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Thieves Who Stole Honda Find Note In Glove Box, Urgently Track Down Woman

A couple of thieves in Portland, Oregon found a woman’s Honda Civic and decided it was theirs for the taking. After stealing the car, they began searching through the compartments to see what the potential treasure trove on wheels had for them.

That’s when they found a note tucked inside an envelope and shoved in the glove box, causing them to immediately turn around to find the rightful owner after reading it.

The unnamed 32-year-old female owner of the car has suffered a series of bad luck when it’s come to her being a target for carjacking. This is due in part to the Honda Civic, which she’s owned for several years, being one of the most stolen models on the market.

But on this particular day, she was in for a surprise, after the thieves took pity on her when they found the note she had left in the car compartment two years earlier.

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Inset: Note Found In Car. Honda Stock Photo

According to the car owner’s post on Reddit, each time the “sh**** Honda” was stolen, she got it back, but she was sick and tired of thieves taking it for a different reason.

After every carjacking, the car was eventually found in the same condition in which it was taken, but she was fed up with dealing with the tow people who were holding it for ransom. Knowing the theft was a recurring issue, she took matters into her own hands, leaving an incredibly snarky note for the next thug who took it. To her complete surprise, it worked like a charm.

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Car Owner’s Note

“If you’re reading this, you are probably stealing my car. I’m a nice person and likely would have given you a ride, but obviously we’re past that,” her letter to whoever stole the car this time began. “I would love to afford a car that doesn’t get stolen and burglarized all the time, but I’m broke and this is what I’m stuck with.

So, you got me. Again.” Next she provided detailed instructions of what to do with her dilapidated ride and was surprised to see that the thieves “mostly” did what she asked.

“Please just leave my old piece of sh** car in a neighborhood or something. There’s a note in this envelope, just stick it to the dash or under the wiper. A passerby will see it eventually and call me and then I can come and get the car. No cops, no questions asked; I’m not even mad at you.

 “Thank you. Enjoy your ride.”

The carjackers drove to a nearby neighborhood and abandoned the car in front of a random house, leaving the owner’s name and number on the front seat. A passerby did as she had hoped and reached out to her to say they had found the car. The woman was just happy that this time she was only set back a couple of hours, and most of all, she didn’t have to deal with pesky tow companies.

I love this woman’s brutal honesty and moxie with this creative approach and remedying an issues that worked for everyone involved. While I certainly don’t condone anyone stealing a car and believe they should be punished for it, I must say that a little faith in humanity was restored in a weird way.

The thieves at least had the heart to see this woman didn’t want any trouble, just her car back. For that, I will give them the smallest bit of credit. Everyone involved was in the same financial boat, and surprisingly, the criminals were the ones who threw her a life vest.