Story Time

The Wandering Woman

The Wandering Woman Many of you might. Be aware of the season of Arizona. As it is dry and harsh for most of the year. It will not be wrong to say that monsoons are the only source of relief in harsh and dry summers. But monsoon do not always mean the weather is pleasant. The residents of Arizona face a weather.

Disaster every year because of monsoons. I, with my family, used to live in Phoenix, Arizona, and like all other residents, we also used experience the monsoons with all its accords. Growing up in Phoenix and dealing with monsoons every year was normal for us. Monsoons would make the weather pleasant but also came with lots of storms and that would only last from mid June to September.

The harsh storms would not come alone but would bring in blackouts along that would last for days and will leave us without any access to TV, computer games, and every other thing that require electricity. In those days it was very difficult to pass the time and we were only left with playing card or board games or to long conversations that would last for hours.

Conversation and narrating different stories used to be our favorite hobby and time pass. What else could we do in those times when there used to be blackouts everywhere and that too for days? As I said earlier, we did not have any access to TV or computer games and we were only left with a few options. Those games would be feasible to play during daytime when there used to be natural light, but night was too long in the dark.

There would be nothing to do in nights and being a super active kid, it was very difficult for me to spend that time. I was always in search of something interesting the past time that would keep me engaged. And finally I, along with my sister, discovered our favorite time pass. It was very interesting and a very new experience for us. We discovered the art of storytelling and that’s horror stories.

Isn’t it interesting? It was our routine that my sister and I liked to light several candles and tell each other different spooky stories. All those stories were about ghosts, vampires and other such creatures. All those stories were made up and we used to try our best to come up with the scariest one. It was kind of a competition between me and my sister.

But one thing I must say that all stories were interesting as well as scary. I still remember that I used to like each story, but there was a story that I will always remember and I think that it always stuck with me. At that time I used to think that my sister had made up this story to scare me. But now as a grown up and.

An adult, I realized the truth behind that story. It took me a long time to learn the truth, but finally I did it’s the story of the wandering woman. This story has always grabbed my attention and now I feel like telling this story to you all. I want you all to know the truth behind the wandering woman as I did. I want you all to know the real message that the story holds. Every story has some message. It all depends on how we perceive and take that message.

As kids, we don’t realize the importance of every story that we are told and we don’t understand the message behind it as well. But at one point or the other in life, we get to understand and able to decode every message of the story that we have heard in childhood. I believe these stories play a great part in making our personality.

As I said earlier, this story of the wandering woman also had a great impact on me. And later in life, I got to know the real message of the story. That is why I wanted to share this story with you all and want you to interpret that message for yourself without any further Ado.

Let’s start it. This is the tale of some 35 years ago. It was a hot summer night. Moon was at its peak as well as the summer. The hot weather was almost unbearable. At that night, Mary Barker, a kind and gentle woman, was working in the kitchen. She was preparing food for her family with a smile on her face. Mary was in a very good mood.

And was cooking food and excitement for her family. The hot weather had no effect on her, and she was happily busy in the kitchen. She was alone at home and was waiting for her husband, Dennis and children, Michael and Lauren. Dennis, with kids, had gone to the grocery store to pick up a special dessert because it was Michael’s 8th birthday and they wanted to celebrate it.

That was the reason that Mary was very joyful and energized. She couldn’t wait for the return of her family and serve them delicious food she prepared specially for the birthday of her son, Michael. That was the best of celebration for the Barker family. Their only son had turned eight and they wanted to make it special. That particular night was very hot and temperature.

Year continued to rise. It was increasing rapidly even at the. Evening time when the temperature and summers usually go down. As the temperature was increasing and it was getting hotter with every passing minute. It started to put heavy strain on the power grid. It was very risky to use electricity. Or any electric appliances because anything could happen. But of course no one was aware of this risk. It was very unusual that temperature was.

So high at night without knowing what. Was going to happen. The next moment Mary was busy in her cooking. She had to use the oven as. She was making a casserole. When she put the casserole in the oven there was a sudden big pop. There was a pin drop. Silence and darkness. What had just happened? No one knew and no one will ever come to know. It was all silence and dark everywhere. Mary almost lost her senses.

She couldn’t understand what happened. She took some time to process all that. As Mary regained her senses and realized. What had happened, she started to get panicked. She rushed towards the kitchen window to. See if the neighborhood also fallen into the same darkness as her home has. She was continuously thinking about her husband.

And kids at that moment. She wanted nothing but their safety. It was more than an hour that. They were out and still hadn’t come back. She didn’t know where exactly her family was. She was continuously thinking about them. She was worried for her little Angels. As she knew they would be scared. Especially little Lauren who always became so scared of the dark.

Mary was praying for the safe return. Of her kids and husband. They will soon be back anytime. Mary gave herself soulless, the car’s headlights. Would be in working condition and would help them to reach home safely. She whispered. Mary was trying her best to keep herself calm, but she wasn’t successful in that. She found out that she was sliding. On the floor, clutching at her chest. To remind herself to breathe. Mary was not in a good condition.

But what was making her more anxious was the absence of Dennis and her kids. So she waited deeply, enveloped in an ominous black. Her mind wandered with hopes and dreams of a safe return for her beloved ones. As the silence echoed through her ears. As the time felt like hours, Mary. Had to depend on every one of.

Her senses to stay positive as she genuinely agonized over the face of her loved ones. She ran her hands through her hair. And tightly hugged herself while rocking back. And forth, attempting to imagine pleasant places. That would somehow distract her from the.

Reality that was undoubtedly threatening to overwhelm the entire room. She went from sensory stimulation to sensory stimulation, attempting everything from counting her breasts to reciting the periodic table in her head until finally, after what felt like. An eternity in the dark, Mary could no longer take it.

She cautiously got to her feet and. Tried the light switch closest at hand. It lit up albeit a bit dimly. She stumbled through the house heading for. The front door for her pounded so. Hard she could feel it behind her. Eardrums as she closed each of the. Doors behind her as fast as possible. This was a very testing time for Mary.

She couldn’t process what was going on. And what can happen next. Light shone from the bathroom as Mary. Walked through her house clutching her chest tightly. She was terrified beyond measure and so frightened that the hairs on the back. Of her neck stood up. She shut her eyes tight blinking several. Times as if to assure herself that. This was just a nightmare. She couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Suddenly before her eyes opened wide with. Terror she ended up seeing a mirror. Image of herself and freaked out. The girl in front of Mary seemed. Like an imposter because it was someone she didn’t recognize at all. She screamed in terror finding that this. Was far more frightening than coming across any supernatural force. Mary didn’t even recognize herself.

After all these years. She had forgotten what she looked like in real life. Her long and straight red hair felt. Extremely matted and frizzy at the ends. It looked wild framing her pale white face. Her green eyes were sunken in and bloodshot with dark rims surrounding them where her mascara ran down her face like thick streams of black tears which streamed down her cheeks like lightning strikes.

She could see that she had been. Crying but it hadn’t registered that she was until now. Her hands shook so much with fear. And adrenaline that her flashlight created a strobe effect around the room making everything difficult to see clearly. She couldn’t find courage to clean up herself. She was in shock and terror. All she wanted was the safety of her family. So without cleaning herself she came out of the washroom. She had more.