Story Time

They were about to bury them alive but what the bear did was amazing

They were about to bury them alive. But what the bear did was amazing. The instinct of self preservation and the preservation of the species is intrinsic in some animals. It is not transferred, perhaps because it is useful for keeping cats, dogs, horses, and livestock. In addition, that would have increased survival rates for the humans with those genes by controlling rodents, protecting against intruders, and providing transportation and food.

That phenomenon seems particularly aimed at animals that in some way resemble human babies. At least a little big heads, big eyes, soft noises, and a certain level of helplessness Fry baby fish or insect larvae rarely Smite people. It does not always happen, though. Many humans eat lamb and veal, and they both are cute. I don’t know the reason, but similar behavior is sometimes observed in animals, too, where an adult of one species will behave protectively toward a baby of another species.

I guess instinct is a little less razor focused than what might be assumed to be beneficial to the adult animal. However, protective instincts are not only the ones that sometimes misdirect pet dogs trying to make love to their owner’s legs are the butt of many jokes. Childish pranks are not always so harmless. Many young people, very often without thinking about the consequences, come up with sometimes very dangerous games for themselves. Kids sometimes cannot correctly assess the degree of danger of some of their games.

Very often parents are not even aware of what their children are doing. After all, parents are not informed about such pranks because kids know that they’re doing wrong and cannot admit it to their parents. Every time children do something forbidden, they expose themselves to a risk the risk of getting into a situation which they can seriously suffer and can sometimes even be fatal. But children do not think about that. They completely surrender to the call of their childhood fantasies and excitement.

In today’s story, we’ll talk about just such an act of children with their own lives. If nature itself had not intervened in the matter. On that day, a wild animal behaved not characteristic of its species, which greatly surprised people, because if everything had gone just a little differently that day, then there would have been two less children on Earth. January winters are famous for their inconsistency. Usually by January.

In many Northern regions, the frosts are already weakening and the ice on the Rivers is thinning in many places. Therefore, in the second half of winter, closing to spring, people already try to avoid crossing on foot, and they use the bridges more, even if it’s necessary to make a large detour. Of course, adults are well aware of this and try to bypass dangerous sections of the forest. But children very often neglect these rules. In their opinion, if there is ice or deep trees, it must be time for fun.

And of course, it can easily withstand the weight of their little bodies. On that January morning in 1993, two boys decided not to go to school where their parents had sent them, but to skip school and go pick mushrooms and fruit. It would seem that many school children at their age neglect parental prohibitions and do rash acts, but on that day they could not imagine what such disobedience would turn out to be for them.

After waiting for their parents to leave for work in the morning, the boys put on fur coats, took their buckets and their book bags for plausibility, and they went to walk throughout the cold forest instead of the school. They lived in a distant village surrounded by high Hills and trees.

There were plenty of places to ride, but that day they decided to find a new place for entertainment. They went far from their house to find the highest spot, which had fewer trees that could prevent them from crawling down the Hill at a high speed without hindrance. After a while they found the ideal place. In their opinion, the slope was quite high. There were a few trees along the way, and at the foot of the mountain there was a deep hole in their way, but trees hit it.

They ran a couple of times out. The area was quite deserted, and they shouted and laughed loudly, not fearing that some adults might notice them and scold them and take them home to their parents. Only behind a row of trees was a snow covered road along which only occasional cars drove and rare passers bypassed, but there was no way to see them from the road. They were hidden from prying eyes by thick branches of trees. The boys frolicked heartily for about an hour they tirelessly drove down the mountain and climbed it again.

Then they finally got bored and they decided to go down the Hill together, because then the speed would be higher and twice the fun. One of the boys sat down more comfortably and the second settled in behind, taking hold of the first one more tightly, and began to accelerate the speed he was pushing his friend, and he himself ran faster and faster after them, and in the end, when the sled was going so fast that he barely had time to run after them, he jumped right on top of the first boy and they rushed down the mountain with a loud laugh. At great speed they were carried from the mountain to the Hill.

They managed to hear a crunch under them, but they could not do anything about it, and the ice crunched very loudly under the runners and eventually cracked, and they fell through the ice at full speed. They instantly went to the bottom, but the boys began to flounder in the deep hole, trying to get out.

It seems like a live grave for animals that hunters killed. They felt terrible, and no one can help them anyway. In the deep hole they know nothing less cold and fear for little boy and near death. If no one helped them, they could. But they only managed to emit horse groans.

At this moment, one of the boys remembered how his father once told him that a man who falls into deep hole in winter. Can withstand a maximum of 15 minutes before he finally freezes. And a child even less true fear sees the boys they frantically grabbed for life. Nevertheless, if you have ever seen people fall through the deep hole in coldest forest. You probably understand that the edge of the ice is constantly breaking off under the weight of the human body.

And it becomes almost impossible to get out of it. About three minutes passed in for them and it seemed like an eternity. By that time, they were already tired of desperately floundering in the deepest grave. And just crying in silence. Not knowing what to do next.

They understood that if no one came to their aid in the near future, they were simply doomed. Then one of the boys saw in the distance a large bear which was very quickly approaching them. He shouted to his brother that the bear must have heard their cry. And was now leading some adult to help and would soon arrive. The boys had a sincere hope that now some man would come out of the forest, quickly come running to their aid and pull them out of the water.

But except for the bear, no one came out of the forest to meet them. As the animal approached, they realized with horror that it was a huge bear that was very quickly approaching them. They were terrified and did not know what to do. They realized that they would hardly be able to escape from the bear in their spot. Meanwhile, the bear approached the edge of the deep grave, lay down and began to sniff.

Then he carefully took one of the boys by the collar of his fur coat. And began to gently pull him out of the hole. The boy, numb with horror and numb from the cold, could no longer resist and silently surrender to the power of this wild beast. The bear had just incredible physical strength. So he easily pulled the boy out of the water.

Then the boy, without wasting a minute of precious time, rushed to help his brother. He found a fallen tree nearby, broke off a large branch and handed it to his dying brother. The latter, with the last of his strength, grabbed the last opportunity to get out of the river. And very tightly held onto it. While his brother persistently pulled him out of the grave.

After a couple of minutes of such effort, the second boy managed to get ashore. They lay exhausted on the Hull side looking at the sky. And they could not believe their happiness that they managed to get out of the grave. Then they remembered the bear began to look around. But the wild beast was nowhere to be seen.

Then the boys got up and, supporting each other, Went to the side of the road Where they picked up a passing truck. In the car, they told the driver what had happened to them. He gave them hot tea from his thermos and covered them with his traveling blanket. To give them at least a little warmth, he took them to their village and handed them over to their parents. The parents listened in horror to what had happened to their children that day.

On one hand, they were incredibly happy that everything ended well. And on the other hand, they wanted to give the children a real beating for not obeying their parents, skipping school and leaving alone without asking for a ride to an unfamiliar place and even so far from home. This story was then passed on by word of mouth. In the village. Elderly people said that it was the soul of their deceased relatives who appeared in the guise of a bear and helped the children.