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These brothers look all normal wait till you see them when the sun goes down

These brothers look all normal. Wait till you see them when the sun goes down. Love is most useful to survive and to overcome the hardships. Love has many names that goes by. Questions are impossible to rightly understand except for giving a few causes for what things we label is wrong.

The world is hurting and filled with sorrows. Daily are the miserable reports of tragic happenings. This is why some say happiness is more about having the essentials of life for safety and comfort. That’s because it’s an evil environment in the world and dangerous out there. Acceptance of which things we cannot ignore is an acknowledging that our life can be self altered for the better by the ugly facts we see so clearly.

Why is life so filled with tremendous suffering? The answer is useful if we can use this to change the position our vision to work gloriously toward any of all that’s good while remembering the unfortunate way life unfolds the same for all of us. Unexpectedly, a man explained that one could not do all the work for all the people at once. Gandhi was an optimist is saying to be the right person for the world of each one other to make the changes, hopefully to see unfolding in the world. However, one person is needy that to help out is all the love required because others are not inclined to do anything at all.

The unknown explanations for suffering is part of our own suffering. What cannot be ignored or given a justifiable answer to is a cause to think also of all that is right and beautiful and honorable in the world. This poor family lives a mystery they can’t explain even scientists. Two brothers from Balochistan province of Pakistan are suffering from an odd sickness. They get activated with the sunrise but almost fainted with the sunset.

Shob Ahmed, 13, and Abdul Rashid, nine, have been come to known as the Solar kids because of their mysterious disease that’s confused Pakistani doctors. The boys are normal, active children during the day, but once the sun goes down, they both lapse into a vegetative state, unable to move, talk or even open their eyes. Their brain stops working, Mohammed Hashim, the father of the two brothers, told AP. He has his own simple theory on his son’s case. I think my son get energy from the sun, the vice Chancellor said.

Doctors have decided to research into the illness to find the reason for its occurrence, which will require a detailed analysis of DNA, he said. Health organizations have been trying to contact the hospital to find out more about the illness. Because it’s a unique case, it’s been decided to launch a website and upload details of the case and the course of the treatment to it.

Johns Hopkins University in the USA and the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases in the UK have been contacted and asked to collaborate in diagnosing the Children, a popular medical Journal by the name of Lancet, has also expressed concern in publishing a study of the case. The VC said brothers are improving with current treatment.

Dr. Akram said that the samples of five DNA analysis tests will be sent to the UK and USA in order to seek a second opinion and help in diagnosing the case. The case of the three brothers came to light late last month when reports emerged of them waking up normal and active every day and then losing energy as the day progressed, with them being paralyzed by sunset because they are only active during the day. The children were nicknamed solar kids by the villagers. Doctors had initially thought the children were suffering from congenital mastenia syndrome, or Ms, for short, which was a rare disease with only 600 cases reported worldwide till date.

The nerves of people suffering from Ms are so weak that they’re fatigued within a few hours of waking up, while the youngest of the brothers, who has just started showing symptoms, is at home with his mother. The two older boys were first moved to a satellite lab of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Science PIMS in Lahore, from where they were moved to PIMS in Islamabad and a suite in a private Ward was reserved for them.

A team has been dispatched to their village in Bullets Asan in order to collect samples of blood from members of the children’s family and also one of their one year old brother, who started showing symptoms and is in the village with his mother, Dr. Akram said. State Minister for Capital Administration and Development Division CAD Doctor Tariq Fazal Shudry paid the children a visit to the hospital on May 4 and announced that the government will be paying for the children’s treatment expenses, even if it was decided they were to be treated abroad.

The children’s father, Mohammed Hashim, is a resident of Ketta and works as a security guard at the University of Information Technology. Balakistan is believed that his children are not being treated and are showing improvement. Before they were given medical attention, Hashem had taken his children to spiritual healers in order to treat them as he knew there was something extraordinarily wrong with them. I have six children, two daughters and four sons. Of them, three are suffering from a disease that no one understands because of which many say they are victims of black magic.

I took them to nearby clinics at first, where the doctors could also not understand what was wrong with my children. That was when I started visiting spiritual healers, Hashim told dawn. I was helpless and disappointed because it was not possible for me to find and afford treatment for my children. My two elder sons are completely affected by the disease, and my younger son, Ilius, who is only a year old, just started showing symptoms. I had started believing that God had only given me three children, two daughters and a son, the children’s father said.

I enrolled both my sons in a seminary because I believe that religious education might heal their disease and those who study at a seminary go on to become something in the future, he said. Mr. Hashim said that after his children were moved to Islamabad to be treated, he had started hoping that they’ll become better after conducting tests. Doctors have now started giving my children medicines, because of which they remain active till 10:00 p.m. When they used to be paralyzed by sunset before they have improved so much that I believe they will fully recover if treatment continues.

I told my wife that they’ve started the treatment with the boys and they’re showing improvement and that made her so happy, Mr. Hashim said. The boys seemed happy in their private suite at the hospital. The elder of the two children admitted at PIMS, Mohammed Shaw, who is 13 years old, said he had never seen a private suite with so many facilities and machines, and was also happy with the food they received every day and the attention from doctors in the media. Talking to Don, Shob said that he studies at a seminary and he wants to be a cleric.

I am happy here and when I go back I’ll continue with my studies, he said. His younger brother, Abdul Rashid, who is nine years old, said he can read the Alphabet in Urdu and Arabic and wants to memorize the Holy Quran.

Meanwhile, renowned molecular biologist Professor Dr. Riazudin said that the gene for the disease runs in the family of the children. But that slightly bizarre hypothesis has now officially been ruled out because the doctors showed that the boys were able to move around during the day and in a dark, enclosed room.

They’ve also shown that the boys aren’t suffering from temporary paralysis caused by nerve damage or sleep paralysis, which is where the body remains paralyzed during REM sleep while the brain stays awake. It’s more likely that the unique condition is somehow related to genetics. The boy’s mother and father are first cousins, a practice that’s not uncommon in Pakistan, but the doctors are unsure which genes could be having such a severe and isolated effect on the boy’s behavior.

Two other brothers in the family previously died, apparently from the same condition, but the boys have a sister who’s unaffected. The doctors are now collecting soil and air samples from their family’s home village and has sent the brother’s blood samples overseas for genetic testing and further examination.

The strangest part of the condition is that the boys really do seem unaffected during the daytime. Every human has between 26,030 thousand genes or paragraphs on chromosomes, which defines what sort of diseases they’ll be affected by in the future. A missing gene can become the reason for a disease, as well as a detailed DNA analysis is required to know the exact situation and condition, he explained. The parents of these children are cousins, and it seems that the gene runs in the family. Three of their children are affected by the disease and the remaining three are not, he added.

A doctor at the hospital who is part of the team treating the children, said he does not think the boys will fully recover from the disease. The only option is for the family to be screened and they should be told not to have other children without prenatal tests to confirm that the child does not have the disease, he said.

Could it be Mistenia syndrome? According to the early diagnosis, the 3 may be suffering from a congenital disease called Nestenia syndrome, which is a rare illness with only 600 cases reported all over the world. So far, from what we know, theirs is the first reported case of such an illness in Pakistan, and we’re trying to solve this condition with the help of medical science, he said.

Their bodies are clearly synced to the movement of the sun father said they were born with it. Their father, Hashim, who works as a security guard at It University in Keta, has told doctors his sons were born with the condition.

Their bodies appeared to be dependent on sunlight from birth. When villagers heard about them, they were amazed and they were christened solar kids, Mr. Hashim told a television channel he has three more who are normal.