Story Time

They thought he was just training looking under him they called the cops

They thought he was just training, looking under him. They called the cops. They beat this girl until death in front of all villagers. And they want Berry here. He started to dig a hole. But what this bird did shocking everyone. ISIS grew up in a remote village on his mother’s side. The girl was born in Berlin, and since childhood she was very ill. So her mother sent her daughter to her grandmother, to nature, where the air is clean and everything is natural.

In the village, they had never heard of such words as genetically modified in chemical products. The products were grown strictly in gardens with natural fertilizer. The mother remembered how even the sickest and most fragile children survived. The old women in the village, all of them, if not witches, were very good at herbs. With a cream of herbs, they will give you in a bathtub of medicinal flowers. They will bathe you in a scarf of goat hair. They will cover you with an old fur coat, and they will cover you better than in the mother’s belly, said the grandmother. That’s where they sent ISIS. The calculation was correct. By the third year, the girl had no illness, no allergies, no diathysis and no rickets.

ISIS herself did not remember where she was born, so she considered her grandmother’s village her homeland. There was only one problem. There were about a few children in the village, but to be precise, none. There were much older than ISIS, and they came to visit their grandparents in the summer. They didn’t want to waste their time on that little one. That’s why ISIS befriended a raven. A big black bird. Not a crow, but a raven. How did you not give? But they are different birds. The crow is not the female of the raven.

It is a bird that steals and spoils. The nest of other crows have both females and males and gray feathers around their necks. But the raven is a noble bird. It’s all black, much bigger. Unlike the crow, the raven makes strange sounds, as if whispering. Of course, they are both males and females, distinguished by high longevity. They can reach the age of 300, although this is not known exactly. Lolly didn’t know if the raven was her girlfriend or a boyfriend. For some reason, the girl thought he was a boy. ISIS called him Dan White. She alone did not know.

She didn’t even know there was such a river. Maybe she heard that name somewhere and thought it was appropriate, as it were. She called him that. He lived on a large oak tree that grew in the backyard of a kind of miracle in his town. In general, oaks do not grow because they have not been planted in times long forgotten. Somehow an acorn came through those lands. From it grew a proud oak tree that accompanied several generations who lived in that house. ISIS great grandfather also remembered that oak. But he didn’t know where it came from either.

How many people tried to plant the acorns in that oak, but none of them yielded a single leaf. Dan lived on that oak tree. ISIS, passing under the branches of the tree and raising her head, shouted Dan in a minute, muttering something under his nose. The raven came down to her. She walks around his face. She served it with biscuits and nuts. Ravens love nuts. Sometimes the girl would bring a picture book with her. He sat comfortably at the roots of the tree, looking at them. Dan sat down next to her, as if watching every page.

The little girl turned. There was no school in the village, and ISIS could not read. Grandma did not have time to learn it. When she goes to school, she will learn. When the time came, ISIS was taken by her parents. She wasn’t exactly taken to her grandmother. Had to take her by train to town. ISIS cried for a long time and did not want to go anywhere. But when she was told she was going to see her mother, her tears immediately dried and she began to pack.

She missed her mother very much. She had a scarf from her which she had accidentally forgotten long ago, when she had just brought it. When she had just brought it to her grandmother, iris slipped it into the closet, took her mother’s scarf and slept with her, imagining it was her mother’s hand. The scarf smelled of perfume, warmth, tenderness and care. Grandma scolded her for not taking care of a good thing and hid the scarf somewhere again. That’s how it turned out that all the children slept with dolls, teddy bears, ISIS with the scarf. Everyone was friends with girls and boys and ISIS with a raven.

It was only on the train that the little girl remembered that she did not remember what her mother looked like at all. She was scared. She remembered her scarf, the smell of her mother’s perfume, but she did not remember what her mother looked like. One of she goes not know her. At the train station, the little girl began to cry. She forgot she was on the train with her grandmother, who must know what her own daughter looks like. The next day, a rather chubby lady got on the train with some mesh gloves, a feathered hat and a terribly black hair.

Moreover, she had a terrible wart on her beard, from which three strands of hair came out. She looked at ices for a long time and then, looking through her bag, handed her a candy. The melted oak is stuck to the lolly cover. Did not want to eat it, but she reached out and took it, saying thank you. She quickly put it in her pocket until the woman managed to say Eat, sweetie. ISIS was sure she would say that if she didn’t put it in her pocket, she didn’t want to be rude.

She’s gone. Did what if her mother looks exactly like this lady? She did not want her mother to be treated with disrespect. When they arrived and got off the train, ISIS immediately met her mother. She sat and made them by hand. Elegantly dressed, a young and beautiful woman. Lolly sighed with relief that she had such a beautiful mother. Unfortunately, this was the last time that she saw her grandmother with the same train she left. The road was long and a whole household was sitting for her at home. They soon found out that Grandma was dead.

They couldn’t leave for the funeral. Since then, ISIS has not been to the village. She missed her grandmother, her crow, the picture book and even the scarf. Strange as it may seem, going through those places once again became her dream. It seemed to ISIS that when she came there, grandma could come out on the doorstep and hug her. She did not see her death. She was not at the funeral, and in the girl’s memory, her grandmother survived forever. Time passed. ISIS was studying at school and she couldn’t even imagine that instead of a happy future, a lot of problems awaited her.

It all started when the girl’s parents divorced. She didn’t show much interest in finding out what happened to them. But her mother seems to have met a much more dignified man with the beauty she had. And behold, victor appeared in the house. Surgeon, scientist, a respected person, he hated ISIS. He didn’t do it openly. He was hiding behind his education. He kept her very busy with her studies over time and assignments. He was jealous for her.

He told villagers that she was a witch girl, like her grandmother person. And when she backed to her favorite place, she was treated harshly by people she never seen before and couldn’t understand why Victor disappeared suddenly. If he took at least a nine, he risked running out of dinner for a whole week. My mother couldn’t do anything. She was on Victor’s side. ISIS, you have to understand that he only wants the best for you. My mother said, this is all for you. We’ll grow up and say thank you. No, Mom, I will not grow up. He does not want my good. He wants my death. And the girl seemed to read her fate. She failed to finish 8th grade because she died with a quiet and quick death.

Asleep, victor took all the worries about the funeral on his shoulders. He insisted that she’d be buried in the village where she wanted to return so much. My mother was not against it. That was ISIS place of soul. She had to be buried next to her grandmother. Many things changed in the village, and they opened a medical point.

Only the old oak tree stood motionless next to the house. It seemed to be even bigger and richer, although after a certain age the trees started to grow very slowly. Half the village came. Not to the funeral, not because they disrespectful the girl for so many years, but just to look. Not every day you see people from Berlin, as they were called here. People from the west.

The girl’s coffin was placed in the yard, fixed under the oak. They were about to lock her up and take her to the cemetery, when a raven came down from the oak. People started talking to each other. Is that right? Is he that crow? The bird landed on the deceased chest and put something in it speaks from its mouth. At the same moment a deep breath was heard.