Story Time

They were ready to rob the lady’s grave, then they heard a sigh…

A person may not be afraid of dying, but they can have something to live for. Having something to live for is what all humans need. Once a person has something to live for, dying becomes a point where that thing can no longer be accomplished.

And that can be terrifying. What it truly means to not be afraid of dying is this you have accomplished what you needed out of life and accept it can be taken or given at any time. This life purpose can be realized in the blink of an eye, as in the numerous cases where a member of a brigade or armed unit selflessly sacrifices themselves for their team. Night before the funeral, there was a mass that happened for the first time in our village cemetery. Some robbers tried to dig and steal some grave.

When they start digging, they mentioned grave. They heard something made them flee and leave all shovels behind. See how the story begins. In the village cemetery, there was a great commotion. Dana Ariel funeral was under threat.

What do you mean under threat? I mean there was a great risk that it would not take place. Dana Ariel was a rather ambiguous person in the village, especially her son Philip. Even her death was more shocking. This weird family destroyed this peaceful village with some terror actions.

Some considered her almost a holy woman. Others considered her a devilish woman. And the former were ready to follow her to the end of the world, at least to hell, while the latter did not even come to church because of her pretending to go to the country center. In his life, Dana made a lot of friends and enemies. But we’re not the ones who will judge her.

We’ll leave that to God. Our concern is to bury the old Dana. And here a question arose. It turns out Dana left a will. I want to be buried next to my daughter.

The wish is legal. Nothing special. They searched the church records and found that her daughter was buried in the cemetery next to the church about 15 years ago. Legally, everything was correct. You could bury relatives together after 15 years.

But another question arose. Where’s her grave? They searched and searched, and it turned out she was buried in the corner of the cemetery on the rock next to a sandy slope. The workmen rejoiced. It’ll be easy to dig the soil mixed with sand.

When they found the grave, it was already some tools to dig in a little hole. It turned out there were some robbers who tried to steal the grave. But something terrible happened that made them flee like that. They can’t call the police now when the grave wasn’t opened. So they went to dig and put the man next to his daughter and report to police.

Later, after a funeral finished, they held mass in the church. Then they took the deacon of the cemetery. The workmen rather overestimated their abilities and were still digging. They put her next door and while people were still giving speeches, before long they were shoveling the old coffin. But no one was surprised for this, for the grave was old.

Apparently it was the rotten coffin. Here. Let the sun rest on top of the daughter. As they went to take Dana down, a child’s cry was heard. From the rotten coffin there was a great uproar.

The devil won’t let Dana into the next world. The old woman shouted and crossed themselves. Let’s take her. The crematorium. Let’s burn the Satanic priest.

Others shouted. And not for nothing did many consider the late Dana had long since ceased to serve God, but had sold her soul to the devil. How else to explain that from the old coffin one could hear a child cry? It’s a sign. We seem to be living in the last days and the Apocalypse is not far off.

The workers have thrown down their shovels and the God fearing people have fled. Dana’s minions pray and she sits in her coffin unmoved. Chaos, in a word. Only one boy was braver. He decided to see who was crying there in the coffin.

He jumped into the grave and with his bare hands tore up the planks. And there sat two twins, a boy and a girl. They weren’t even a year old. And they weren’t demons or angels, just ordinary children. It’s like they just got here yesterday.

But this tomb is almost 15 years old. How is that possible? The late woman shied away from the children, afraid to pick them up. They were crossing themselves. Chaos, in a word.

The boy decided to take a closer look at what’s going on in that old coven. Maybe there’s a portal, something in there. He looked in and saw some light, poked his head deeper and realized what was there. On the side of the sandy slope. There was an excavation.

The boy came out and realized that someone at night had dug an entrance to the old grave and put the children there. They’re small, they didn’t realize to get out themselves. They sat and cried. Poor things. They had to do a lot of research.

They called a policeman. Apparently the man who did this had no idea that the next day Dana Ariel would be buried in that grave. She thought because it was so old, no one would look there. Fortunately, everyone in the village knows each other. When the first shock wave passed, people took a closer look and got to know the twins.

But how could they not recognize them? Not everyone gives birth to twins in the village. The little boy and girl were the children of the cashier in the shop, Laura. Their names were Anna and I and everybody knew that last year she went out on a decree and suddenly gave birth to twins. Even in the decree, she didn’t manage to stay long enough.

The old woman remembered Laura complaining that she couldn’t sew or embroider. The twins came into the world prematurely at seven months, but they were both healthy. It turned out that statistically, babies born at seven months survive more often than they do. Better than eight month olds. Eight month olds have health problems, such as paradox.

Laura went around the village and told stories about herself, her children, everything. The doctors told her she’d make speeches to them. Laura loved her children and it wasn’t clear how they got there. Well, the hole in the grave was covered. Dana was buried.

People started looking for Laura and she was nowhere to be found. At home, in the garden, anywhere in the village. What’s going on? The sector policeman was already dizzy. Neither Dana herself nor her daughter were related to Laura.

It seems they chose this grave by chance. At night the guard heard someone crying in the cemetery. But he didn’t believe in ghosts and such nonsense. He took the lantern and went to see what the deal was at Dana’s grave. Someone sitting and crying.

He looked closer and that was Laura. She was found. She didn’t know that people had run into her children. She thought that Deacon had been buried and with him the transition to children forever. The watchman made her a soothing herbal tea and called the policeman.

Laura began to recount what had happened. It turned out that when she left on the decree, the shop owner had not done any inspection. He said he trusted her. He waited until Laura was out of the hospital after giving birth and told her that after her lay a shortage, a pretty decent debt. At first Laura gave her all the maternity savings.

She figured it would be enough. But the villainous landlord threatened her that if she didn’t give him the money in a few days, he would sell the children to the gypsies. Laura was a single without a husband. She had no one to protect her. That’s why she hid the children and decided to come and feed them at night.

Not a very smart idea, but where she would get the brains. All her life she lived in the village and only finished seven grades of school. A few years later she got a job at the shop. She was a poor orphan. The mayor himself begged people to give her some work.

That’s how it all worked out. Laura decided to give birth to herself. She had no idea she was going to have twins. She thought life would work out for her. And hear that huge debt?

Where did it come from? The policeman looked at her and said you’re really stupid. You had no shortage in the shop, no debt. The store owner decided to take you for a ride to make some money. If you’d come to me, you wouldn’t have to give him a penny or hide the children in the grave?

Who put up to this old man? Or did you teach it to yourself alone? The nurse started crying. The policeman arrested the owner of the shop. They attributed a lot to him fraud, threats.

Then the auditors did a big check and it turned out that he had defrauded huge amounts which he wanted to make up on the back of the young cashier. Whose father of the children? What do you want to know? If someone wants you, upset or cheat you again, I won’t always be able to protect you. I alone have three children, said the policeman.

Laura blushed and said in his ear I don’t think so. There you go. Excuse me. God. Well, the twin’s father, as you may have guessed, was Philip, Dana’s son.

That’s why half the village hated her. She didn’t just use Laura after her sermons and confessions. And her son, the old woman went from house to house. And the old woman and young women laura was not stupid, was also beautiful. Philip did not overlook her and she told no one.

She decided to give birth for herself. And when the incident with the store manager happened she decided to dig a little cave in the sand and hide her babies there. She stumbled across Phillip’s mother’s coffin. So the children were under Dana’s protection. Here’s how coincidences happen.

Or were they not coincidences? For consciousness is difficult to imagine the end of consciousness, the death. For me the most difficult is to imagine the funeral, a coffin, a corpse in the coffin, the people in black with a sad face or weeping. I think to die sleeping can be a smooth way to leave the dead body. But if you’re ignorant about life after death, you can greatly lost.

But normally your relatives will be welcome committee and show you around. The human being is a spiritual being with an immortal unconsciousness. Thoughts, feelings, life energy and a physical body. The spiritual being is immortal. Don’t die.

Only the body can die. After the death of the physical body, the I am consciousness stays the same. The feeling of yourself stays the same. You still have thoughts and feelings and you have an astral body. The most people air in the material world cannot see you or communicate with you.