usually don’t seem to mind giving this their all as long as we give them, love provide them with shelter, food and water.

Even in cases of neglect and abuse, the dog will try to protect its leader so begin today. By making a difference in this world on behalf of animals, you can volunteer, Foster, sign petitions online or make a donation of any size there’s just a magic about animals. Please share this heartwarming story.

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